Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 242

Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 242

In today’s episode, we’ll be introducing a brand
new section into the V-LOG. We’ll also be explaining
special missions, and giving you a reminder about
the current contests and events. Hello tankers. We know you love watching
behind-the-scenes stuff, so with this episode, we’re
introducing a new section featuring anecdotes from the
life of our development team. Let’s start with a fairly recent one. Bushes! Some time ago, we told you that we’re working on
volumetric bushes — all sorts of bushes, large, small, medium,
and weird ones. Yes, even Christmas trees for
the winter maps of course. So, this happened when we were
playing around with the large bushes you know, those bushes
that almost look like a tree, but aren’t yet a tree
because they’re still a bush. Basically, bushes with an identity crisis. Well, we went a bit
overboard with those, and they turned out to be twice
as high as they should have been. To illustrate this,
here is your tank, and the trees practically cover
the whole height of the screen. By the way, this happened on the Forest map. So imagine that map, with
all its trees looking like that. Yeah, that didn’t work out well. Of course we’re gonna
make those bushes smaller. Either that, or we make
a machete turret. No, not gonna happen. But anyway, it turned out
to be a fun little experiment. You enter the map, and there’s a thick
forest right in your face. And you can’t see anything. No horizon,
no other tanks, no idea where that
bullet came from. There’s definitely potential. But we’ll have to give
it some more thought. Wow, neat stuff man. I think that turned out to
be a very interesting story. Now, let’s talk about something
that’s coming to the game Special Missions. And here, there are some important
points you need to keep in mind. First of all, these special missions
will run in parallel with but NOT replace, the other tasks
that you get in the game. Second, they are only available in the HTML 5
and android version of the game, and you can only claim
their rewards from there. So, that’s one more reason for you
to move on to the HTML5 version. But the best part, is that we can implement
all sorts of fun stuff in there. We’ve already got
some cool ideas, but it’s a work in progress, so tell us in the comments what
missions you would like to see. Who knows, maybe your idea will
actually make it into the game. Another change on our
to-do list, is for the drones. Don’t worry, we’re not reworking
the drones themselves, but the distribution of when
they become available. In the current system, you’ll find that sometimes a new rank
might unlock three drones at a time, but then you won’t get any
new unlocks for a few ranks. Our plan is to make
things a bit more consistent so that almost every rank will
give you access to a new drone. This way, you won’t need
to wait for several ranks and then be forced to choose
between several drones at once. In turn, this will make it easier
for you to try more drones in battle without having to
wait long for new ones. We remind you that tomorrow is the
last day of the Yin and Yang Conflict. Prizes will be handed out on Monday. Members of the winning
faction with at least 400 stars, will receive a unique paint, as well
as weekly and regular containers. The number of containers will
depend on the number of stars earned. For those of you who
prefer spectacular tricks, there are just three days left to submit your video for the
Master of Parkour qualifying round. The link to the application
form is in the description. The finalists will be announced on March 7,
and the finals will be held on March 13th. Make sure you don’t miss the grand final. It’ll be crazy. Youtuber Digest While some many players were
playing around with the new Vulcan, others spent their time coming
up with their own stories. First, let’s watch Potent smash
the second February challenge and open a well-earned XT container. What will it drop? Next, Jay gives us
a cool compilation of Best Moments with
the new Vulcan Alteration. The first stage of the Masters of the sword
tournament in the Solo category is over. The best 16 players have moved on
to the second stage of the tournament. Remember, all Solo category battles are
played exclusively in the XP/BP format. This is one of the most
popular and spectacular formats, so we encourage you to watch
the tournament live broadcasts! The Tanki Online eSports channel will show not only the most interesting
matches of the tournament, but will also give away prizes
among the audience of each broadcast. The Masters of the Sword clan
category is a bit of a different beast. Here, you won’t just see
Railguns, but also Smokies. Battles are in the Light format, which means that on
each side of the map there are 5 players with
Railguns and one with Smoky. The Smoky’s primary role here
is to knock off the aim of enemy rails. Getting kills is secondary. While the clans of the 1st and 2nd leagues
are fighting in the Masters of the Sword, others are preparing for
the popular Blitz tournaments! The next two editions will
be in the Medium format. Also, today is the last day to
register for the TOF Tandem tournament. We gave you all the
details in our last VLOG. Just follow the link in the
description and apply to participate! It’ll be cool! That’s all we have for
you in this episode. See ya! Last time you had to guess
who the railgun would kill. And the correct answer is… B. Here are our winners. And here’s the new question. How many shots will Magnum
fire before the first one returns?

72 thoughts on “Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 242”

  1. my idea is simple that the achievements give rewards in the special misions not only to see them in the profile that give you crystals or containers

  2. Rap Romántico Xm.Kleider _ Zor.Yorman

    Vengo hacer una pregunta! Por que al arma impacto le quitaron dos miciles ala alteración uranio.

    El una alteración cara y mata menos q los diez miciles .

    Quisiera que volviera los 4 miciles de nuevos

  3. H Y P E B E A S T

    I hate those tall “bushes”, when I played a juggernaut match in that map there was like 3 heavy buyers camping in the corner destroying my team, even the juggernaut didn’t stand a chance

  4. Алексей Третьяков

    Хахахаахха, а на Вулкане, как не играли, так и не играют!!!!! 30 человек катается!!!! 😂😂😂 Даже резиновым изделием, за донат не завлекли!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. new HTML-5 client is not working for me everytime when i try to login server connection closed error comes ( account is not hacked and have tried several internet connections) because of this have not been able to play game for about a month

  6. You could place missions with time, for example: Kill 75 opponents in 1 hour, but the time will only start when the user taps the "start" button. this button is not available, but you could put it on the special missions I mentioned earlier.🙄🙄

  7. I remember you said that you would add Ares hull in April 2019. We have March 2019 and in 1 month we will have April again which means you are lying to us that you are going to add a new hull. I am sorry but I don't understand what is so hard to do? It was easier for you to add Gauss in June but way harder to add a new hull after 11 years? Also, bring back self-healing of isida, that pour turret is completely useless in DM battles, because it is the only turret without any special ability in DM battles. So, hope to see my comment and wake up and do something.

  8. Community missions : where as a collective everyone one online can complete by participating, so ( for example) if the community mission was destroy 10 million tanks in one/two weeks, if you get at least one, you would have participated in it and earn a reward if the challenge is completed?

  9. I think its better if we get new MM Maps. Maybe like with Noise, Gravity, or to be even more be different , how about Madness and Wave also? Just a suggestion for the game because i see too many comments about them being bored or whatever , so i think its time to think outside the box. Try new one. 🙂


  10. I suggest that those old missions which were removed ( the ones which requested 9999 kills or 99990 xp) be brought back as specials!

  11. Mission suggestions: open a # of containers or weekly containers, follow us in you tube or instagram, rewards a kit, paints, alterations, modules, etc..

  12. I have an update for you. Fix flash because it has tons of glitches and thats what everyone plays on because html5 is hard to download.

  13. Shivprasad Tandel

    I would love to play it if the missions are added to normal tanki online+ there should be more different types of missions

  14. The tanki online kit will be back to the crystal shop??? , you was removed the kits from the shop when the MK lunched out

  15. Vocês poderiam colocar nas missoes especiais, o seu progresso no desafio do mês! (aquela pintura que você precisa comprar com 10 tankoins).

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