The $4000 Super Mario 64 Speedrun Bounty is CANCELLED

The $4000 Super Mario 64 Speedrun Bounty is CANCELLED

Hello ladies and gents, it’s EZScape, and
in today’s video I’m going to be talking about the $4000 Super Mario 64 bounty. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m
talking about on March 30th a user on Reddit which goes by the name FBomb2F put out a $4,000
bounty for whoever had the SM64 120 star world record by the end of the year. This bounty was also featured as the number
one spot on the top 10 largest bounties in speedrunning video on my channel. But as of December 1st it has been confirmed
by the current world record holder Cheese, that the bounty was no longer active. Cheese is one of the only people that had
contact with the guy, and here’s what he had to say about it So, this is really unfortunate as there was
a lot of hype around who was going to take home this bounty reward, but now it appears
that it isn’t going to happen. I really feel like our community should have
some type of website that would middle man for speedrunning bounties so that they can’t
be faked. Not that this guy wasn’t initially going
to pay up, but this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I remember on r/speedrun some guy speedrunning
The Flash for the original Game Boy put up a bounty for the fastest time on the leaderboard
by a certain date to try to drive more activity towards his game, but then he ended up flaking
on the $100 bounty. It would be nice to have a place where bounties
could be centralized so that people could see what all was active. So, with this all-in mind I am going to put
up $1000 of my own money for a brand new bounty. Instead of this going towards who has the
world record by the end of the year, this bounty will go towards whichever player can
achieve the next 1 hour and 38 minute run in SM64 120 star. Currently the world record time on the leaderboards
by Cheese is unverified because of a change in the rules that occurred after he achieved
his world record that disallows using a specific trick called frame walking, meaning there
are currently no verified 138’s that exist. There are two reasons why I decided to do
this. One is because I just really want this bounty
to still be a thing because I think the runners that were competing for it deserve it. I know that $1000 isn’t really close to
what the original bounty was, but it’s the most that I would be able to manage. And the second reason really doesn’t have
to do with anything this video is about, but it’s important for me to be transparent
with my community, so this is something I would like to discuss, and that would be the
NordVPN sponsor I accepted on my last video. Quite a few people were upset about that decision
and I wanted to talk a little bit about why I took it and what my thoughts are now regarding
it. The main reason people seemed upset was because
about a year ago Nord was hacked, but explaining this by just saying “Nord was hacked”
doesn’t really explain the situation at all, and a lot of the people saying that there
was a massive hack are either purposefully mischaracterizing the incident, or are just
ignorant about what had actually happened. NordVPN uses roughly 5100 different servers
around the world, many of which, like in this incident, are rented from data centers. A server in Finland ended up getting compromised
because to put it simply, they left the key in the lock, and someone managed to gain access
to it. During this breach no customer information
was stolen as like NordVPN advertises, they don’t keep logged information of their userbase,
however there was potential that someone could redirect the server and collect the data that
way instead. Nord had kept this incident hidden from the
public until about a month ago when they put out a press release. So, with knowing this information, why did
I choose to sponsor Nord. Well the first and most obvious reason is
money, but my main reason for wanting the money was because at this point I have 3 editors
for my main and second channel and I wanted to move a large portion of what I made from
this sponsor to another account to be able to pay my editors bonuses when I feel they
either did an exceptional job or reached a deadline fast with short notice. You can ask any of the people that have edited
for me that when I do manage to get a sponsor for a video this is what I actually do. The remainder that wasn’t going to be put
into that fund is the money I’m putting up for this bounty, which would have initially
gone towards paying off more of my student loans. The reason why I accepted Nord specifically
was for a few reasons. One was that Odablock already had a NordVPN
overlay on his stream which would have been in the video no matter what so I figured why
not just get them as a sponsor as they already contacted me prior to making the video, and
due to the nature of the video, a VPN sponsor actually made sense. My next reason was because the breech didn’t
appear to be at the fault of Nord, but the data center they rented the server from. Nord has intrusion detection systems in place,
but the way the breech occurred was because of an undisclosed remote management system
the data center provider had left in, which Nord wouldn’t have had a way to know about. So, the problem that most people had with
the company wasn’t with the mistake they made with the Finland server, but how they
handled it. They kept the breech a secret for months before
telling the public, which lost a lot of peoples’ trust in the company. Perhaps they kept the breech a secret for
months because they thought people would misunderstand the severity of the breech, which does seem
to be the case in some areas, but what I and hopefully they have learned from this incident,
is that being up front and transparent is the better way to deal with things majority
of the time. I’m sorry to anyone that I disappointed
by accepting the sponsor, but even so I’m not going to take the video down, because
as of right now I have no reason to question NordVPN’s security, and I won’t base my
decision off an anomaly. Nord wasn’t the only VPN company that gave
me offers, but after testing all of them out, including ones that didn’t give me offers,
Nord all around seemed to have the fastest speeds, the cheapest price, was the most user
friendly, and had some really good features included with it like double VPN and onion
over VPN which reinsured me of its safety. And no, this video is not sponsored by them,
but these were my real reasons for choosing the sponsor. Even after the hack most reviews still rate
Nord in high esteem despite stooping slightly lower in ethics. And the last reason I justified myself accepting
Nord as a sponsor was because the same day, I was going to post that video I watched both
Jacksfilms and Pewdiepie who both sponsored Nord that day as well as Philip Defranco who
also regularly sponsors them. I know I shouldn’t base my own decisions
off what others do, but in the moment that’s what my thought process was. So anyways guys sorry for the long tangent,
but this is something I wanted to get off my chest, and just to clarify that I do listen
to all of your feedback. I know some of you were coming from a good
place when letting me know about the situation and I appreciate that, rather than assuming
my intentions. I would never do something purposely to put
my audience at risk, I at least hope you guys understand that. And if you’re sitting there thinking that
isn’t good enough for you, then at the very least I hope you’re somewhat satisfied that
I won’t be receiving any of the money for the sponsor anyways. And with that being said that will be the
end of today’s video. It’s pretty obvious that this wasn’t a
normal upload and I’ll be removing it whenever the bounty is officially claimed. If you’re watching this video the day it’s
posted I have a lot of content coming out this December including new edited content
on my second channel, so if you guys are interested in even more speedrunning related content
in a different form go check out that channel, the first video will be posted on the 6th
of December and I’ll be announcing a giveaway on that channel the same day. That’s all I have to say for today, thanks
for watching, and as always, I hope you all have a beautiful life.

