Star Wars: The High Republic | Announcement Trailer

Star Wars: The High Republic | Announcement Trailer

ourselves at a very exciting moment with
the Skywalker saga coming to an end. We’re at a place of, what’s
next for “Star Wars?” One of the things
we’ve always done is be able to use our
franchise platforms to explore the
creative potential of the “Star Wars” galaxy. And so what if publishing was
more of an incubation place and bring in great
talent and just let their imaginations run free? We put together the
really unique writers room where we had diverse voices
with very different opinions about “Star Wars.” – We all love “Star Wars,”
but we’re all coming at it from very different places. This has been a very free
environment for everybody to just throw things out there. – We’ve all done
lots of storytelling. But this is unique
and really special. – The idea that this thing has
been simmering for so long. – It’s the secret
history of the galaxy. – Yep, that goes way back to
the beginning of “Star Wars.” – We gave them,
essentially, a blank slate. What would you like to tell? – For over a
thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the
guardians of peace and justice. – A line that we’ve
been hearing since 1977 and we thought, you know,
what does that look like? – It is a golden age
where there’s much more peace and calm in the galaxy. So we’re calling it
the High Republic. – The description that we’ve
used for the Jedi of this era is that they are the Jedi
Knights of the Round Table. – But “Star Wars”
isn’t just about Jedi. And we will tell stories of
new smugglers, new scoundrels, new bounty hunters. – The threat and the
tension really comes from the Republic’s borders. Because the Republic
does not extend from one side of the galaxy to the other. – It’s a bit of a Wild
West new frontier. We see a different kind of
Jedi that patrols the frontiers and is more of a Texas Ranger. – We’re now bringing in concept
artists and illustrators and visualists the
same way that you would when you’re making a movie. – We even had Ian
McKay come down and just do sketch
after sketch for us. When you have a guy who
designed the look for Darth Maul sketching Jedi
for you, it doesn’t get any cooler than this. – The scale of this initiative
is really new for us. We’re going to have stories
for adults and teens and kids. – We’re building this
out simultaneously across multiple publishers. It gives us the
ability to tell fast, interconnected stories
across multiple years. There will be a
core group of heroes that will expand over time. There will be villains. – Our main villain are
the group called the Nile. We kind of like to refer
to them as space vikings. – Their motto is, “You
can’t take it with you. But we can take it from you.” – Our story starts
with what we’re calling the Great Disaster. – It wouldn’t be “Star
Wars” without adventure. And there’s definitely
a series of events that that will spin the galaxy
into a dangerous new direction. And it’ll give the opportunity
for heroes to rise up. – The cool thing about this
that there’s going to be a story for every “Star Wars” fan. – It’s really fun to be able
to keep readers on their toes. This era is ripe
for storytelling. The eureka moment was the
question, what scares the Jedi? And that made us all
go “oh, something wicked this way comes.”

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  1. I love how people judging these book just by looking at the white board amd never really knew anything about this.A single word that possibly be a jokes in a long day of working.

  2. Diversity and representation??? No wonder Star Wars now feels like inorganic soulless franchise. Well there you have it, proof in literal day light that these new characters were forcibly inserted only to fill up some "progressive" rubric.

  3. 1:25 take a good look at that list folks. "Diversity" is on the board TWICE, along with "representation" along with "feelings". Not to mention the "not pro war" part meaning they are taking Wars out of StarWars. This is doomed to fail.

  4. Lucasfilm exec: Ok so what are we gonna have as an antagonist
    Writer: hits blunt
    Space vikings
    – Star Wars the High Republic

  5. So your gonna tell the story of Darth plague the wise 😂 no but seriously are you going to bring in revan and melekus at all

  6. at this point does anyone care what they do anymore? you just know what this is going to turn out like, more garbled wokester nonsense


    Diversity(no one asked for) No war(in a story about war) representation/diversity ( more SJW non sense!) Not one person ever said im not seeing star wars cuz there is no black people, no women, no white people, not enough aliens…. who are u guys writing for? OH urselves not the public.

