The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire – How To Play

The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire – How To Play

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  1. That game looked complicated at first glance, but I feel like I understand it much better now, thanks to you. So feel free to have me win a copy so I can play it. 🙂

  2. Just started watching this .. is there a 'It was you Fredo !" card ? I am sure that there is a horses head card or meeple

  3. Love the Tabletop Showcase idea. The Godfather wasn't on my radar but watching the two videos so far, I think it looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for all your work!

  4. I got a chance to play this at origins and it was great. It's a total Lords of Waterdeep killer… lots more player interaction, and the theme is more immersive with the components. Glad this video is up, as the CMON demo crew nerfed or over simplified the rules during the demo. I absolutely loved this game… can't wait until it hits retail and is added to my game group!

  5. Hi Rodney! This is my first time commenting on your videos, and I just want to say, these videos are super helpful! I almost pick games to buy based on if it has a watch it played or not!
    Question: During the turf war phase, if blue has a thug, and yellow has a thug in the area, but blue also has a alley in that area, does that mean the blue gets the influence token?
    Super excited about this game! I've been on the fence of whether to buy this game or not, but the second I saw that you're doing a tabletop showcase, I pre-ordered it immediately!

  6. As others are saying, I really wasn't very excited about this one. I'm usually not a fan of IP games. Since it is Eric Lang and CMON, I assumed it would at least be good production quality. When I heard it was the first game featured on Tabletop Showcase, I figured there must be some meat to it. After episode 1 & 2, it just may make the wishlist. 🙂

  7. Is this game easier than it sounds? I play Advanced Squad Leader but this seams harder. Maybe I am tired after a long day at work or too old. I agree the Showcase is a great Idea. Who came up with it originally?

  8. I can't wait for the next showcase now… Watch it played and the Secret Cabal pod cast, have really done justice to this game, I am looking forward to the rest of the weeks events. and great job again Rodney for you great tutorial on how to play.

  9. Rodney, another great rules / game play overview! Had a chance to play Godfather at Origins and I was instantly hooked…this game is very good.

  10. I am disappointed with the 1st Player Marker. I propose changing it with a real live cat to place on our lap.

  11. Made me laugh a little when I saw the intro with your new "bright and cheery" music showing you tossing a couple of Tommy Guns on the table, and dumping the bodies into the river, then laundering money into your stash. Really set the mood for the game! Keep up the good work, and thanks for teaching us the game and doing this new Tabletop Showcase thing

  12. I have to admit, this wasn't too high on my list, but there were several really clever mechanisms that gave me visions of how things would play out with my groups. Now I'm really excited. This Tabletop Showcase has been outstanding so far. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  13. clarification please: during the bribe phase, is a player restricted to at most one money card? You said "each player opens their suitcase and moves any amount of money found there into the lid." slightly confusing when the later examples only had at most one card.

  14. another question: are this season's WIP backers that het automatically entered into the contests this season also automatically entered into this one, or do we need to enter our info manually for this contest?

  15. even though I jokingly call this Godfather's blood rage, which it is, because it is by Eric Lang, I do think it is slightly more fun than blood rage and is a good adaptation of those mechanics. I think this is the best Godfather game on the Market.

  16. Håkan Haraldsson

    Great stuff as usual 🙂

    Was planning on buying this before and when you announced the Tabletop Showcase I wasn't surprised that this game was your pick but so glad it was. I really wanted to know more about it before I bought it and this with the combined effort of the other contributors ( especially @BoardGameReplay ) sealed the deal. 🙂

    Questions: what's up with playing the blood money cards upside down ? My non-existing OCD kicked in every time it happened 🙂

    And how do I use the Rodney "Mountie" with this game or is he to nice for this and will his horse be okay ? 😉

    Keep up the good work

  17. Rodney,

    I know have watched (or listened) to all the Tabletop Showcase entries for The Godfather Corleone's Empire. Everyone did their job excellently. I have already (before Tabletop Showcase) ordered my copy of the game from my local game retailer. Tabletop Showcase only made me want the game sooner (I cannot wait until I get it).

    I think you should continue with Tabletop Showcase. Like you said in your teaser for Tabletop Showcase, it should only be for the best games, not every game that hits the market. So I agree with you, only 1 to 2 Tabletop Showcases a year would be sufficient.