100 thoughts on “The $4000 Super Mario 64 Speedrun Bounty is CANCELLED”

  1. EDIT: Cheese’s run was unverified due to a section of video not capturing during his run, not because of frame walking***
    This is just a short update video to address multiple topics at once. A new main channel upload will be posted on Saturday and my first edited piece of second channel content will be posted Friday + a giveaway announcement. If you wanna subscribe to the channel early to not miss it, here's the link
    Thanks guys, and I'll catch ya on stream 4 PM tomorrow:)

  2. Hey, I am sorry dude, I only heard from some friends that Nord was hacked. I'm sorry because I didn't know about the full details.

  3. We should totally have a site where you can dotate to a bounty prize; the site would own the money until someone broke the bounty and then they'd pay up. Kinda like how banks work but anyone can donate to any bounty and only withdraw when verified.

  4. I think the original poster should have come out on the post itself at actually explain himself noth through a middleman. he's a villan,untrustworthy and not worth his own salt in my eyes. He should have come out and replied to poeple instead of hiding behind a proxy.

  5. You should not be using NordVPN. If they did not explain or come out why it happened for over a year! Completely unacceptable. Sorry not sorry but you should have picked a better sponsoreship. I know JayzTwoCents stopped his sponsorship for over 4 years because of this. Nord is at fault.

  6. NordVPN was hacked because they deliberately choose the cheapest hosts to rent them servers with(!) discount. These servers are so cheap they get badly managed (e.g. "keys left in lock"). So please people think about what kind of servers you want your data to pass through when using these shammy VPN providers. No matter which Youtuber is saying they're ok, they're not.

