Tanki Online: News from Game Designers

Tanki Online: News from Game Designers

First of all, we will slightly rework the
CP mode by changing respawn logic. Instead of appearing at points, tanks will
respawn at bases, as in CTF mode. So, to capture a point you will need to go
there from your base first. This small change will make the mode more
dynamic. And in addition to current CP maps, you will
now also be able to play CP on any map that currently supports CTF. The next major change will be to battle fund
distribution between team members in team battles. The division of funds between teams will remain
the same. However, each player will receive a percentage
of the battle fund equal to the percentage of points he has contributed to his team’s
battle score. For example, a team of 4 tankers gets 100
crystals after a battle. In it, one player scored 40 points, the second
one – 35, the third -15, the fourth – 10. The total score is 100. Each player gets 1 crystal for each score
point. Previously the prize was calculated exponentially. This meant that the bigger the gap between
the leader and the others, the more he or she would get. Players at the bottom part of the scoreboard
would get nearly nothing. Implementing this new system will motivate
players to finish battles since each tanker will get crystals according to their score. We will also change the gold box notification. The text at the top of the screen will now
be a different colour to distinguish it from other notifications, so you won’t miss any
gold boxes if you’re playing with your sound muted. Another small change: capital “i” and lowercase “L” will now look different. No more fake nicknames! We will also improve skyboxes. Currently, each skybox is a single big picture
which we send to you. Due to its size, GPUs can sometimes process
it incorrectly. To solve this, we will split each skybox into
6 separate textures. As a result, each skybox will look better
and clearer.

17 thoughts on “Tanki Online: News from Game Designers”

  1. Thanks for changing the battle fund thing I was in a battle lately and the top player left and a noob joined and at the end of the game that was 1 min away he got 1500 cry for joining the game and killing 1 dood :/

  2. эти обновления дерьмо, каждый раз, когда вместо улучшения игры также будет ухудшаться Викинг микро жизнь, полная жизни теперь было 298 285 ебать! и не снизить цену микро actualisacion также Исида его вниз на всех LOL, если они наклоняются более сбалансированную игру, чтобы сделать Legue легенд, а не берем. но для которых мы ставим наш карман деньги идут довольно дорогие микро actualisaciones и, чтобы сделать разницу так что же хватать медитировать и дать им приоритет люди, вкладываете деньги на их счета и благодаря им, как танки является Atte: SOULREAVERDIOS

  3. Finally they impletmented it once i got score 2345 and only got 123 crystals now whatever the score and whatever your team is losing or wining you get like i got 2500score i get 2500 crystals plus 2.0 will be awesome and they will post when this update comes so we know cause gold boxes are quite rare. Last thing they should tell us where the gold box will drop otherwise its no use not knowing where it will drop if your a noob at this game which i am not im WARRANT OFFICER 2:)

  4. yea play hole day to win your team is ful of noobs and you get less are you kiding that is horible noob can now join batle and take some of fund but there is goo news for stealers i can go to batle in a midle of a game and get lots of crst  

  5. Witam! Mam na imię Pan kamil Hruszczowiec ,chciałbym wiedzieć jak zdobyć diamenty na Tanki Online potrzebuje je żeby ulepszyć bronie eq wiecie oo czym mówie.

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