The Last Of Us HBO Teaser Trailer 2021 Announcement Breakdown – Sony HBO Series

The Last Of Us HBO Teaser Trailer 2021 Announcement Breakdown – Sony HBO Series

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my video all for The Last of Us HBO series that they just announced
they dropped a teaser so I’ll explain what’s going on because they also
announced that there’s a new PlayStation TV studio that’s developing a bunch of
series with HBO if you’re new to my channel be sure to subscribe to get all
the videos of course I’ll be doing episode videos for this when it starts
so we’ll start with all the Last of Us stuff and then I’ll talk about the other
PlayStation TV series that HBO is developing we’ll just do this top 5
style starting with number 5 if you missed the news on social yesterday HBO
in Naughty Dog the developer of The Last of Us
so that they had a Last of Us TV series coming to HBO very soon
it sort of them doing their version of what Marvel is doing with the Disney
Plus series with the big Marvel phase 4 trailer that we just saw like the Wanda
vision trailer the Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer the loki trailer all the
other stuff that it’s working on they haven’t started filming yet but that’s
basically them saying that the release date is probably going to be sometime late
2021 they haven’t announced a cast yet so
you’re free to fan cast Ellie and Joel everyone’s been all over the map the
last day with their fan cast when they first released the game back in 2013 a
lot of people were like Maisie Williams would make a great Ellie but now I’m
thinking that Daphne Keane from the Logan movie x-23 would make a great
version of that character she’s already under contract with HBO for another
series so they already have her in house and remember when the Logan movie came
out they were like Wolverine and x-23 x-men The Last of Us just saying that
the plot of the Logan movie was very similar to the plot of The Last of Us
video game and as cool as it would be for Hugh Jackman to play Joel I don’t
think there’s any chance of Hugh Jackman doing a long-running HBO series like
this and if everything goes well I think it’ll play run for around five to seven
seasons with the standard ten episodes per season everyone post your picks for
Ellie and Joel in the comments below who do you want to play those characters the
person that show running the series is the person behind HBO’s Chernobyl
miniseries which I think was really solid so I think he’s a pretty good pick
he’s a huge fan of the video game he even posted his list of favorite video
games so he seems pretty legit the original Last of Us game came out
back in 2013 The Last of Us part 2 the sequel game is coming out in a couple of
months so that’s why they’re making this HBO announcement of the series right now
just because they’re capitalizing on people getting ready to get hyped up for
the new sequel game number 4 you’re all asking during the first episode when is
the story going to pick up in the timeline and what are the main
characters going to be during the first season based on HBO’s announcement it
sounds like the first couple of seasons will cover the events of the first game
with potential for them to cover the plot of the Last of Us sequel game in
later seasons just depending on how long the series runs for. If you’ve never
played the game before it’s an amazing game you should try it at some point but
the story plays basically like a six hour game if you watch all the cutscenes. We’re smuggling her? there’s a crew of fireflies that’ll meet you at the capital building. So imagine them breaking up all the cutscenes from the game into a
couple different seasons and they’re just expanding a lot of the story
between the major WTF moments of the games giving them more time for a
character development and bigger side characters more side quests and
obviously the main characters of the series are of course Joel and Ellie Joel
is a smuggler working between the quarantine zones who’s hired by the
fireflies militia to smuggle a fourteen-year-old girl named Ellie to
their facility in Salt Lake City where they think they can use her to develop a
cure for the fungus pathogen that’s mutating everyone into zombies
they never revealed the true origin of the fungus as if there’s some sort of
nefarious origin to it the same way that The Walking Dead has never revealed the
origin of the zombie virus there are some basic surface level connections you
could make between the story of The Walking Dead and some of the stuff
that’s going on during the Last of Us because they’re both post apocalyptic
zombie based stories but they’re both very different if you’ve ever played the
game you totally understand why but obviously if you’ve never played the
game number three who are the villains well the main villain is really the
zombie fungus itself infecting everyone even though there are human groups of
villains that Joel and Ellie run into along the way people are just as
terrible if you’ve ever watched any Walking Dead episode you kind of get
that post-apocalyptic environment but no joke this is actually pretty scary
there’s a real-world inspiration a basis for the zombie fungus of the Last of Us
game so there’s a fungus that affects insects by growing inside them slowly
replacing the insects organic tissue with its own fungus while that slowly
happens it effectively turns the insects into zombies going around infecting
other insects in his hive it’s just within the world of the Last of Us game
the insects fungus mutates and starts to affect people then over the course of 20
years during the present day of the story most of the world has been
affected so the outbreak isn’t quite as sudden and doesn’t move quite as fast as
the timeline of the Walking Dead the series refers to its zambese as
quote-unquote the infected mostly for copyright issues I believe the term is
zombie is copyrighted that’s also why the Walking Dead has quote-unquote
walkers instead of calling them zombies just for copyright issues within the
world of the story the infected usually infect other people by biting them deep
scratches that break the skin the usual fare of this genre the thing that really
sets the story off though is that the fireflies militia in Joel find out that
Ellie was infected several weeks ago and for some reason for whatever reason she
hasn’t shown any of the usual symptoms of the infected so they think that she’s
got some weird genetic immunity to it if they want to use her to try and develop
a cure to the disease but later they find out it’s way more complicated than
that Ellie isn’t immune to the disease the
way they thought that she was immune initially I don’t want to spoil the
ending of the game for people that have never played it but there are a couple
big twists a lot of seemingly good people and allies wind up making some
really hard choices alliances are broken friends become enemies the typical
things that you expect from a post-apocalyptic story like this and if
it wasn’t clear as part of that HBO teaser this symbol that they tweeted out
yesterday this is the symbol of the fireflies militia number two though what
about the other PlayStation TV shows HBO said it’s developing they said that this
is the first of many series that is developing with PlayStation studios what
happened recently is that Sony created a special TV division to develop series
based on the games IP that it owns called PlayStation studios my great hope
is that God of War will be one of those new series it would be amazing in Sony
owns the game studio that makes the game meaning they own all that IP that
increases its chances exponentially it’s a big deal that they own all that
themselves they don’t have to pay special license fees like HBO had to pay
too george RR martin when they started doing
Game of Thrones the other big thing about God of War is that it feels
different enough from Game of Thrones that it doesn’t feel like the exact same
thing. We are not men. We are more than that. The responsibility is far greater. Doesn’t it feel like if they did it
right that would be the most epic thing ever next to Game of Thrones and that’s
exactly why I don’t think HBO’s ever going to do an Elder Scrolls series the
medieval setting just feels too similar to Game of Thrones and HBO’s already
committed to multiple Game of Thrones spin-offs right now first big one being
the Targaryen prequel called House of the Dragon it’s been a while
since they’ve given us an update on that but I will be doing Game of Thrones
prequel episode videos just like I did for the main series the next big one
that Sony is working on through PlayStation TV is a Final Fantasy TV
series that seems like they should have done that a long time ago just easy
slam-dunk with the success of Game of Thrones people love big fantasy as long
as you do it right of course Final Fantasy has all that the thing about
that though is that it’s not going to air on HBO Sony hasn’t said where it will go
but obviously Final Fantasy is also too similar to Game of Thrones to also be on
HBO so it’ll just be on some other network in number one the other major
easy slam dunk pick for a new PlayStation HBO TV series would be for
them to do a Nathan Drake Uncharted series after they finished the Tom
Holland Uncharted movie if you never saw it Nathan Fillion himself mr. TV made an
uncharted fan film it plays a lot like a pilot for an uncharted HBO TV series
here’s a clip from that. So what’s this, then? Our next stop. Well, I understand the
weather in the Philippines is particularly fine this time of year. For those of you that are wondering yes
that was Stephen Lang that just showed up in the Uncharted fan film and the
story behind that is that Naughty Dog made that themselves remember they’re
also owned by Sony who owns the Uncharted IP meaning it’s way cheaper
for them to develop a TV series based on Uncharted but because the Tom Holland
movies are happening right now I think it’s going to be a little while before we
see an uncharted TV series but of course they have one in development so everyone
just let me know in the comments how do you want HBO to handle the Last of Us
series and who do you want to play Ellie and Joel I’ll do more videos for the
series when we get some more announcements from them on the details
and prayed to Kratos that we get a God of War series because that would be
amazing Marvel just made a whole bunch of announcements about what’s going on
with the Hulk in new movies and TV shows during Marvel phase 4 click here to
learn about that and click here for my Game of Thrones prequel teaser trailer
video thank you so much for watching everyone stay awesome I’ll see you guys

