The Flash Season 6 Episode 14 Wally West Flash – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

The Flash Season 6 Episode 14 Wally West Flash – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie! This
is going to be the flash season 6 episode 14 video Wally West is back there were a
whole bunch of Easter eggs including some other big characters that came back
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on with reverse flash in the speedforce careful for spoilers if you haven’t seen
the episode yet obviously we’ll do top 10 and Easter eggs as we go along
and there were a lot of Easter eggs starting with number 10
welcome back Wally West so they give him the cold open the entire cold open to
kind of show you how he’s changed since the last time we saw him a couple
seasons ago it has been a hot minute since wally west has been on the show
they introduced the rich couple that are on their way to santa presa which is a
comic book location they referenced it when cisco was making his map right
after a crisis on Infinite Earths he’s like this is what Earth prime looks like
all these different comic book places that used to be on different earths are
now on the same earth you see Wally used the Speed Force in slightly different
ways than you’ve seen Barry or any other speedster use it it’s a big comic book
Easter Egg for Zen Wally west from the Mark Waid comics so that was during that
Wally West era after he’d become the main version of the flash after a comic
book crisis on Infinite Earths no less so Wally being super zen talking about
Buddhism all these lessons that he’s learned this is them combining a lot of
things from the Wally West era of the comics with this version of Wally West
so number nine Wally West’s new Zen speed force connection he also talks to
Barry during the episode about how he connects to the Speed Force very
literally he says that it’s not like him speaking to an aspect of his mother the
way that Barry does speaking to an aspect of a Speed Force wormhole alien
that just chooses to look like his mother to make him feel more comfortable
Wally just hears a voice in his head it also shows him potential futures because
remember the Speed Force exists outside of space-time later in the episode he
says that he saw potential futures with his children from the comics so Wally
West in the comics eventually gets married to Linda Park they have twins
just like Barry and iris eventually have twins in the comics I guess twins just
run in the flash family he also says that he saw a future version of Nora
become the main version of the flash in the future now keep in mind that this
was or crisis on Infinite Earths because why
said lately things have been off and they could have explored that through
the course of the episode but it is really cool to see him use speed force
constructs to create those flowers so eventually at some point berry will
probably learn to do a version of that in a slightly different way all this
will make sense when they pay off the death of the Speed Force arc because the
title of the episode is literally the death of the Speed Force which is the
big comic book arc that they just did in the flash rebirth comics number eight
cisco comes back to referencing Aquaman in Atlantis so apparently Aquaman is now
on earth prime too. It makes sense that they’re combining all the Justice League
characters under earth one you have a version of Batman that at least used to
be around on earth one there’s a version of Superman that we know now we still
need to find out where Wonder Woman is hanging out because if we have pretty
much the entire Justice League we know that there’s a famous Kira that they
visited on the show before on legends of tomorrow we just never actually seen a
version of Wonder Woman on the TV show Lynda Carter has guest-starred on
Supergirl but she wasn’t playing a version of Wonder Woman she was playing
a different character he’s burning that hat so they make a
Crocodile Dundee joke then number seven we meet the new version of the turtle
turtle 2.0 which is this character so they actually visualized her powers in a
slightly more comic book-y way which i think is actually pretty cool they might
actually be getting into the quote-unquote forces from the comics too
because the death of the Speed Force comic book arc also gets into the
different forces that the flash family learns about so the Speed Force the
negative Speed Force are just two different of many different forces
there’s the still force which is what the turtle uses to stop time it’s
basically his inertia based powers they bring back the velocity ex from earlier
to this season they’ve refined a version of velocity nine into velocity X it’s a
little bit safer I guess but still pretty dangerous but it’s also going to
come in handy next week when they deal with the new version of the Speed Force
that team flash is going to try and create so I’ll address that when I do a trailer
video tomorrow but then number six you have Wally West versus Barry Allen
Wally finally confronts Barry over all the crap that he pulled and all the
stuff has happened since crisis on Infinite Earths this is your fault Barry
they really have it out during the episode but it just reminds you of
flashpoint in all the flashpoint memes that everyone was posting during flash
season 3 like oh that sure does look like
time line be a shame if someone messed it up so because Wally won’t take Barry
back into the Speed Force just because he’s pissed at him number five
barry uses reverse flashes tachyon enhancer that he helped him design to
enter the Speed Force again and just as he’s doing that they start setting up
the Nash Wells reverse flash twist so it felt like the way they transitioned
between these different storylines was actually really good because Wally says
you’re going to have to go find someone else to teach you how to get back into
the Speed Force they transition right to Nash wells getting attacked by a version
of reverse flash in his mind space then immediately after Barry hooking himself
into something that the reverse flash helped him design so obviously reverse
