Start the Party | All-Star 2019 Event – League of Legends

Start the Party | All-Star 2019 Event – League of Legends

1v1 Tournament Littles & Legends Charity TFT Tournament Showmatches

100 thoughts on “Start the Party | All-Star 2019 Event – League of Legends”

  1. It's a fun video and all, but man they could've chosen some sort of better hype music. This is like a summer nostalgia song trying to be a party song.

  2. 1 cho tất cả
    Sát thủ
    Tui muốn nó quay lại hết vì tui muốn nó thật đặc biệt ….
    CKTG vừa rồi rất … buồn 😔

  3. "all star" you sure riot ? because from the looks of it youre just making streamer show like twitchcon or something, with a little bit of pros sprinkled in. i think its time to change the name of the event if you are going in this direction

  4. Good thing this ain't a company who steal his players by banning their accounts where they placed hunderds of cash right ? Good thing we stealing from them too 🙂

    enhance the epic music

  5. Hi Rito, could you make your game come back in season 3-4, that is, when the game was cool, more balanced and playable?

    Sincerely, a player who loves your game but can no longer blame this game become too casual.

  6. The new update has a lots of proplem
    -Aatrox, Akali are still too strong -> PLEASE NEFT THEM
    -I had been out from the game 15 times for no reasons and I get an AFK votes, why ??
    -It realy lagging and i can't do anything

  7. 매년 한번뿐인 축제인데

    프로비중이 방송인보다 적은게 말이되나요??

    각 라인 1~2명씩 뽑는것도 아니고

    적어도 방송인, 현프로, 전프로 나눠서라도 뽑았어야죠.

    그리고 인방 안보는 사람입장에선 누군지도 모를거구요
    (물론 전 많이보고 다 알지만 이건 좀 아닌거같아요.)

    작년도 극악이라 생각했는데 올해도 극악이네요

    솔직하게 말해서 LPL 올스타전이랑 너무 비교됩니다

    LPL 올스타 라인업 어케 구성했는지 못보신분들
    한번만 보고 와주시면 제가 지금 하는말이 이해되실거같아요.

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