100 thoughts on “The Last Of Us HBO Teaser Trailer 2021 Announcement Breakdown – Sony HBO Series”

  1. Emergency Awesome

    Here's my new The Last Of Us HBO Teaser video and Series Breakdown. And details on the other Playstation TV Shows HBO is working with them on. Post all your theories in the comments. Here's my new Marvel Phase 4 Hulk video too!

  2. Why not do new characters set in the Last of Us universe? They need to Open up that universe to other creators so they can tell other stories of Survival. I had an Idea where Japan went back to a feudal Samurai system that outlaws foreigners since it's an Island. No guns, all Melee and Bow type weapons. Main protege is one Julius (Ju-Bae) Baker a 40 year old Half Japanese, Half African American former Fighting Instinct X champion. See this shit writes itself.

  3. That's Really Awsome, And I do hope that we'll get God of war series as well 🙂 But, which actor do you want become Kratos, or who is good and has a big enough body to play such a popular character?

  4. Daniel Stanneveld

    Hugh Jackman would be perfect for Joel, i think you need a triple A actor for Joel. And an adorable new actress for Ellie!

  5. Joel should be either Joel Kinnaman or Nikolaj Coster Waldau. As for Ellie, get a time machine with all that HBO money and get Ellen Page circa 2005.

  6. God of War the TV show would be the most expensive ever. The last game's production value was insanely through the roof. I feel like a TV show would not even do it justice.