flash is going to be a big part of how Barry fixes the Speed Force but when he
goes back into the Speed Force he learns what really happened is all this green
lightning is based on the specters energy Early’s they believe it is now no
one has told them anything different so Barry’s just going to go on believing that
it’s all his fault because of what he did during crisis in number four
Barry has to watch his mother die again for I think the third or at least fourth
time on the show he’s watched his mother died several times while this is
happening Wally West is getting one of the classic Joe West pep talks just
saying that you need to think about it from Barry’s perspective he’s going to kill
himself over this trying to fix everything
so eventually Wally comes back around on it by the end of the episode it doesn’t
blame Barry quite as much as much as you want to make fun of Barry for messing
things up because he’s usually the person that causes as many problems as
he solves the way the writers are giving him an out is they’re saying that he did
this with the specters energy as a measure of last resort you were trying
to save the multiverse it was the only way it just them trying to make Barry
seem like he’s not a total idiot for what he did and while this is all
happening it culminates in number three welcome back reverse flash Cisco goes to
see Nash wells to apologize to him but by that time reverse flash has already
taken over his mind however they’re going to explain him existing within
Nash’s mind space he’s effectively taken over his body but we learned that
because he’s in Nash’s body he doesn’t have his connection to the negative
Speed Force anymore or at least yet I’m sure he’ll find a way to reconnect that
because it seems like in the trailer footage for next week’s episode he is in
his reverse flash costume but it just confirms
my theory about what they were setting up in the previous episodes it just
seemed like they were setting up the twist that it was going to be
Nashville’s becoming reverse flash like he was trapped inside his mind but his
more like reverse flashes consciousness was trapped or connected to Wells
somehow because of what they did during crisis so that also means that other
versions of Wells are probably trapped inside his mind space because he saw the
other versions of Wells speaking to him like Sherlock Wells I really like it
when they get into a crazy speedforce mythology flash mythology so I think the
next couple of episodes are going to be reverse flash heavy as they try to mess
with the Speed Force I’m really excited about that but number two Wally West and
Barry versus the turtle so they do another version of them running together
except this time Wally knows how to phase so they can both face with the
building it just a callback to their race a couple seasons ago during season
3 when Wally just became kid flash didn’t know how to phase yet so they
were racing down the street and Wally had to run over the building while Barry
phased through and beat him this time they phased through they’re able to
eventually defeat the turtle but not before Wally gets trapped in one of
those inertia bubbles they’re able to disable her powers using the velocity X
formula that they were vers engineered and then after this we probably get one
of our most reverse flash pipeline scenes we’ve ever gotten now normally
he’s pretty vicious when he’s talking to Barry about what he wants to do I want
to kill you the same thing I always want to do but this time he just lays it on
so thick I was like wow they were really making reverse flash seem like a
psychopath way more than he’s ever been in the past
I think that’s maybe because the amount of episodes that I’ll be around for will
be relatively limited it might not be the entire rest of the season because
God speed is coming along later this season but reverse flash knows about
what happened to the Speed Force because as a speedster he can sense that the
Speed Force is dying I love the way he calls it your puny Speed Force that’s
why I made my own referring to the negative Speed Force which also gives
Barry the idea at the post credits scene so number one team flash is going to
try and make their own Speed Force like reverse flash reverse engineering the
negative Speed Force what could possibly go wrong in while all this is going on
the fake version of iris totally takes out Camilla using the mirror gun but the
mirror gun is just sending Camilla into the mirrored dimension so she’ll play
show up inside the mirror dimension with the real version of iris pretty soon
I almost forgot to talk about the black flash so one of the big parts of the
comic book death of the Speed Force arc with the different forces is the black
flash the black flash always acts to protect the Speed Force so even though
they’ll probably change it for the TV show we might see the black flash come
back as Barry tries to mess with his own speed force obviously he’s not quite as
advanced in his science as the reverse flashes
they’ll probably derp super hard so hopefully that’ll be good story to slot
in and black flash to come back for it because it’s been a while since we’ve
seen that character and they’re going very heavy on Speed Force mythology the
back half of the season so it makes sense that that would justify them
bringing back black flash at some point so everyone let me know in the comments
if you spotted any big flash Easter eggs in the episode that I didn’t mention in
the video but there’s going to be some big Speed Force Flash mythology stuff
happening in the next couple of episodes it’s going to be a lot of fun
so I’ll do a trailer video for all that stuff tomorrow let me know if there’s
any special bonus videos or if there’s any big questions you have about the
stuff that they’re setting up or the comic book stuff that they’re
referencing with the different quote-unquote forces but everyone click
here for that brand new teaser trailer for the boys season 2 with the storm
front character and click here for that brand new Black Widow trailer thank you
so much for watching everyone stay awesome we’ll see you guys tonight!

