The Dutch culture (shock)… How to deal with the Dutch?

The Dutch culture (shock)… How to deal with the Dutch?

I think what summarises for me
the cultural shock is… how spontaneous Dutch people aren’t. I actually myself became
a bit like Dutch. I am also very direct. But I know in Poland
for example… especially towards people who you do not know… you shouldn’t sometimes say some things. In The Netherlands, there is no limitation! For me it was like coming home. When I got to this country and I found out how direct people were, I was like: wow, these are my people! They tell you what they think. English are notorious for not saying what they mean. I am not the kind of person who can catch the meaning underneath the words. So it’s really good for me personally. When talking to my parents over the phone sometimes I explain things in a very direct and short way most efficiently as possible. They ask me: “Are you mad or something?” “Are you tired?” Because it’s just not normal for them. And I understand that. I noticed an ad at a train stop for clothes that the slogan was: “Fit in to stand out!” And that just caught me as something that I would never see in the US. That would just never happen. The US has so much more of a focus on you doing everything yourself than the Dutch culture. It seems like they feel more responsible as members of society. Here, people are just more easy going in a way. It’s just easier to approach. Did you experience culture shock when you came here? I don’t think people experience that. Of course we had some culture shock! They don’t like to share a lot. No, it’s 1 bitterbal 1 glass of juice. They are fun people to have drinks with, I think. They will end up all drunk and then singing André Hazes songs… … till 4 in the morning. Also, in Brazil we don’t have a time to finish. So you don’t plan anything after… because you’re not going to say to your guests, you know… “het is op!” They plan everything. And they are very well organised. They put everything in their agendas. So… let’s go out for a drink… and they get the agenda and they say… which day? It all boils down to the level of respect that people have for each other’s time. You need to be very observant… and not expect to just push your values on them. If you listen, and you observe, and you watch… you will be able to integrate and be able to work that much quicker with Dutch people. But I think that’s any society. If you don’t learn the language, you miss out on so much. You never really are going to fully understand the people that are living next to you. So, they are always trying to speak English with me… but it’s like, they start speaking in English with me and then 5 minutes later they speak in Dutch again. When there are those rare occasions where it’s just Dutch that people are speaking then it can be quite awkward. And it reminds me that I’m not really well integrated… and that I would like to be more integrated.

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  1. Borderline Wild Camping

    We are very organised and leave eetch odder free. we do not give a shite what you think about us. you are idiots :))))probably from the U. S.!

  2. Tania Patricia Almeida

    the Dutch are straight to the point and they are very organised…??? Have these people even met any Dutchies?

  3. It's simple: Get out as fast as you can. Netherlands is changing fast and becoming a very hateful country. I honestly consider the Netherlands the ''ass of Europe''. I just don't get why people want to move here.

  4. BeeBeeIsBack XmspX

    Me: watches this video
    Me: ‘why am I watching this? I am Dutch, I know Dutch people.’
    Also me: ‘I don’t think I’m Dutch anymore.’

  5. Direct, yep I agree. Greedy nah. Come visit my home near the german border. Your belly will explode with vlaai/cake koekjes ect. You leave with a fat belly. Open house here.

    But then I say " minder snoepgoed eten, je wordt dik".

    Rough translate " you becoming fat. Eat less candy and cake.

  6. My mother always says the best way to learn dutch is to speak it. We are not going to just switch to english because you would never learn the language that way

  7. I love speaking Dutch It's a wonderful language.Just a shame the Dutch are being overrun by people that hate civilisation.

  8. Lmaooo "good organized" and "direct" my school told me I'm not organized enough and I know a lot of ppl who are def not direct. Yall probably live in the big city's. Try Leidsche Rijn or something, it's like different but still not you'll just have to try to find out

  9. We don’t say “can you please close the door” we say “doe die tering deur dicht!” and I think thats beautifull

  10. Yeah im dutch so like were very open to people but i think its a personal thing. Some people give you 1 bitterball but some give you the whole plate.! So I think Dutch people are the same as us and uk but the culture is different but that’s very normal 🥰

  11. In the netherlands we dont say come to my party, we say ‘Neem je zwembroek mee, maar ik zeg nog niet wat we gaan doen’ and i think thats beautiful

  12. OK! But then again.

    Oh yeah the Dutch like to be direct. They then go all snowflake and triggered when its done back to them. Years of experience dealing with Dutch companies who claim to be direct yet whine like children when its done back claiming its rude and arrogant…

  13. its so funny to see what everyone else thinks of our culture :p
    I knew we are direct, but never knew it was that noticeable.
    I love to see how actually nobody really hates the dutch culture, good to know it is loved by many 🙂
    And ofcourse, alot of love back from The Netherlands.
    or like we would say: het ga je goed <3

  14. Laclinic Montreux

    Of corse , hahahahhaha, but they only are direct for ordinary stupid things. When it comes to serious and competition. They will never tell you anything.

