The Doctor’s Speech | The Zygon Inversion | Doctor Who

The Doctor’s Speech | The Zygon Inversion | Doctor Who

So, let me ask you a question about this brave
new world of yours. When you’ve killed all the bad guys, and when it’s all perfect and
just and fair, when you have finally got it exactly the way you want it, what are you
going to do with the people like you? The troublemakers. How are you going to protect
your glorious revolution from the next one? We’ll win. Oh, will you? Well, maybe, maybe you will win!
But nobody wins for long. The wheel just keeps turning. So, come on. Break the cycle. Why are you still talking? Because I want to get you to see, and I’m
almost there! Do you know what I see, Doctor? A box. A box
with everything I need. A fifty percent chance. For us, too. And we’re off! Fingers on buzzers! Are you
feeling lucky? Are you ready to play the game? Who’s going to be quickest? Who’s going to
be luckiest? This is not a game! No, it’s not a game, sweetheart, and I mean
that most sincerely. Why are you doing this? Yes, I’d quite like to know that, too. You
set this up. Why? Because it’s not a game, Kate. This is a scale
model of war. Every war ever fought, right there in front of you. Because it’s always
the same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea
who’s going to die! You don’t know whose children are going to scream and burn! How many hearts
will be broken! How many lives shattered! How much blood will spill until everybody
does until what they were always going to have to do from the very beginning. Sit down
and talk! Listen to me. Listen, I just, I just want you to think. Do you know what
thinking is? It’s just a fancy word for changing your mind. I will not change my mind. Then you will die stupid. Alternatively, you
could step away from that box, you can walk right out of that door and you could stand
your revolution down. No! I’m not stopping this, Doctor. I started
it. I will not stop it. You think they’ll let me go, after what I’ve done? You’re all the same, you screaming kids. You
know that? Look at me, I’m unforgivable. Well, here’s the unforeseeable. I forgive
you. After all you’ve done, I forgive you. You don’t understand. You will never understand. I don’t understand? Are you kidding? Me?
Of course I understand. I mean, do you call this a war? This funny little thing? This
is not a war! I fought in a bigger war than you will ever know. I did worse things than
you could ever imagine. And when I close my eyes I hear more screams than anyone could
ever be able to count! And do you know what you do with all that pain? Shall I tell you
where you put it? You hold it tight till it burns your hand, and you say this. No one
else will ever have to live like this. No one else will have to feel this pain. Not
on my watch! Thank you. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Speech | The Zygon Inversion | Doctor Who”

  1. Cheyenne Brennan

    Every single time, they have a moment that makes them THE Doctor. This…this was the moment when No. 12 became MY Doctor. 💕

  2. Peter Capaldi grew on me. He’s really a composite of every single doctor. Amazing speech from the doctor 👏🏽

  3. Thegreatestgeeks Adventures

    Every time I watch this when the doctor says “when I close my eyes” a tear comes out me eye. The first time I Sean this I Burt in to tears

  4. TheDamHufflepuff 394

    The purpose of capaldi was to find the real fans the ones who will stick with the show and realize how amazing he is

  5. The show the has been on a steady decline throughout the years. Oddly enough the writing got worst as the show's budget expended.

    Capaldi basically carried the show on his shoulders in the end. Even with silly lines and dumb plots he succeeded and delivered amazing performances.

    Thanks Capaldi, thanks for everything you did.

  6. Alexander the protogen

    This is why I love Capaldi great speeches that actually carry a message it’s heartfelt and real and he has some good lessons

  7. This is what I loved about Capaldi's doctor, he's tired, he's been doing this for centuries and he's getting tired which is why he is considered the more "depressed" doctor. This was alos shown in Matt Smith's doctor at sometimes too but Capaldi's doctor explores this idea fully which I love.

  8. This speech made me cry, man…. The Doctor’s speeches always make me FEEL things! This is the moment I freaking applaud Peter.