100 thoughts on “The Flash Season 6 Episode 14 Wally West Flash – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs”

  1. Emergency Awesome

    Here's The Flash Season 6 Episode 14 Wally West video and Easter Eggs. Lots of Flash and Speed Force Mythology coming up. Post all your theories in the comments. Here's my new Black Widow Trailer video too!

  2. Barry will get his own unique abilities and lightning color when he creates his own power source like reverse flash he’s due for upgrades

  3. Lawrence Manuel Cruz

    Wally is basically a HunterxHunter character…

    But for real, he basically has the heroism and as powerful as Pre New 52 Ginger Wally.

  4. Like a said before, the sacrifice of the 90's Flash was pretty underrated was a close to it's history that remained unfinished for more than 29 years

  5. I feel like Barry doesn’t accept the speed force, unlike Wally. unwilling to learn and be more connected to the Speed Force

  6. Love ❤️ Wally’s new Powers ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ they remind me of “Godspeed” being able to be in more places at once like in the comics

  7. Favorites scenes is when Wally uses his new abilities in opening scene, Barry & Wally conversation in the time vault, Barry going into the speed force physically & finding out it was crisis when he unlocked his potential that cause the speed force to lose power, & finally the reverse flash telling Barry about him creating his own negative speed force & when Barry told Cisco & Caitlin about them creating an alternate speed force. Theory on reverse flash is that when he get out of the pipeline he will cause so much damage to the speed force. Can’t wait for the speed force mythology & storylines of speed force too.

  8. @Emergency Awesome, will the season finale be the Ultimate Final Battle between the Flash and Reverse Flash?
    Of which I'm been waiting to see since Season 1

  9. JediPadawanDaniel

    I wonder if a bunch of their enemies returned I hope it means we will get the return of Zoom or at least the Earth 1/Prime version of Zoom.

  10. Not sure why Barry blamed himself yet again for the SpeedForce death…the Spectre power boost was ENTIRELY on Oliver/Spectre…he did that, and didn't even warn Barry what it would do (he should have known, as a cosmic being intended to literally keep balance.)

    Speed force is supposed to be a fundemental force of nature and those other forces are components of the speed force, but its just "gone" now I guess", oh well make a new one.

    New one should be called The PlotForce.

  11. Charliethesavage jackson

    I think reverse flash helped barry to just steal his speed to regenerate his powers to the level it was and knowing that him and wally had it out he wanted to get nashes body so nobody would know so im sure wells is gonna go find the other wells and combine megative tachieons and figure out how to use his powers in nashes body then im sure he would be more powerful than before and its gonna take berry and wally and maybe so bad they might need to befriend Godspeed to defeat him this just a guess not all the details but hey .