  7. My fan cast choices!
    Joel: Alex Pettyfer, Jensen Ackles, Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    Ellie: Jenna Ortega, Chloë Grace Moretz, Sabrina Carpenter

  8. So Chernobyl was a great show so I got faith in the guy if its a mini series, if this keeps going on its gonna become the walking dead and get boring as shit, they also shouldn't do ellie and Joel do someone elses perspective

  9. Jon bernthal should participate in this series!!! I really don't understand why they took him out of walking dead so early!! He's amazing just look at him acting in the punisher tv series!

  10. I think Karl Urban would make a great Joel, and maybe Dafne Keen for young Ellie, and Ellen Page for older Ellie

  11. Not a gamer and Never played this game, but I’m a sucker for well made apocalyptic or post apocalyptic media, so I’m in.

  12. The person who plays Ellie in the PlayStation looks and actually acts like Ellie for me Troy would be nice Joel but we need someone look more like joel and have a country accent

  13. The word “zombie” is NOT copyrighted lol. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. That’s like copyrighting the word “stove”. It’s just ludicrous.

  14. I always thought Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would be a good Joel. When he was all gruffy from being captured and hauled around by Brienne.

  15. what if they used troy baker and ashley johnson as actors? they could use make up and stuff to make them look more like joel and ellie, that way we can still get the relationship and voices from the game

  16. Um how about they use the same cast as the game . They are all visual actors along with voice actors. Just cast a young Ellie that has features of Ashely Johnson. Or cgi her to look younger. HBO is rich and LOU is a gold mine. No other actors can capture these characters like the ones from the game can. It’s called make up and money.

  17. I’d much rather have Troy and Ashley playing them (when Ellie is older) but as far as her being a kid? Who knows lol but I really feel Ashley & Troy are perfect and can adjust their appearances to look like them.

  18. Ben Affleck seems like hed a make a good joel. Ryan Reynolds would make an amazing nathan drake. Vin diesel might make a good kratos. His voice sounds similar a bit. Just paint his skin and give him a big beard

  19. I'm just worried that it'll be bad and ruin the Last of Us. Worried about the Sequel as well. Worried about Final Fantasy too, and by god nobody is hot enough to act as Joel! If they did a series with animation, sure, why not. And after what HBO did to the last season of Game of Thrones, I find it hard to trust them. T-T dayum. All this good news and I can't be happy about it.

  20. I think what HBO and Naughty Dog are going to do is cover all of the tome inbetween the first last of us and the sequel that is coming out soon to give more backstory and character development for Ellie and Joel. They may also do a Witcher thing and have the episodes be flashbacks and real time to increase understanding of the charecters.

  21. Jon Bernthal is my top choice for Joel. My 2nd choice would be Joel Edgerton (fitting he shares the same first name). For Ellie, the first name off the top of my head is Sophia Lillis from the It movies.

  22. Laurent de backer

    For an adult Ellie i really would like to see the voice actress for Ellie just playing Ellie. She is a good actress after all. I've seen Blind Spot and she plays a great character!

  23. Laurent de backer

    I personally think Nathan Fillion did a great job with his take on Nathan Drake! He has a good sense of humor too!

  24. John Krasinski as Joel – And an unknown actor as Ellie, since i don't believe that there are any working actors today that resembles her that much.

  25. OMG, this is the best new in years, since release GoT, but I don't agree with you, I think the FF Tv series is much better that a god of war series. It's my favorite game of all time.

  26. i just hope they don't use Ellie and make her some sort of icon for gays and shit and her character becomes just that gay girl on the show, Also i'm just hyped for the possibility for a 4 seasons Bloodborne show.

  27. Also, The Girl with all the gifts movie/book is a perfectly good example of how the show would look like and tone check it out.

  28. Seems only fair to offer Ellen Page "a" role, after using her likeness on the video game. How about a camio as Ellie's mother..

  29. . The best part of the game is it isn't focused on a guy trying to keep a group safe but only two main characters who have a constantly changing involvement with other people . If they two actors have a good interaction between each other and have great on screen chemistry this show could really work . It could go both ways however . The Girl with All the Gifts or Day of the Dead . Im hoping for the later .

  30. Idk how to feel about this. I just don't want the show to undermine the games. Like I don't want people to not try the games out or watch them because they don't believe it'll be as good as the show. So I kinda want something different without Ellie and Joel but true to the vibe/story telling of the games.
    Also let them take their time with it. They don't even have a cast yet and you're putting a 2021 date in people's heads. Come on man 2023 at ealiest. Allows them a year to develop a good script, couple months of filming, and a year to work on effects/edit. Also a younger Joel(initial years of infection) played by Troy Baker would be cool. Allow the person who defined the character a shot at least.

  31. I think they should get Harvey Weinstein to play Joel and I donno … Let him cast Ellie himself I guess, I mean he has hella experience with casting already, so ummmm yeah.

  32. We are all about to be in The Last of Us, after the coronavirus mutates and ends civilization as we know it.

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