    Now that Tabletop Showcase is over, will you do a complete game play with Pep with this game, or do you think that only 2 players might not be enough to show this game in its true form?

    Again, thank you and everyone else involved in Tabletop Showcase and keep up the good work.

  18. Dear Rodney,

    Will you be doing a lets play of this game before it has been released? Or only after? I would love to see some gameplay as there is only one from Joel.

  19. After XCom another masterpiece by Lang…
    Hopefully they'll fix the typo in the Matarazzo family. The name should be Leoluca and not Leolucca.
    There should only be one C!

  20. I have just begun collecting board games and then I saw this – an incredible board game based on my favorite movie ever! I'm so happy! lol

  21. Well, this is DEFINITELY on my radar now.  The overview really helped learn about it.  I'm eagerly awaiting the contest draw!  (I figure my odds must be better than Lotto Max)

  22. maybe it is just me, but I can't see that you have done a How To Play video about the game "Betrayal at House on the Hill", it would be nice if you could explain how the game works.

  23. When you place an ally do they get the benefits of the adjacent territories? For example when you place the mayor do you activate the back of the businesses acs well?

  24. This is a great SHOWCASE of the game. You make it seem very easy to setup and play. Really enjoyed the demo, you should send me a copy to play myself.

  25. Still a bit confused on adding business's during first phase. Does a business get added in only one turf on each turn starting with the lowest number, skipping over occupied ones in higher player number games. So on act two in a five player game you'd add a business to Queens? Vice versa in a two player game you'd add it to Brooklyn instead?! Doesn't seem explained well in book…

  26. Another awesome video! Just a question though, what size are the cards? They look like standard MTG size? And will they fit in the suitcases even when sleeved. Yes, I'm one of those players who feel the need to sleeve cards in a game 😬

  27. Huge thank you for your video, you made a tons of work, but i still have one question, what about this box for money, you can only put there money in phase 5 if you have more then 2 on hands, or its possible to stash money after every phase end, and during the game you can stash money only if you capture special zone with box marker on it, or player can place money in their stash every time he have hi turn?
    Thank you

  28. The "Can't refuse card" it's my understanding that you could only put discarded money cards in your suitcase since the suitcase action says you can ONLY suitcase money. When you complete a job, you "put" the job card in your suitcase. There is some debate that you can take discarded job cards and suitcase them. Do you know one way or the other Rodney?

  29. Hi Rodney, we did our first game earlier and this scenario came up: Player A controls the Upper East Side Turf. Player B uses his thug to do the Pawnbroker action. So both Players A and B get the horse token and 1 dollar reward. I get it that the player who used the thug chooses which one does the action first – so technically IF the player wants to, he can choose that Player B goes first, THEN Player A goes next. So the first player horse token actually goes to Player A (even though Player B used the action space).

  30. The Dog Ate My Meeple

    Thanks for yet another amazing video. I honestly love the your channel! It's amazing work you're doing here. You've taught me so many games. Any tips for a beginner Board Game YouTube? 🙂 haha

  31. Can you Gun Down allies too? Like Union Boss' and Mayors? Is the Police Captain affected by cards like 'Car Bomb'? Can players still use Allies that have been Gunned Down?

  32. Hingle McCringleberry

    Can an illegal good be suit-cased if someone plays a card that forces everyone to discard a card, and the player chooses the illegal good?

  33. Mаксим Мелочников

    Hello Rodney. Thank you for the video. Help please, have a number of questions.
    1.In the video 10.30 min said, when placing the figures of thugs on an empty slot in a particular location, a player may not apply the effects listed in the lower part of the location. The question is whether in this case to apply these effects to the player who controls the area?
    2.Can I pull the same "trick" with Union bosses?
    3. THE EXECUTION OF ORDERS.After a reset the required set of illegal goods the player gets the money and can not apply the effect of the card?

  34. Mаксим Мелочников

    After discarding the required Illegal Goods cards, the player executes the ability written on the Job card and collects the Money listed at the bottom of the Job.He could not perform the ability written on the card task? Sorry for my English.

  35. Ok.
    But for example if i don't want discard 3 card for a 5 dollar and 3 dollar cards,can i don't take the effect if I am the owner of the tooken marker?

  36. Got the game for my birthday! Great game, and also AWESOME introduction video. At first had some problems/questions about the rules, but now everything is clear and is a SUPER board game to play with your friends. Keep the good job!