  12. Great callback to their race, Kid Flash Vs Flash from S03E12 now Kid flash knows to phase

    + i miss matt's Reverse Flash 🙁 tho

  13. My theory for why the speed force is broken is, because when Ramsey was connected to Barry, he was able to corrupt part of it and now has a back door into the speed force this why reverse flash comes back to lecture Barry and be the hero in his own way.

  14. Also, wouldnt flash never have fought zoom in this timeline cuz crisis reset it so no one knows about the multiverse, meaning zoom could still be doin his shit on earth 2

  15. Why can't they just do OG characters Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Joe versus RF every season instead of forcing Iris and Wally stuff with mediocre viallains down our throats for the past 5 seasons.

  16. Wally coming back and showing how deep and connected he is to the speed force reminds me so much of when ginger wally west returned from the speed force with a better understanding of the speed force

  17. Brandon Bartholomew

    3 Theories:
    1) Speedforce they create is gonna cause him to become the negative Flash.
    2) Colbalt Blue is on Earth Prime.(its Eddie Thawne.
    3) creating a Speed Force will give Thawne access to the negative speed force
    Just ideas. No need to hate just a couple cool ideas

  18. It was really nice to see Barry and Wally interact again, it made me realize that I kinda missed it. When Barry said that he was going to make his own speed force, I was like "Nooooo! Bad idea Barry!"

  19. Emergency Awesome this was a great episode thanks so much for your all ypur hard work Charlie. Really appreciate all you do!

  20. Perhaps Thawne entered the negative speed force to escape Crisis, but in the process prevented himself from being able to fully physically appear back on earth prime; hence why he’s currently limited to pulling a Deadman an possessing Nash’s body

  21. 9:54

    DC Rebirth reference

    I bet people who cried when the original Wally West returned to DC Comics in that one-shot issue also cried when the TV version of Wally West returned last night.

  22. Olakanmi Adenekan

    I like how they made Wally to be wiser than he was and how he has a greater connection to the speed force it just shows he has a big change in character development

  23. I think Barry will take wells to the speed force and then wells will get his powers back and become the reverse flash . This is what happened in the comics

  24. When Barry said that he wanted to make his own speed force and looked at the suit I thought to myself "Why is the season 1 suit on the statue when Barry has a way better looking one now?"

  25. Do you think at this point when the writers call Michelle Harrison to come back onto the show she just asks; "How do I have to die in front of Barry this time?"

  26. Anyone else got shocked about how blunt and dark reverse flash is now? He straight up said he wants to kill Barry and everyone he loves. No big plots, no huge plans to help him in any way, just straight up wants to murder them in cold blood.

  27. Why and how did Eobard Thawne take over Nash's body, if he isnt a version of harrison wells in the first place???

  28. noobnapalmwarfare2

    I really want them to do a negative speed force infection storyline like they did in the comics, with Barry being infected by the negative Speed Force due to the recreation of the speed force and the fact that he is using Reverse Flash's notes. I can easily see Reverse Flash slipping something into Barry and infecting him with the Negative Speed Force, and it kind of seems like they are setting up this twist a little as well. They have Black Hole, the two-faced woman in the Mirror version of Iris West-Allen, the Reverse Flash, and they are messing around with the Speed Force and creating a new one. It almost seems like they have been slowly building up to this as well, with what happened with Nora and the negative speed force, then the introduction of Black Hole, the evil Iris West, the return of the Reverse Flash, the death of the speed force, and finally, them messing with the speed force, it seems like it's all leading up to this storyline. It's a slow build over the last couple seasons, but I could easily see them ending the season with Barry being infected and hiding it from everybody, especially as it seems that he has slowly been drawing on a little of the negative speed force accidentally if you look at his lightning post-crisis. It is a darker shade of yellow with tones of orange and light red in there at times.

  29. Looking at the black flash footage makes me realize they could have used practical effects. The cgi was so bad and they could have saved so much money in that episode

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