Super Sonic Bros Episode 2

Super Sonic Bros Episode 2

100 thoughts on “Super Sonic Bros Episode 2”

  1. Tails and Sonic Pals

    Gotta love Amy, am I right guys??
    Huge shout out to Devil Artemis for writing and animating this hilarious skit!

  2. Well remember when BOOM SONIC wanted to meet a certain princess LMFAO…well that didn't work out so well for this parallel reality lmfao

  3. Tails I have a question. Do you know what is my little pony and have you notice is like the same.
    Twilight fixs stuff like you tails
    Rainbow dash is fast and sonic. And crazy other😂 YouTubers are like making story about sonic and rainbow dash love story and tails and Fluttershy love story and all that stuff.

  4. Has Amy ever gone “Super Amyl or whatever it’s called?

    Just kinda curious why Amy’s form didn’t really change. Outside of that, funny vid. I give it a thumbs up.

  5. Something crazy about Amy… what if she have two persons inside? I mean… sometimes she happy, sometimes she psycho… IS IT NORMAL?????

  6. yoshi's gaming stuff

    #ask tails can you ask cream this In sonic X ep1 how did she get to be hostage to eggman and in ep2 how did it feel to be experimented on in a scientist lab?

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