THE CARD GAME | Draw My Life

THE CARD GAME | Draw My Life

The elevator game, the stairs game, the window
game… did you think you had seen all the creepy challenges on #ScaryTuesday, tiktakers?
Not at all: we bring you a new one that will test your strength: the card game. This is
one of the simplest rituals that are known, but no less dangerous… As the name implies, for this game we will
only need a poker deck, a candle, and some salt, and follow the instructions to the T.
There are two fundamental points that you must fulfill: first, nobody younger than ten
years old can participate, since mysteriously… it doesn’t work. And second, be very careful
with the questions, and be polite with the spirits: you never know who you might be talking
to. Once we perfectly understand these tips, we
will look for a dark room, if possible one without a single hint of light. Then we get
to the center of the room and take the salt. With it, we will form a circle of a good size,
enough to sit inside it. After settling in, we will light the candle. We must be calm, so it will be easier to contact
the Other Side. If we have followed these steps correctly there should be no danger
to continue with the ritual. This will be the time to take the cards. We will have to
shuffle them slowly, focusing on establishing contact. The next step is to take the deck and place
it in front of us, on the floor, with the cards face down. We may feel a presence or
have the feeling that something or someone is watching us. In that moment, we will ask
the question: “Are you there?” If we have followed all the steps correctly, a cold feeling
will run through our backs, and we will know that the game has started. We will take a few seconds to concentrate
and feel the atmosphere around us. And then, we will lift the first card from the pile.
If it is hearts, it means that the answer is affirmative and that the entity is present
in the game. If another one comes out, it will mean that we have not succeeded with
the invocation, and we will have to blow out the candle and try again. Then we can start asking the presence whatever
we want. But remember what we have told you: it is very important to be careful about what
we ask, and above all, be polite; We don’t want to make the presence angry. After asking
the question out loud we will choose the next card from the deck, which will be the answer
of the spirit. If it is hearts, it will mean “yes,” and if
it is spades, it will be a “no.” On the other hand, a diamond card will be equivalent to
“maybe”, and clubs a “don’t know” by the entity. If at any given time all the answers are of
this type, it will mean that we are not being clear with the questions. After satisfying our curiosity we must thank
the spirit for its presence and then blow out the candle: the session will be over.
It is very important not to leave the salt circle before finishing the game. Some say
that if you do, the presence will accompany you forever. To avoid this, we will always
make sure before saying goodbye that our last question has been answered. It seems a safe and simple ritual, but for
some strange reason, many of its participants end up addicted to it, always wanting to ask
about more and more things. This is the real risk of the card game: the more questions
we ask, the less willing to answer the entity will be. This makes it increasingly difficult
to put an end to the session … increasing the risk of getting stuck in it forever. You know that we never encourage you to try
these chilling challenges, but if you do, be very careful. Playing with the spirits
can be a fascinating experience, but it may not work out as we expect it to…

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  1. MMmMmM 100 sUbS wE cAn GeT tO

    :me im gonna take a Elevater the elevater game then I'll take stairs then stairs game :me then I'll go to my home window game I guess I can play with cards cards game OH COME ON

  2. THE ELEVATOR GAME: oh well I will use the stairs
    THE STAIRS GAME: I guess I will just stay in my room
    THE WINDOW GAME: I will just go to my attic and play cards

  3. The elevator game:ok I will just use the stairs!

    The stairs game:ok. I will just stay in mah room.

    The window game:(angry sigh) ok….I will just play cards then

    The cards game:OH COME ON

  4. You do a video about the siren head look up a YouTube and then decided head because he’s actually pretty cool you know a lot about

  5. Me:*going to the stairs
    the stairs game
    Alright im going to go to the elevator
    elevator game
    Ok im going to the window
    the window game
    Ok ima just fly

    “Oh right I don’t play the games ok”
    “I'M ALIVE!!”

  7. I’m going to the elevator
    “Elevator game”
    Okay,I’m gonna use the stairs.
    “Stair game”
    Fine,I’ll just stay near my window in my room.
    “Window game”
    Fine! I’ll just play my cards.
    “Card game”
    Oh come on!!!

  8. Super Sonic Suparna

    I love the scary Tuesday vids…u guys r awesome…amazing spine chilling content…Can you please make a video on the supposedly cursed poem 'The Croocked Man'?

  9. The official sweater vest Nerd

    Card game

    Me- Looks at cards, looks at stairs looks at window ….YOU WANT ME SEE JESUS TIK TAK?! DO YOU!?

  10. Bendy And Woody Adventures

    The elevator game: *tried it
    The stairs game:tried it
    The window game: tried it
    The card ga– *oo what's this?

  11. Xd MicroFunnyGamer

    Do you play card games while dumping in the toilet?

    I called it My "golden time"
    Not to disturb or consequences will happen

  12. Me:Mom there is something in my room.
    Mom:go downstairs.
    Me: ummm the stairs game.
    Mom:take the elevator.
    Me:the elevator game.
    Mom:then lets play cards to calm you down
    Me:the card game.
    Mom: ohhhh come on.

  13. Song Tử Channel

    ELEVATOR GAME: i’ll use the stairs then!
    STAIRS GAME: well….better not going anywhere and just stay in mah room
    ROOM GAME: oh please, well then i’ll sit on the window
    WINDOW GAME: dang it, i will play cards with my sister anyway

  14. Me watches all of the ones you mentioned
    Me:lol like there would be a card game
    sees video
    Me:why not I hardly sleep already
    *me watching 23 seconds *
    Me:if there is a bed horror game thing imma cry
    Next Tuesday * phone goes off* me
    Me: great there is a bed game
    Teacher: O_O say what now and I need your phone for pulling it out in class
    The inappropriate boy:hehe bed game me: and this is why only your mom loves you *. Inappropriate boy *

    I just realised I am talking about a bed game not the card game I should really shut up 🤐 okay but
    Ps I love the videos 😘

  15. Me when I see the photo of the video : oh there making a video about solitare good cause I dont have to play
    Me when I heard the elevator game the stairs gmae the window game:O NO

  16. Who wants to ask that might get u Too happy like.. '' Will there be any Holidays This week''
    If it said.. ''NO''
    If it said.. ''YES''
    Tommorow.. will be a Great Bad Day.. For them.. Because Moms Don't leave you playing Games in the X-box Forever
    but at school we could Hangout with friends :).. Right…or..Not Right..

  17. Me:Ohh yeaahhh!!A new cool ritual…
    The ghost somewhere in my room if there is:Take of your headphones befour this video ends….

  18. Bro: Hey sis..wanna play cards?? I have got a new deck from Derek..
    Bro: Cmon it doesnt have any demons in it..pfft…haha..
    Me: *shows video*
    Bro: Lets just play board games…

  19. If the candle blows out in the middle of ritual then what will happen and another ques if someone eters the room in which the ritual is goin on then what will happen??? 🤔🤔🤔

  20. Stephanie Slowstream

    No one younger than ten year old can participate.. IM TURING 11 GUYS AND I WANNA TRY BUT IM MUSLIM😂😂

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