The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Game Announcement Trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Game Announcement Trailer

100 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Game Announcement Trailer”

  1. juan martin ortega

    quiero hombre araña 2 nuevo mi android por sony ericsson live quiero me agan mi android 1151195449 operador personal lo. Quiero gameloft

  2. This game looms fantasitic. I rarely comment on games and such but since i did i think ots gonna be the game of the YEAR!!
    Looks like a great game., that im ready to download!
    Also is there and exact release date?

  3. Hey GL!! I just wanted to know the requirements for this game… I hav a galaxy s3.. would it work lag freely? ?

  4. This just looks like combat and free roaming from the last game, just a new costume, Electro and the number 2 at the end of the title.

  5. How about delivering this and also the good old paid android games to nvidia shield? Cause it's darn annoying when most of the old good games are unavailable to the highest end android device.

  6. Oh, I was about to say this looked dishearteningly terrible, then I realized it wasn't the console (+pc?) version.

    L-looks really good for mobiles. Heh. 

  7. hey gameloft it is my humble request to u that please please make it compatible with samsung galaxy s3.if u make it compatible with s3 i m even agreed to pay 30 dollars for it.please i request u.
    p.s sorry for my bad english

  8. It would be great if it will be realeased for free and not pay to win,if they do that I will say thanks gameloft and thanks god

  9. please put this games on windows 8 store please gameloft  please .. i wont to play any games by gameloft on windows 8

  10. сука по скринам видно город такой же остался , физика тоже больше чем уверен, суки, не удосужились потрудиться даже поменять что-то по сути все тоже самое только добавили пару "новых "эффектов и костюм новый блядь и все больше нихуя не надо 

  11. может кинцо ничего будет. все равно с тоби магуайером лучшая трилогия

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