The Franklin Flash: Night of Champions

The Franklin Flash: Night of Champions

It’s the opening of the HCC, the new move
to the conference. We obviously got the new turf here as well,
so the district thought it would be great to recognize the four state championship teams
that have been here and really helped build the foundation for Franklin Central football. Basically, this was Dr. Hibbard’s idea. I think he felt that this would be a way to help
bring the community together, to celebrate something, and also to show, you know, when
school administration and the faculty, and the parents and the fans, all get behind something,
well then, a lot of good things can happen. I thought it was incredible. I thought ‘How exciting to be able to have
nine different classes come back.’ It’s been a number of years since I’ve
been back to the high school, and to come back and to see old friends that you haven’t
seen in years, I’ve got goosebumps this evening. We’re going to cherish this night, we want
to share it with the community. There is great support from the community,
and that’s — that’s something that we’re trying to do, is get the community back involved and make this
program what it needs to be. Coming back and looking at the Flashes program,
and looking at the facilities we got to play in — it’s phenomenal, and it’s very
exciting for all of us. It’s a far cry from what we started on in
1975. We had a couple sets of wooden bleachers,
and on the visitors’ side there really wasn’t much of anything. So, we had to play our first three state championship
games on somebody else’s field because we couldn’t accommodate enough people There was a cinder track and the visitors
side had a very small section of seats, and even the home side wasn’t that big, and
today it’s unbelievable. It’s an incredible facility they have here. To watch what has happened in the transformation
of the stadium is a great thing; that’s just a stadium – it’s just field, which
is nice, but it’s about the players, it’s about the fans, and that type of enthusiasm. The enthusiasm, and the support, I can promise
you, the players – they see that, they feel that, and that means something. We know they were the first ones to be here, we know they were the ones that won the state championships It’s just a big deal for them, and a big deal
for us to perform for them tonight. High school football is the purest form of
football there is. 90% of kids that play football are playing
it for the right reasons, because they love playing football. When you’re playing with your buddies that
you grew up with, there is a special bond that you’re not going to get at any other
level of football, and I think that comes through when you watch them play. I’ve always felt like football is the engine,
that pulls the train, and if you start off with a great football season, it seems like other things — other things seem to fall in line, so when we were having our greatest years, Franklin
Central High school and the community were having some of their greatest years also.

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  1. Whoever sent the email out, should check the actual facts beforehand. The email states FCHS has won state 5 times (1979,1980,1981,1982, and 1990). Reality is they won in 80/81,81/82,82/83 and 90/91 school years. They also had several runners up but they don't mention those. Those are also pretty awesome feats even if you do fall just short.

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