Super low graphics on Warframe. FPS Boost for low end PCs! (Intel Celeron + IntelHD)

Super low graphics on Warframe. FPS Boost for low end PCs! (Intel Celeron + IntelHD)

WARFRAME Without a doubt one of the most popular free
to play games and one of the most requested things in this channel since the very start. And it just received a gigantic update. Now, if you are looking at how to reduce your
graphics in order to make it a bit easier for this game to work in your low end computer,
well… there are some extreme measures you can take. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer, on this bizarre
corner on the internet I explore ways of improving performance for modern games on low end computers,
even if sometimes they look… very different. And on this episode, we are taking a look
at warframe. Warframe is a multiplayer free to play game
initially released on 2013 running on the evolution engine Once you had dropped all the settings to their
lowest there is not much else you can do in the configuration file, but turns out if you
want to go further there is Hialgo Boost. Hialgo is a piece of software for DirectX
9 games that allows you to cut the internal resolution in half with the press of a button
or when it detects movement. In order to make it work all you need to do
is to install the software, and leave it running on the background. On the game’s launcher make sure you are
running on DirectX 9 mode by disabling DirectX 10 and 11, as well as disable 64 bit mode. If you wish to remove the FPS counter or the
Hialgo logo you can do so in a configuration file in the documents folder, my games, hialgo,
boost and then the folder with the location of the game, you can also use this file to
change the button you can use to change to cut the resolution manually. But older viewers of the channel already know
that there is a hidden Hialgo feature that allows you to reduce the resolution of the
textures way under what is usually possible. In order to achieve this you must navigate
to a file located at program files 86, hialgo, plugins, boost, exceptions.ini. On this file you can add a section with the
name of the game’s executable and in there add this variable, which you can copy from
the CSGO section and set it to a value. The lowest it is, the lower your textures
will be… with 1 being the lowest. Wow… so this is where Pepsiman ended up. Um… this is not the Pepsiman I remember,
this game is way more violent. But before you celebrate… this game has
a weird quirk with Hialgo that is going to force you to make a decision. You see, you can manually change to 50% resolution
with the middle mouse button or whatever you assigned in the config file, but you probably
noticed that on this game switching the resolution manually disables the texture reduction. I have been unable to identify why this happens
on this game, but it seems that for the moment you are forced to decide between enjoying
the game looking like this, with the resolution dropping to 50% when you aim around or just
move the mouse, or just blurred all the time with no texture reduction. In terms of performance you will see more
benefits with one of the two options depending on your bottleneck. Luckily you can change between the two with
literally a press of a button so you can experiment for yourself. On most normal levels my intel celeron did
no seem to have much issue, doing very well using the super low textures. Although forcing it down to this level did
cause its fair share of visual glitches so you might prefer a bigger value. Simply because- oh god, that’s grass. Ummmm… In the new Plains Of Eidolon update, you might
have more issue tough, as I have noticed significantly less performance. On the case of my test setup forgetting about
the textures and just cutting the internal resolution in half had a much better effect. Well- what?! What just happened? Umm, I guess entering this area with a recently created character was not the best of ideas. That is all for this video. Thank you kind people of Patreon. Your effort is very important to what I do. See you all on the next one.

100 thoughts on “Super low graphics on Warframe. FPS Boost for low end PCs! (Intel Celeron + IntelHD)”

  1. Do not use Hialgo. It increases your risk of getting your account banned if you have it running with the game at the same time.

  2. Its working…… at least for now, cuz they gonna remove support for directx9 and 32 bit mode in February, and its already crashing

  3. Warframe will be not allowing DirectX9 or 32-bit Mode for much longer which will not allow for HiAlgo Boost to be used. Sad, but oh well.
    Seems support for it will end in February 2019

    Source –

  4. 4EVERY1 LoL Players

    can somebody help me ? i did everything in video but nothing happened can you give me easy way to get this settings ? please

  5. Anonymous Person MW

    Will this software work fine if I run war frame through steam?
    And btw yes the game needs minimum dx10 to work now.

  6. i'm sorry for annoying
    but i wanna play warframe on very low end pc
    and i tried this method but it didn't work
    i think cuz the updates and patches
    so is there any other way to play the game?

  7. my pc is a bit higher spec than in this vid but i dont have a GPU can i still run warframe? without dropping fps

  8. this is a jocke i can wait 5 years and buy a new pc or play like this the graphic looks like my deck when i shape it

  9. DirectX 10 :(, can you make another video? I saw alot of comments like this and im sorry for all the Potato brhuddas (I am a potato brhudda too :((


  11. Well, I defently need help caz DocumentsMy GamesHiAlgoBOOST_v5.0 doesn't have Warframe folder
    So,what am i supposed to do ?

  12. My pc got 2gb of RAM, a Single-Core processor, and LITERALLY the WORST NVidia GeForce GPU, because it is literally the first launched from the series. Any tips to improve it without absolutely destroying the game's looks? I want something not only playable, but enjoyable.

  13. Please update especially the game now require much more ram even in the ship not open worlds and nothing can be done about that. i suffer from 100% Ram usage 24/7

  14. I can tell you now you don’t have to do any of this all you have to do is put every setting low and resolution scale all the way down you will have a massive improvement because I have an intel celeron n4000 and you dont have to do this at all

  15. lowspecgamer pls update this guide I need to play warframe on the open worlds and I cant because it's too graphic demanding

  16. If you want to run Warframe at the lowest settings (without downloading anything) go into the game settings and turn everything down to the lowest, then change to dynamic resolution to user and 50 percent and finally after that change the screen resolution to 800×600 and have Warframe in windowed mode. If that still doesn't work for your potato PC then it might be time to upgrade.

  17. my specs: (for any future tenno watching this)
    laptop model: hp 1000-1411tx (4gb ram original)
    i5 3230m 3.2ghz oc (2.6ghz normal)
    8gb ram (has been upgraded)
    intel hd 4000
    performance settings:
    set everything to low or off.
    turn gore off (tested and it has a 2-8 fps gain)
    play with 1280×720 but res scale around 65-85 (whatever suits you best).
    play with directx 11 or 10 no issue with fps and stuff.
    fps limit to no limit: allows for your gpu to fully clock itself.
    set effects intensity to 10.
    that should be it.
    plains of eidolon and fortuna: 40 fps.
    any other missions that have a lot of enviromental effects: 40fps.
    cinematic: 60fps-250fps
    orbiter: 120 fps
    missions with close combat level design: around 50-80 fps.
    this would help increase frames and make the game look good without these specs.
    note: the gpu will have thermal throttling after around an hour of playing. i suggest resting the pc/laptop for a few minutes before logging back in.

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