  7. Man people dumb thinking that nord vpn wasn’t secure I didn’t see the need for the majority of the video to address this but I also understand how the YouTube community it’s easily riled up into a mob like when you tubers promoted skin gambling on websites where you had to provide id everyone was moaning about the CHILDREN when they couldn’t use it anyway

  8. You should put up some sort of crowdfunding or donation page for the bounty, the community together could put together a bounty with much less strain. It's commendable that you want to shoulder it yourself and help keep the speed running bounty alive, but I think a lot of us would help.

  9. I didn't even know about this lol i thought this was about the Tick Tock Clock glitch video i watched recently where a guy said he would pay someone if they were able to recreate it? is that still a thing?

  10. A company which you trust with information which you want to conceal from others, such as NordVPN advertises, needs to be transparent with its users.
    Telling people to "trust us with your torrenting/porn/banking activity but not your ISP or Wifi, because they bad" and then not telling people that there was a possibility of their data being compromised is absolutely unprofessional. If you offer to supply privacy and security to your users then be upfront with them if you fail and ENSURE THAT YOU DON'T LEAVE A KEY IN THE LOCK.

    If the person you trust with your data can't ensure/audit etc. that the stuff they are renting is secure why should you trust them?
    Breaches are to be reported ASAP and the rumors getting out before their statement isn't a good look.
    If you want to be safe build your own VPN using a VPS, it'll probably also be cheaper.

  11. I find it funny how nordVPN is throwing soo much money at youtubers and streamers to promote them, dont they realize their audience is mainly tech savvy people who know how to do some research and look up different reviews and have some trusted sites on hand they can use for reference… if i WERE to need a VPN, i would not go with the one thats spamming every dang channel to the point of it getting super annoying! i would actually go for the one that gets out on top (according to the above mentioned ways)

  12. Not sure if this has been said but piggy-backing off the idea of a website for bounties: there should be a site where people can pool money for a bounty. If the bounty isn't met, the money is refunded. That way the money will be there and it could kick start more runners trying out new games, etc.

  13. Dude this video made me so happy. People getting sponsorships always seem a little fake about it, like the raid shadow legends sponsorship that has been popping up everywhere that makes me honestly doubt if the game is really that good or if people are just saying it for the money. It's not that I was upset because you were sponsored by NordVPN, but I just didn't really have any opinion on it overall, because sponsorships don't mean a lot to me. You coming out and telling us your reasons for picking Nord made me understand that you've actually put thought into picking your sponsor and chose to advertise them not only for the money but also because you genuinely think they offer a good service worth promoting and that just meant something to me

  14. im p sure 'keeping it hidden from the public' 4 a bit is a normal practice in literally everything, and its not a sinister decision
    i dont think it normally lasts that many months, but like 90% of breaches/potential breaches r investigated and deliberation is made on the severity of them 4 a while b4 announcing, if through investigation its discovered info was likely leaked they come out w/ the announcement as fast as possible, but since this was a situation where it wasnt i dont c how delaying it is in any way 'unethical'

  15. Look even thought the dude had a genuine reason for not giving the bounty but the moment he put out that bounty the money wasn't his anymore

  16. Why we don't set a go fund me to rease bounty, it's better if all community raise a bounty with one or a few dollars then someone paying one hundred or more.

  17. it would be different if he cancelled the bounty upon finding out someone earned it. He cancelled it before didn't he? i can understand that.

  18. The issue with the nord hack isn't the hack itself the issue is that they knew about it for over a year and did not come clean with it until they were accused. It shows that they are not trustworthy and should not be promoted as a reliable vpn service especially when better services with clean track records exist like PIA.

  19. This guy was just gonna give 4K to someone for speedrunning a game..I have an idea what business wasn’t going so well 😖

  20. Stopped watching when you tried to justify what happened to nordvpn. You clearly don't get why this is a big deal. Not going to stop me from enjoying the content and wanting you to succeed. I'll shut up now