  8. in episodes 7-9 there were no places where the viewer would not feel strong emotions such as fear like in a droid factory in episode 2 this thrill gives something that the viewer will not forget. now you start practically again, there is two sith, no less, no more you know and the rest you can add. in my opinion ,,Tego sie nie da spierdoić,,(pl).

  9. Shaggy God of Destruction

    Darth Bane, Darth Malgus, Darth Malak, Darth Revan, Darth Nihilus: so were going to be in this one, right?

    Vikings: nah fam

  10. God why create new things that are mostly bad, when you got a whole star wars Canon and legend script already available, and appreciated by star wars community…

  11. This is how it should be done, hope they see it can also work well for gamesl, no point in having a single Studio make every game, though Warhammer pretty much works like this could probably look to them for inspiration.

  12. They care more about diversity, than respect. They dont want relatable characters, they want to please blue check marks who dont buy books. There is a difference in having a story to tell, and forcing agenda.

  13. Seriously, Disney has already put Star Wars in the coffin. Now they want to put the nails in the coffin and bury Star Wars for good.

  14. I know it's Disney's decision at the end of the day, but everyone in this video loves social justice more than Star Wars. And it shows.

  15. This is dumb in my opinion honestly they should have stuck with the eu and legends sure people are asking for “new” but I would have rather seen the Star Wars with raven and vitiate and abeloth and grandmaster Luke etc. now everything is gonna be remade “from the beginning” which is honest not the way they should be going.

  16. The thing is, I think most Star Wars fans, such as myself just want that feeling of actual Star Wars again. Everytime I see something Star Wars related nowadays, it just doesn't actually feel like it belongs in the series. They're changing way too much within the franchise and not keeping any of the originality that actually made it what it is. I think wiping all of the EU content and starting anew was one of the worst decisions Disney could of made.

  17. I watched the cinematic trailers for kotor 1 and 2 and seriously just from thoughts two trailers and no experience with the games I'm sure you can make at least 4 to 5 seasons about the old republic

  18. Can't you just leave it alone? The star wars franchise has suffered enough with The Last Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker and Solo. Just leave it alone… please

  19. There's so much talk about "diversity" nowadays, but we still get mostly human characters and protagonists from modern star wars. That's a shame

  20. No thanks. Diversity hires and the nature of politics mixed into the modern corporation has destroyed this franchise. You people produce trash.

  21. At this point, the fanons might as well form their own writer/filmmaker community of fanfiction, display it on a fanfic site, and get paid through Patreon and GoFundMe. No way Disneyfilm can legally touch them since payment and the work cannot be intrinsically connected. But that would require at least one of them getting off their high space horse and doing anything at all. So much for that notion.

  22. Diversity 2 times on the board..havent you learned by now..diversity is fine..but what your doing is pure cinycal tokenism and it comes off as the in genuine wet rag its written on…stop it you misguided ideologues ,please…btw I couldnt stand the last jedi but Rians Knives Out was great ..

  23. Is it me or does it sound like they’re playing a violin rendition of the invaders zim theme when the writers are at skywalker ranch

  24. Not impressed you took a steaming dump on a amazing expanded universe with characters like talon karrde and mara jade by coming up with that garbage you called the “skywalker saga” and now your going to take a dump on revan and the old republic cant wait to see your hack writers force feed us more crappy social commentary and moronic story lines good job star wars keep selling out

  25. WHY WHY WHY!!!??? The guy says at 1:42 "That's a line we've heard from.the start and wanted to know what that 1000 years looked like" WE KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!! ITS THE OLD REPUBLIC. So now they fill the room with a group of people that consist of two women that look like the entire reason for being their is to push WAHMEN power. Great. No thanks I'll stick with OLD REPUBLIC AND DARTH REVEAN

  26. this will be a flop. 1.disney does not understand how the force works, 2.don't even get me started on political agendas. Not a fan.

  27. "A line that we've been hearing since 1977 and we thought, you know, 'What does that look like?"

    It looks like 35 years of storytelling that you pretend don't exist. Why am I supposed to become invested in the universe again when the last time didn't matter?

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