  37. Wow. Great through explanation and review. I should've clicked on this link long ago. Watched a confusing one before I played the demo. It was fun, but I had like tons of question that the manual didn't clarify, yet – all my questions have been answered by this excellent review. Thanks!

  38. Kenrick Carlson Keh

    I have a question. Since allies are neutral, do we get benefit from shaking down a turf that we dominate with the union boss?

  39. 19:59 So you take back the allies after the bribery phase in ACT I, so you technically have ACT I allies when advancing to ACT II? Or how am I supposed to understand?

  40. if nobody claims the front of the store action for the horses head and it is unclaimed, who gets it the next round?

  41. Not sure how I missed this game when it came out, but i'm hoping to correct that mistake shortly! As always, great job on the video 😉

  42. couple of questions 1) if you play union boss and you get the front shakedown 3x and if the other player controls that territory do they get that reward three times also 2) if someone shakes down the front of the store with 1$ and first player token and other player controls territory then who gets first player token 3) after completing a job from your hand, do you pick a new job from the face down job pile? thanks and happy thanksgiving

  43. I think Rodney makes the best rules explanations videos out there! Very clear, concise&thorough, great editing and, importantly, error-free! I will watch Rado's runthroughs or the Dice Tower or the Shut up and sit down reviews (and many others) to get some insights into strategies, hear critical comments or just laugh BUT Watch it Played its my first go to choice when I actually want to learn the game. After Rodney's explanations, the others are easier to follow and enjoy, because you already understand how to play the game! Thank you Rodney, keep them coming!!

  44. Still having a bit of confusion with the term "adjacent" regarding placement of family members with the round base into the round circles. When getting the shakedown of the back of the business in the "adjacent area" is it just the businesses that touch where you placed the family member or is it all the businesses in that entire territory? Thanks

  45. Love it, i just bought it. Good explication. Just one doubt when a thug Shake down a business the other player who have the control collect the same benefict or collect the back oí the business?

  46. Thanks for the video, it was very helpful. I have a few questions: 1) When you have control of a turf, and another player shakes down the front of a business in that turf, are you required to perform the action associated with the front of that business, or can you choose not to? For example, you might not want to exchange 2 or 3 of the cards in your hand for money. 2) If I shake down the front of a business in a turf that I control, do I collect that ability twice (once for the thing that I placed, and again for having control), or only once? 3) One of the Police Chief All cards allows you to move the Police Chief to a territory and kill all of the enemy figures in that turf. If the Police Chief is already on the board, am I required to move it to a different turf, and then kill enemies, or can I kill enemies in the turf that the Police Chief is already positioned in?

    Thanks for your help!

  47. I have a question about 4 player set up- it says you take 1,2,3 dollar bills and 3 job cards . but the hand limit is 5 on act one . I am guessing we discard one? but I did not see it in the rules

  48. If I complete a job that allows me to suitcase money, am I able to suitcase the money that I collect from completing that job on the same turn, or do I need to wait until my next turn?

  49. So if I bribe a mayor in act I, I can then use that act I card once per act from then on? Like I could in theory use the Act I mayor 4 times, the Act II mayor 3 times, and the Act III mayor 2 times combined in a single game as long as I was able to win the bribe for all 3 mayor cards?

  50. I don’t know why this showed up in my feed today, but I am a big fan of the movies, and I have been wondering about this game, so I am watching it!

  51. Well, I actually fell asleep yesterday. Not your fault. I twisted my back getting stuff ready for the move, and had taken a muscle relaxer, and it made me tired and I had to sleep. So I finished the video today. This is AMAZING!!!! I can tell that you are a big fan , you could barely contain your excitement. I put this on my wish list. I think my wife would like it too. She likes action step games like this, and it is not dependent on knowledge of the movies, so she would really enjoy it. Video gets five stars as usual, and the game gets two thumbs way up!! (By the way fortunately, my back is much better today).

  52. I got this for my birthday. I cannot wait to play it!! After I saw your tutorial I put it on my list. My daughter got it for me!

  53. At about the 22:01 mark, give or take a second, you state in the act IV tribute phase that IF you discard $$, that money can be put into your suitcase. I do NOT see this nuance in the rule book. As I read the rules, they maintain that ANY cards discarded during ANY of the tribute phases go back to their respective piles. I see no reference to the exception you spoke of in Act IV. Clarification?

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