  21. Personally I'm against speedrun bounties in any way shape or form since its basically gambling. Not that I have any moral opposition to gambling but speedrunning is such a young sport and history has shown time and time again that once people start betting on a new sport, it immediately attracts the attention of shady characters, cheaters, corruptible refs, and law enforcement wanting to crack down. (Ex. Black Sox, NBA point shaving, 2010 StarCraft tournament fix)
    Look at it this way: EZScape has $1000 for the first SM64 runner to get 1:38, a few other guys then pitch in so the bounty is $3000. Someone then decides to stream and submit a fake 1:38 run to the leaderboards and is accepted because he paid the mods $1000 to accept it. It might take a few months for the fans to find out the run was cheated but by that point either EZ has already paid the bounty and the cheater made off with his $2000, or EZ refuses to pay the bounty despite what the official mods say and looks like a petty asshole who doesn't want to pay because his favorite player didn't win, not to mention the fact he could be charged as an illegal bookie… Even if the truth did eventually comes out it would totally wreck the entire speed running community…

  22. Dude take all the sponsors. Forget what people say. You don’t even have to justify yourself. Nord is a good company with a good product. Do your thing homeboy. Make that money

  23. my personal gripe with (ALL) vpns is the fact that to the average user (which is where the bulk of their advertising audience is) they are almost entirely useless. to put it simply, using a VPN to “protect yourself from ‘password stealing hackers’ in coffee shops” is completely redundant, as there are already secure measures being taken to protect your personal data on your device and over your connection. the only real reason that i can see the average user actually needing a VPN is to change their virtual location in order to gain access to content that isn’t available in their physical location. (I.E. netflix in a country it is banned in or on a college campus where it is blocked on the campus network.)

    TL;DR please stop falling for VPN advertisements using big words.

    side note: i absolutely respect the hustle, and dont blame you at all for taking the sponsorship. i just want other people to not fall for marketing jargon and whatnot. love your videos and occasional twitch streams man. more OSRS streams when?

  24. Sky Frost Thunder Rock

    sucks that dude won't be able to fulfill the bounty, but totally understandable. also, you're awesome for at least putting out a new bounty.

  25. From a legal standpoint, dude can't just rescind the bounty. By putting it out there, he's directly incentivized certain people into doing something they wouldn't otherwise spend time doing. That said, only the actual winner of the bounty by the terms of it could actually force it to be paid out via small claims court. At $4,000, it'd be financially viable to do so, but probably be regarded as a socially poor decision.

  26. EZScape I'm gonna be real with you chief I hope you aren't just reading off a script for the nord stuff because what you said is just wrong. Nord does keep logs all VPNs do, if they didn't then people could use them to do illegal things and I seriously doubt Nord is willing to put their company on the line for those people. You have some seriously misguided opinions on the use of VPNs. I rather you just say you wanted the money and leave it at that, because the rest of it is just kinda bs.

  27. PayPal me the money for bounties, I won't spend it lol
    (acually will buy Japanese copy of American Dad for faster text speed and region only glitches)

  28. Then thing is, nord never seemed to come out theirselves.
    They got called out on twitter whilst advertising their "protection against hackers"….

  29. Please watch tom scott's vpn sponsors video. I dont like vpn sponsors because they are full of shit, not because of some breach.
    Anyway, good video. Take sponsors when you feel you can support them, some people just take most non scam sponsors and thats ok too, but if you are worried about the ethics of sponsoring something, do not ever sponsor something you need to lie about to sell. Normal consumers do not need a VPN and all of the ads they have been using recently are fear mongering normal users into buying one.
    90% of the time you do not need a vpn. And most of the people buying these vpns are not safer nor is their data more private because of using one. You only need a vpn if you want to bypass IP walls or stop your provider from knowing which types of pages you visit. They cant even know what you do within a page, but vpn ads will make you believe they can read your comments, know your accounts or spy on you. The can't, and also they couldn't care less.
    So unless you need to do something slightly illegal like torrenting on your university's internet or watching foreign netflix, you do not need a vpn.
    But thats not good marketing is it?

    Im only telling you this because you seem to care about being transparent and you treat your sponsors the same, It really isnt a big deal most of the time and people like pewdiepie, or many other youtubers, will just sponsor anything that isnt straight up a scam and that is ok. (some mobile games and vpns arent the worst sponsor. at least im not seeing g2a sponsors that often, g2a being a literal scam page selling stolen codes) Most people understand it is an ad. So you shouldnt be bothered by that small % of your audience that was unrightfully angry at you, you should pay attention to wether or not you feel ok sponsoring a product, and if you ever make a mistake just be open about it.

