THE FLASH Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer (HD)

THE FLASH Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer (HD)

– [Iris] What is it? – [Barry] The satellite. It wasn’t just me who took it down. – [Iris] Well who was it? – [Barry] Another speedster. (door knocks) – [Nora West Allen] Hi! We need to talk. – [Barry] Uh, who are you? – [Nora] I’m your daughter Nora. From the future. – [Cisco] Anybody need a refill? Just me? – [Nora] People call me XS. It’s a nickname you gave me
when I was a kid. And I’m kind of stuck here now. So… Anybody know what to do? – [Barry] This is so weird. – [Nora] God I love this place. – [Iris] I can’t believe that’s our daughter
up there. – [Barry] Nora shouldn’t be here. She could Marty McFly
herself out of existence. She needs to be with her parents 30 years
from now, not us now. Nora, I need to know. – [Nora] My poker face
is that bad, huh? – [Barry] Please. Why’d you keep this from us? – [Nora] I think I made a big, big mistake. I’m sorry. – [Barry] Then we can’t
let this get any worse. – [Caitlin] Here we go. (screams) – [Kid Flash] Now let’s do this. – [Barry] I don’t have a suit. – [Nora] Actually, I have a backup. Total fan favorite. (door opens) (heavy breathing) (lightning)

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  1. Every time I thought:" yes lid a new saision of the flash" then looking and know it was waste of time, from saison to saision it went worser and worser. The 1st was the best saision and zoom weren't bad too. But all after that included the 4th saision where crap. Better not to hope It will be a nice saision. We will see. But hoping in the flash sessions is wast of emotions 🙂

  2. Cleary the previous season of the flash wasn't too good but this season is going to give me a lot of excitement especially Nora,a mistake that will cause the timeline to change.

  3. All the comments are about "the heavy breather" but it seems everyone missed the part where they've turned XS into Nora instead of just using Jenni, unless she's lying about who she really is.

  4. I really hope this season tells us a little more about Barry's warning message to Captain Hunter about a war coming and to not trust anyone. Not even Barry himself. That still very much interests me on how that happens. Hopefully it happens this season.

  5. Can you please do a vid on the first episode? I want to watch it but I can't find it anywhere. I'll sub you if you do the video!

  6. อออาร์ โอ้เอ้

    What time this season will be on air? I'm can't wait to see this movie this season. Thanks who for your answer.

  7. Online With Sherkhan

    I thought i will star watching the show when there is only one FLASH
    and now they put minion in it.
    What was i thinking..

  8. Do you guys remember when Barry came out of the speedforce in season 4 and he was talking trash all day long? He actually said "Nora shouldnt be here" now watch this video at 0:55

  9. Benity Emmanuel Benjamin

    Season 4 is crap. The story line sucks. Somethings are just impossible even though all is impossible. The explanation of the flash as a movie is great, but the whole season 4 time travel shit is crap. And the last fight with female sikada is bullshit. She is too powerful to destroy them all, but still, there was no casualty. Not even one of the team mate died through her. And reverse flash “almighty flash” was kicked around at the end. Not dope.

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