stopping banksters with anti racketeering law rico

stopping banksters with anti racketeering law rico

well max you talked about the psychology of crowds and you also talked about regulation I'm Mervyn King this week blamed partly the population as well for this crisis of lack of regulation he said in the House of Commons under questioning by parliamentarians he was saying that you know over the last few years while the bubble was going on in house prices were rising and it seemed that or it appeared that the City of London was making us all rich it was impossible to regulate because the people didn't want it and the the media would attack and jump on them in attack saying that you your regulation is responsible would be responsible for slowing down the economy well he is absolutely wrong for the following reasons the public if presented with the truth would have made smart choices why did the public not make smart choices because the government publishes statistics that are cooked when the UK government like the US government publishes statistics like GDP inflation employment those three numbers just through name three numbers are all misrepresented by the government to favor those people who are benefiting from that misrepresentation had the government in the US and the UK been honest about what the actual GDP numbers are what the actual employment unemployment numbers are and what the actual you know cost of inflation and deflation was then the public could have started to make intelligent decisions secondarily the government has been lacks in publishing the true cost what business calls the externalities in other words if the public we're told honestly by the government and the government is within their purview to communicate this information honestly that the true costs of companies like let's say oh I don't know Exxon for example or royal shell Dutch Shell Dutch royal shell or BP British patrol have the government published figures in terms of what is the true cost of a the subsidies that these oil companies get and included in those subsidies you have to include the enormous subsidy of the past five years which was the war in Iraq paid for by the government paid for by the British people in American people for the benefit of the oil companies exclusively no one else benefited and many people gave their lives for that subsidy to benefit those oil companies had the government been honest and said we are subsidizing these oil companies to the tune of this external cost the public would have acted more consciously and more conscientiously second of all if the government assisted in publishing the external costs the externalities the true cost of the oil business itself the subsidies that are given for drilling do not actually force these companies to pay the true cost of drilling and of course nobody in that business pays the true cost of the pollution that's created by that business if these oil companies had to pay the true cost for their activities their profitability would be sharply curtailed and renewables would have already been in place 20 30 years ago because you can make money in renewables if in fact you're competing with companies that are not subsidized by the US and UK government the reason why renewables are not more part of the economy integrated into the economy it's not because they are not profitable or don't work it's because they're competing with the oil business that gets subsidies to the tune of at least one hundred percent of their operating cash flow at least if not two or three hundred percent of the operating cash flow if you add in the true cost of cleaning up the mess that they make and the wars that they start now if you took those away and renewables would already be up and running and oil industry and the and the combustion engine from a hundred years ago piece of technology that was obsolete eighty years ago would have been a distant memory like the Telegraph the combustion energy is about as useful as a telegraph in this day and age the fact that it's still up and running is absurd it's like living in the freakin Stone Age anyone who drives a combustion engine and I do not is a ecological terrorist in my book mmm honey here's the headline tell me what you think of it it's from Reuters okay fifty percent of bankers say they would quit if their bonuses were caps huh well that's a good point again these bonuses that go to the bankers ours being subsidized by the government and the taxpayer and as long as if you're working in a bank and the government comes around and says here's 100 million dollar bonus do you want it or not most people listening to the show right now would take the money the fact that the bankers took the money is not shame on the bankers it's shame on the government for giving the bankers of subsidy and a shame on you the individual taxpayer and citizen out there who allowed it to happen to Mervyn King is correct to some degree that the citizenry really was hoping that they too might get a huge street lunch from the government so they looked the other way why these guys are taking down billions well guess what you're not going to get anything in fact are going to be a debt slave probably for your whole life in your kid's life and it's because you decided to trust your entire future to playing The Wall Street City of London lottery and didn't want to actually work or save or be part of this system that was sustainable in any way so now you're faced extinction well speaking of the taxpayer they own something like ninety-five percent of royal bank of scotland and sir fred goodwin the former chairman or CEO who was asked politely by Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling to leave in september-october it emerges that he's receiving a 693 thousand pounds per year for life pension Russ 50 years old and he's going to be receiving clearly obviously from the taxpayer 700,000 pounds a year the headlines today or that apparently Gordon Brown can't do anything to stop it you can't because it's a contract he's saying they can't stop him from receiving this okay let's talk about racketeering for a second we know some of the key components in the racketeering scandal of the past ten years which some call the financial scandal or the market crisis the racketeering scandal of the past ten years has a few moving parts one of them that is obviously part of the racketeering scandal are the investment banks and Wall Street in the city of London okay that part I think is pretty well understood you also have other elements to the racketeering scandal you've got the rating agencies Moody's and S&P the rating agencies gave a rating an A+ rating to investment products that clearly they knew did not deserve anything better than a C+ rating now we made another film about the banking crisis a couple years ago we interviewed someone from Moody's and we asked him point-blank was moody's verse members misrepresenting themselves as a as a conflict of interest because Moody's is a publicly traded company and they make money by handing out the candy of goosed ratings and they said yeah so things that they didn't try to dodge the question they pointed quite quite definitively to a conflict of interest and the fact that they were had been co-opted by the very industry that they were supposed to be rating so that's part of the racketeering scandal you also have the research analysts who are co-opted to give positive ratings and anyone who's giving a negative rating was fired famously one of the analysts who gave Enron and negative ratings shortly before a collapse was fired by his firm so they were part of the racketeering scandal but one of the least known aspects of this racketeering scandal is the role played by headhunters now headhunters there's a few of them out there the names are not terribly well known I know of one that I dealt with myself when I was in Los Angeles heidrick & Struggles I think it's called these these headhunters are in the business of working within the racketeering scandal as such and securing for executives contracts that are above and beyond anyone's interest in the corporate sector the private sector the community sector it's only in the interest of the racketeering elements the headhunter and the executive themselves so in the eye I would be willing to bet that or it's not even to bet it's just very clear that when somebody signs a contract to end up a bank like RBS as we're discussing now that contract is put together by a third party a headhunter who works in concert with the banks with the rating agencies with everyone in this racketeering scandal to enhance the profitability of the racket and until somebody is willing to take racketeering charges up against everybody in the racket and remember that's how organized crime was defeated in America in the 1920s under Rico that's what took down Mike Milken in the 1980s was Rico the only thing that's really going to take these bankers down right now is Rico which is the anti racketeering laws on the books right now somebody's got to step up take them all down to the court the investment banks the rating agencies the analysts the headhunters every piece of the racket and they've all got to go to jail together because you're not going to get any headway trying to prosecute selectively one versus the other because you know you squeeze one part of the balloon and the air just goes into another part of the balloon and unless you want me to pop the balloon by taking them all down there and hitting him up with a racketeering charge then you're never going to make any headway against the seizing of the economy by the rackets and the crooks and unfortunately eliot spitzer it was a crusader for a law and order was is not available so i don't know who's going to take his place but hopefully somebody will

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  2. If people knew the truth they’d throw all the banker criminals and pervert War Criminal owners immediately into prison, and they would confiscate all the stolen loot. Hey bankers, your days are numbered. Your stolen loot is going to be stripped from you. You are going to be left without a penny, at the mercy of the survivors from all the people you have mass murdered. You are going to pray for arrest, before the crowd finds you. Bye bye bankers.

  3. Thats exactly right we should take responsbility. The population seem to just love giving away their choice making abilitys to a currupt elite and then they seem shocked when they discover the choices this currupt elite has made has created a manipulated currupt system which we now have to deal with because we give away the responsbility in the first place and continue to look awat until things get so bad the only teacher left for the mass is the teacher of hardknocks.

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