  30. It would be great if there was a service that would hold bounty funds. I imagine people often jump into bounties then don't actually set aside the money. The service should absolutely allow you to pull a bounty if needed, but at least it won't be a surprise when a bounty is collected, and the poster forgot and can't afford it.

  31. So the guy who is currently in line to win the bounty is the only person who can supposedly verify that the Bounty is canceled? Smells fishy to me is basically saying hey don't try the bounty's cancelled. Then come end of the year "looks like it wasn't cancelled guess I win lucky me" calling it now

  32. Someone should make a third-party crowdfunded style bounty system where lots of people can toss in say $5 towards whoever has the fastest run in X category by Y time.

  33. Dude i have nothing but big love for your videos. if u want to take a sponsorship its up to you. everyone has to pay their bills <3

  34. oh man i hope he’s doing alright. really hope things get better for him. you’re a really cool guy for putting up this new bounty man

  35. wow! you're telling me a guy who wanted to give away $4k on a 20 year old children's game was having troubles with his business? NO FUCKING WAY?!?!?!?!?!

  36. 6:00 and so you shouldn't. everyone who is pissed at nord needs to get their head out of their ass and realize that's exactly how they SHOULD have handled the situation. when you have a server breach that could release sensitive information you don't scream it from the mountains, you do some digging to see what all was affected (yes, they have logs of what information was accessed on the server) take a few damage control step, and fix the issue. THEN you inform the public. this is internet security 101. the sooner you announce anything, the more time black hats have to try and exploit it. Nord did exactly what they were supposed to, and every single nord user that didn't get their information stolen should thank them. not cry "I wanted to know!"

  37. Jesus Christ, it pisses me off so much when other people complain about Youtubers getting a sponsorship. Like is there really that little going on in your life for you to be getting upset about someone trying to make a living. Don't be sorry, fuck them assholes. You don't have to be sorry for trying to do a good thing and also make yourself money. What you provide is free and all you ask from us in return is to listen to you talk about them for a few seconds (which they can skip btw)… I really don't get it, don't apologize for this stuff again, please. It's your channel and if someone can't stand you talking about a sponsor for 30 seconds so you can get a bit more money/to pay your bills/to get something nice/to treat your editors then they can fuck off somewhere else. People need to grow the fuck up.

  38. Dont promise money that you cant deliver on. Didnt that asain rapper douchey guy do the same thing and say he couldnt complete his giveaway because of money trouble? You dont promise money you dont already have set aside.

  39. I find it hard to believe that in the beginning of the year a person would think they could afford to spend $4000 to give as a prize to some random gamer, but by the end of the year they're so hard up for money they cancel the bounty.

  40. Most of the comments here are really positive, i am kind of surprised that the majority is being respectful and understanding about this.

  41. I do support you getting sponsorships, and hope you do so more in the future, but those reasons aren't great in my opinion. Nord screwed up bigtime, and has not effectively addressed that fact. Nothing shows that more than how much they want everyone they sponsor to talk about the incident as if everyone else lied about what happened. They ignored any requirement for transparency and let the data they had sworn to protect sit in the possession of hackers without informing their customers what had happened. It doesn't matter who caused it, those people had their data at risk for nearly a year that they should have been able to spend working to safeguard what data was still protected and change passwords. Nord robbed them of the chance to do so by hiding from the incident.
    Please do continue accepting sponsors, but I hope others won't be quite so questionable in their practices.

  42. Wah. I made a bad decision for money but hold up..! Let me justify, you see, I have bills to pay so doing bad things is okay.

  43. Admitting to watching nazi pewds is more alarming than your Nord sponsorship. There's no excuse for pretending to not know (or not care) what a shitty human being he is at this point.

  44. I frequent a forum called (“OG Users dot com”) and on that website they sell from upwards of 10000 accounts with FREE nord VPN memberships. I see what you’re saying, but nord’s hacking wasn’t over exaggerated.

    This same website was selling Disney+ accounts for measily cents per account with membership, because Disney+ had also been breached.

    So please understand that it was a real hacking/breaching of their data

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