  9. Regardless if you believe in Him or not, this helped me understand something about God. If you don't believe in Him, then okay, but there is always something to be found, and that's in Him. Hope you're okay. Just thought I'd write this here.

  10. The doctor sure loves talking, "I’m the Doctor and if there’s one thing I can do it’s talk. I’ve got give billion languages and you haven’t got one way of stopping me."

  11. "No one else will ever have to live like this. No one else will have to feel this pain. Not on my watch!"
    This is the number one reason I'm becoming a lawyer in family court!!
    So, I can protect someone from the pain I went through!!

  12. If only war-mongers could understand this speech… All they can hear is: "Blah, Blah, Blah. This is boring. Let's blow up another Syrian town and kill thousands of children!" I don't even want to understand what's going on inside the minds of people like soldiers. They fight wars, and for what? The human race would be so much better without soldiers and armies and generals and killers. The world needs a final revolution to end hate and misery. But not a revolution motivated by hate, but by love. Love is the only way for a better world!

  13. This is the reason I liked 12, Peter is SO good at delivering speeches with such a genuine feel. It’s so convincing you could believe he’s gone through all of the things he mentions. It’s brilliant

  14. This might be one of the best scenes in all of Doctor Who history and one of the most important examples of why Peter Capaldi is a perfect Doctor

  15. Anyone notice where the doctor is standing, behind him in the glass cabinet is a helmet thing from the episode with Ashilda I think.

  16. Your all the same you screaming kids, "Look at me! Im unforgivable," well here's the unforseeable, I FORGIVE YOU! After all you've done.

  17. was hoping for a sorry, but it ended before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her saying sorry doctor would have made multiple likes..

  18. Oddly Fitting Dubs n/a

    I really hope that Whittaker has a moment like this someday soon, a moment when you realize "Oh, this is the Doctor."

  19. Agree that with most people that say the doctors are the stages of grief
    9: Anger

    But capaldi shows that even those who accept never really forget or stop regretting

  20. In a very weird way, I relate to the Doctor's pain (3:09) here because I too have done things I regret and will continue for the rest of my life and it's somehow reassuring that a man who feels he can never atone for his past continues to keep persevering through.

    Peter Capaldi you unintentionally saved my life when I almost took it a while back and I can never express how much gratitude I've for your acting/this show ❤️

  21. It’s the music that makes thus scene too. No one mentions music but it’s brilliant when he starts saying “and when I close my eyes”

  22. Spaceboomer Darkchaser

    This speech hits harder in the context of the episode too. There is such a well done dramatic tone shift and reality just totally hits your here.

  23. The acting in this scene is just so phenomenal. Whether it is is Capaldi releasing that pain and hatred(?) for what he has done, Jenna as the somber Clara not once interrupting as he released that pain revealing his vulnerable side even in front of the enemy and Zealot Bonnie who was cold – extra kudos for acting the characters so well, and Jemma when Kate starts to realize the Doctor has been where they are now.

  24. This is when Capaldi became my Doctor. I still love Ten but twelve is my Doctor because he embodied everything that the Doctor was and should have been. God I miss him.

  25. If you compare all the Doctors in terms of the actors’ talent, Twelve is without question the best. Many of the others (notably Tom Baker and Chris Eccleston) did a great job at giving the Doctor a lot of substance and depth, but the way Capaldi delved into the complexity of the role eclipses all the others.

  26. 11th and 10th needed epic music and flashy spaceships flying around for epic speeches.
    12th: ''Just give me a basement with no music and 2 boxes.''

  27. Do you know what thinking is? It's just a fancy word for changing your mind.
    – I will not change my mind.
    Then you will die stupid.

    Aside from all the other parts from this speech, I haven't seen this one in the comments. I think it's really powerful as well.

  28. Peter was a great doctor with so much potential but there was not enough good writing for him to show off like the other doctors that's why this one moments when there is really good writing is such a stand out

  29. If I were a real re-iteration of the Doctor, I'd be Capaldi's rendition. Love them All, but that's just my Style. Thank You BBC, You are Appreciated!

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