The Cheapskate Chronicles: Episode 2 – FREE Steam Games

The Cheapskate Chronicles: Episode 2 – FREE Steam Games

Welcome to The Cheapskate Chronicles the show where we find the highest quality games on Zeem… Wow, this new website called Zeem, yeah the show will we find the highest quality games on Steam for zero dollars and zero cents plus tax Which is also zero dollars and zero cents I decided to cut the lower quality games out of this series because in my Mind it was a waste of time and I want to provide more value to you We I mean I got some submissions from the Ethernet that I will now analyze and want this series to be centered around your submissions The first one was submitted by Yoshi OST and is a fast pace run-and-gun crowd control game When I first loaded up the game the music reminded me of one of those 1 in 1000 plug-and-play controller games Which are now questioning the legality of since I’m a decade older now and understand the concept of copyrights patents and contracts However, while I was jamming out, it suddenly got uncomfortably weird. it sounded likeit was spazzing out before it looped back to normality great job maestro the final very bad thing about this and mind You we haven’t even loaded up the game yet is the cursor doesn’t go all the way across the screen Not only could I not change it to full screen which is what I was trying to do initially But I literally couldn’t start the game So because of this idiotic UI experience I had to Google this glitch noticing that I wasn’t the only one with this problem Insert game company here. What are you doing with your life? You’ve already made a sequel and still haven’t fixed this problem what the flip and learned that I had to plug in a controller in Order to change it to full screen in order to be able to click everything in order to get on with my- OW on with my life in order to get rid of these stupid start game glitches now that we’re At the game this better be worth my time And actually was surprisingly I mean it was it was actually ready for an experience despite the extremely aggravating user interface experience Where I literally had to creep into my brother’s room lumpy brother steal his controller plug it into my computer To temporarily fix this Problem which by the way isn’t a permanent fix because every single time you load up the gaming up to do this insert gaming company Here please fix this for all that is good, and holy Yes, I’m still upset over this. Ok, leave me alone. Once the fun actually starts. You don’t want it to end Unlike my life for obvious Hemme Reasons the game itself is easy to learn with a simple tutorial Kombat is very smooth unless use a controller which I strongly dislike amend as shoma that’s very very very obvious Side-by-side comparison for your convenience and out mind you can find relics by holding down and get pinged in and not so hand Holy way and it’s also a fun little challenge after slaughtering some creatures you can either rush in a battle with either an array of assorted guns or use a glove that basically one-hit kills certain creatures and Make a chain-reaction Attack for Less swings which probably means less damage on you or you can lay low and probably smarter by taking less hits and hiding behind various cover spots Probably do that the surprising part about relic hunter 0 is how much strategy is almost? Necessary in order to progress forward sure you can get lucky and just keep dodging while spraying your prey but most likely Unless you’re a pro. You’re gonna die. Cuz stamina is it Instead of not being a problem There’s always the possibility of breaking worm filled crates into your enemies or aiming a red rocket block for an explosive attack, basically There’s two ways to play this game. And if you’re more strategic about your actions the easier, it’s gonna be to progress Fire This next one was also submitted by Yoshi. OST except this one is a tabletop game. It’s a simple turn-based strategy game That’s quite easy to learn. I think we want to get rid of this stupid healer. Yeah, we’re gonna go with this Godom is very fun Wait you passed why would you do that? Okay and has a great medieval art style with music to match the certain aesthetic I normally don’t really like games where the whole point of it is to use cards to attack since I’ve had bad Experiences with a certain Kingdom Hearts game that shouldn’t ever ever ever ever exist But due to how simple it was for me to understand the mechanics It ended up being quite the enjoyable experience that I wasn’t expecting if you want to jump into a game that has medieval themes as well as card usage then this game is The third was submitted by Yes, not enough info on card hunter Okay, then space Lords opener sequence was Fantastic and could have been a triple-a game if those three stood for art styles as is amazing animation that’s very comic book askin already and being impressed by this game will have the exact opposite reaction compared to Well a certain game Okay, okay Okay. Whoa, this game looks amazing, and I haven’t even started playing after this great experience We’re greeted with a guy on the dashboard that tells you exactly what you need to know quick play will put you with your team on your first mission I’ve never seen any main title screens like this before, but I’m very Intrigued by it and I’m surprised that more games to my knowledge haven’t used this feature I did some research to see if this guy had a name, but I couldn’t find anything So for the sake of time, we’re gonna name him Gideon Gideon strongly recommended the tutorial here’s a quick combat tutorial Which I strongly recommend. So I did it instead of a tutorial where you do things in order to learn how to battle It’s just a short video informing you about the mechanics. This would have been fine If I didn’t click start match before watching the tutorial so because of that I had to watch the tutorial about four times because the Matchmaking kept interrupting the video and there was no way to fast-forward or pause yadda yadda You get it, since it isn’t that popular of a game matchmaking can take a while Especially if you want a specific arena, not much we can do about this one Just hope that Steam recommends this game to more people And/or more people make videos about it once in game It can take a while to get used to the controls one example Q is punch and he is grabbed which I got that mixed Up way too many times which led me to several deaths Another is realizing that each character has their own special ability, and it’s different with each character so I can’t expect the tank to wall jump like an acrobat just because it’s the same button combat starts to make sense once you Realize that it’s supposed to go about each villain on a case-by-case basis, it’s best to target them one at a time by initially shooting them then finishing them off with a meal rather than targeting an army Or maybe even shoot from above if you’re not a whale and are trying to avoid certain whales because they are immune to close-range combat From what I’ve played there’s three specific game modes if there’s more I apologize I didn’t play 15 hours of this game protect the guy protect a spire slash blow up a spire or protect your coolness by killing a giant boss And pretending to know what you’re doing different game modes require different forms of strategy which requires teamwork to better achieve these goals So friends to play on our friends all my clothes when I’ve been served. It’s one of the better shooter games I’ve played recently. Although I don’t play many shooter games nowadays. So take that into consideration I recommend it if you like Gears of War since that’s what this game reminds me of even though I played like five minutes of Gears of War so honestly, I can’t really compare to that due to my lack of knowledge Hmm listen it’s free. It’s good. It’s multiplayer. Please be my friend Speaking of freeness goodness multiplayer Ness and the power of friendship The final one is submitted by number blue and is a cooperative Puzzle game or you don’t have to describe it very carefully because there’s a lot of choice, okay I knew absolutely nothing about this game going in which is how I recommend you play blue is down here So if you have steam a friend a couple hours to spare go play it right now We were here is kind of like keep talking and nobody explodes except you keep talking and nobody explodes I bring this up because there’s two roles the Librarian and the Explorer one informs the other one of what to do and you interact with each other in different ways These various ways are spoilers Unless you don’t care about spoilers and watch means X entire playthrough of it The other aspect is the setting it’s a medieval art style as we can tell by the dungeon walls There’s great atmospheric music to match the scenes That is also not distracting the vibrant colors really pop and are an easy contrast to the draft walls If Any of these games? piqued your interest Try them out and leave your experiences in the comments below

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  1. Relic Hunters Universe

    Thanks for your review and we're going to look into the problem that you pointed out! We really want to develop games that everyone can enjoy and we already do a Free-to-play Manifesto talking about it! <3

  2. I watched this video full-screen just fine without a controller. 🙂
    (Also, I enjoyed the many little details you put in all over
    This video, from wardrobe to video quality adjustments
    To the visual of acquiring a controller… it was all excellent!)

  3. A few things,
    1. WhErE’s WaRfRaMe
    2. When you showed what that last letter said I was expecting all of my abducted part 3 messages lol

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