THE FLASH (ElseWorld) vs GOKU (Masters Ultra Instinct)

THE FLASH (ElseWorld) vs GOKU (Masters Ultra Instinct)

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45 thoughts on “THE FLASH (ElseWorld) vs GOKU (Masters Ultra Instinct)”

  1. Tori Hanson vs Sonya blade .

    Asad vs jax ( Kakuto Chojin vs mortal kombat ).

    Eternal champion vs raiden ( eternal champions vs mortal kombat).

  2. Вот смотрю написано вспышка против сына гоку но правильно сон гоку это фамилия у него такая от дедушки а не сын гоку

  3. A180CombatBowser Game pro

    lol goku base could clap flash cause not only is base goku as fast (probably faster then the flash) but even if flash was same speed as him hes weak as heck hes just speed meaning goku would pull a one punch man

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