[TAS WORLD RECORD] Puyo Puyo Tetris (PC) Sprint – 21.26 sec (8 Tetris Perfect Clears)

[TAS WORLD RECORD] Puyo Puyo Tetris (PC) Sprint – 21.26 sec (8 Tetris Perfect Clears)

Before the video starts,
I want to quickly explain something. After learning more about how the Random
Number Generator, or RNG, works in Puyo Puyo Tetris, there’s been a
discovery which invalidates some previous TASes created by me. When PPT starts a game,
it picks the current 32-bit RNG from the Global RNG variable, shifts it
16 bits to the right, then stores it to the Player RNG. This effectively
makes the initial RNG value for a player 16-bit,
since the lower 16-bits will be discarded. By the time this value reaches the piece
generation code, it will have rolled 1973 times, and have a 32-bit value.
Initially I only reverse engineered the RNG up until this point, and I had believed
any 32-bit initial value is legitimate, while the game only started from 65k
states due to the initial RNG being 16-bit. What this means is, even though
the RNG value itself is 32-bit, only 1 out of 65 thousand of these
values are actually possible to obtain in normal gameplay, roughly 0.001% of the
illegal space we were working with before. This severely limits the search space for
these kinds of tool-assisted speedruns, which is sad because it limits our
options for manipulating pieces. Shoutouts to MinusKelvin for
discovering this information. You can find a link to their YouTube
channel in the video’s description. Many older TASes are now invalid due to
them using initial RNG seeds from the illegal space, and will have to be recreated.
As for the videos of older TASes, I will mark them as invalid and some of them
will be removed from YouTube, but you can still access all of them from the description
of this video, if you wish to do so. The TAS you’re about to see is the
current world record for fastest Sprint time in Puyo Puyo Tetris
which uses a legal RNG seed, meaning it’s possible to actually
obtain in normal gameplay. Enjoy!

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  1. 動画を始める前に、簡単に説明をしたいと思います。ぷよぷよテトリス上で、乱数生成機、RNGがどう動くかをより学び、私が以前作成したいくつかのTASを無効にすることが発見されました。








  2. why does the fastest possible sprint necessarily have to aim for tetris PCs? wouldnt it be faster to go for a 101 or 102 piece solution that only does tetris line clears? just to avoid the line clear delay

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