  15. It's not that Dutch don't share a lot.
    It's just considered rude to expect more than you're entitled to.
    We rather negotiate than just take.

  16. I don't feel like we're really that direct, honestly. I wonder how much people from other countries beat around the bush if we're considered to be direct. Although we are quite sarcastic, I suppose that this can come across as being very direct as well, sometimes

  17. Well… they didn't met the newest generations in the Netherlands cuz those are just shit…(sorry) I mean every child can be polite to an older person but when you're a child it's another story…

  18. Dutch guy here. One of the most difficult things for me is to find out what people truly mean in indirect cultures like the UK's.

  19. john,royston Lawrence

    I lived in Rotterdam in 1966 and i found the Dutch quite friendly and open especialy the Dutch girls legs !!

  20. My life My Rules

    Why do the Dutch exist?

    To ruin everything on Earth with there plastic pumped penises….

    There's no use whatsoever for this stupid nation….

    They ruined even football …
    It's no longer football… it's sexball …and no need for stadiums or fields….
    The dumb Dutch made it a blowjob sport …you don't even have to use feet to play ….

    The planet needs to rid itself from That virus called Dutch …

  21. Dutch people they are rich stingy ass hell!!! lol I work in supermarket and the only people who gave me tip is a very nice British guys 🥰😍

  22. I've never been to the Netherlands, but the more I see and hear, the more I like it. There are sometimes little (or big) differences in national character, courtesy, outlook, behavior, things like that. They go with what makes a language or culture its own unique thing. The two comments about learning a language to really know the people and the culture, the reasons why, I really liked that. The comment on the ad, "Fit in to stand out," illustrates how Americans want to be unique and individualistic, where Dutch people (and many others) want teamwork, fitting in. (Americans also want to fit in, but in another way.) I'm interested to learn Dutch.

  23. My bf is very dutch, very direct. I brought him to Indonesia once to meet my mom. You guys can imagine how that escalated quickly.

  24. OK So I'm an Australian born Dutch Guy who understands Dutch perfectly.. All my cousins speak perfect English. SO when ever I've visited I speak English and they speak Dutch.. we are both speaking our mother's tongue. SO don't be afraid to ask them to speak Dutch but is it OK if you speak English. You won't ever have a trouble and you will be able to express yourself better. trust me .. Trust me… THEY don't want to hear your shitty Dutch! and chances are you don't want to hear their awkward English accent..LOL

  25. These people met the wrong dutch. the " Randstad" (wich is amazing) is not like the country side. we are small but damn are we diverse.

  26. i am portuguese and i lived in holland (Utrecht) for 2 years and i loved holland. Dutch people are the niceste persons i have met. In work they can be funny and professional at the same time, they are very organized as well. they give you value when you do a good work, very polite and good english speakers. i was 19 years old when i moved there and it changes me as a person. Thank you Netherlands.

  27. Hawkeye1off1 Hawk

    Dutch is from the term Deutsch, meaning German. Why do english people call people from The Netherlands Dutch, we are called Nederlanders and we speak Nederlands. We do not speak german or deutsch. I am from Nederland and I am NOT Dutch(deutsch). You English need to update your school books and stop calling us Dutch.

  28. The Dutch are basically the North of Game of thrones. Bit angry. Bit direct. But atleast we wont stab you in the back

  29. I'm a Turk now i feel the dutch in me when it comes to complaining, criticizing and direct talking. And being Irreligious and laidback. I'm also quite cheeseparing person. And really proud all of these.

  30. ik vind het zo grappig om te horen wat mensen raar aan nederland vinden terwijl dat voor mij heel erg normaal is en ik het niet eens opmerk

  31. I love this Country ! Especially Christians are very good and helpful. They helped me with food and shelter. I can't forget and love more than my birth Country. George from India.

  32. Despite not being a common nationality, I love how this channel talks about the Dutch

    Some other channels don't do the same with Germans nor other nationalities

  33. Dutch people are direct only when they dont have anything to loose. Otherwise they pretty much lie and hide a lot. Between dutch its a well known tactic

  34. American Doctor to patient: It looks like the cancer is spreading slightly quicker than expected, so we will have to do more test to see what treatment will be best at this time.

    Dutch Doctor to patient: Your gonna die.

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