Taylor Swift – The Man (Official Video)

Taylor Swift – The Man (Official Video)

100 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – The Man (Official Video)”

  1. Oww You need to be a Man to actually be the Man, sorry Taylor but since the beggining we knew he was you 🤷🤷🤷

  2. Wow I thought who is this man that I don't know. 😂 Taylor my queen now you have out listed all the men's in the world on the level of beauty

  3. Those people who disliked this were having tears in their eyes and thought that it was the like button. Oh wait- There is a dislike button in YouTube is the biggest problem.

  4. If she was a man she wouldn’t be a multi millionaire. Why is she even complaining and being all “woke” all of a sudden

  5. Who else rewatched it just to have a " its taylor and not some man" mind😂😂😂

  6. Scrolling through the comments, not a single one. Am I the only person who has a bit of a problem with what this song is trying to say?

  7. nicholas cicchillitti

    actually kinda into it. not a ground breaking approach to the subject matter, but the point got across. Especially with that last scene between the two taylor tylers. speaks volumes about the double standard.

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