The Politician | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Politician | Official Trailer | Netflix

I’m running
for student body president. That is why I’m proud to introduce
my running mate today. Infinity Jackson. She already has
an 80 percent approval rating. And a fan account
on Instagram. So evidently there’s a 
videotape with some footage of you using an 
offensive gay slur. Do you have any idea
what I might be referring to? Do you have any idea 
what time it is? Shut up, ma’am I’m not going
to take your bullshit tonight. -What’d you say on the tape?
-She said “Butt-munch.” She called an obviously gay
reporter “butt-munch.” Damn it! This is all over now. You see, gentleman, 
I’m gonna be President of the United States. I’m merely stating a fact.
I’ll be president someday. I’m warning you.
Do not screw with my dream. Your ambition frightens me. This school deserves
better than you. If you want to beat them,
you need to embrace  your inner coldness
unapologetically. Go to hell, Payton. We hate Payton way 
more than you do. -Think I should kill him?
-What? Yes. Yes, I do. I don’t know yet
if I’m a good person. You don’t have to be
a good person, as long as you do good things. Tell me the stuff that’d
make a difference to you. What do you care about? I can’t believe it. That I’m a stone-cold bitch
with ice water in my veins? This young lady
would like to vote. She can’t
without a student ID. Otherwise, they’d bus in
kids from other schools to vote illegally. That’s insane. Payton is possibly
a homosexual. Astrid is a raging bigot. I don’t understand why calling that gay man
a “butt-munch” was such a scandal. That’s what gays do. Munch butts
and celebrate Halloween. We should 
have him assassinated. Too dark? I will win at all costs. I have a crime to report. Did you do it, Payton? It’s so hard to have to try
so hard all the time. You’re gonna change 
the world, Payton. How do you know?

100 thoughts on “The Politician | Official Trailer | Netflix”

  1. Hair-rington Forever

    Kinda sucks that there are 1k dislikes for the trailer, but I mean I loved the show! I’m dying to see a next season (I just hope enough people like it so it isn’t cancelled)

  2. Jessica Lange brings something to nowadays movies that died, sadly, a long time ago. Why're Netflix movies so tacky looking😕

  3. The critics are giving this series mixed reviews. I say, watch it for yourself before you judge it. I was honestly surprised and ended up LOVING it. Watched all 8 episodes of the first season in one sitting. It's an interesting form of comedy, mainly satire and parody/spoof but also with hints of surrealism. It might have just been the violins playing in the background, but it made me think of the film The Favourite…if it had happened in Santa, Barbara in 2019 rather than London in the early 1700s. It isn't perfect, but it is damn enjoyable.

  4. Alex Jake Calingasan

    This is literally the perfect example of dont judge the movie/show by its trailer. The show is nothing like what was shown here, its actually better than i thought it would be. Its the perfect mix of high school drama, politics, and teenage pressure. Excited for season 2

  5. I used to like Ben Platt. Now I LOVE Ben Platt. Also I can put in my request to have a Bette Midler -Ben Platt duet in Season 2??!!!

  6. This is so damn good!!! Season 2 pleaseeeee.. those who have seen wouldnt complain about how old they look. The high school is just a back story for something greater!

  7. Am I the only one who thinks every single one of the characters on this show are so damn annoying, unlikeable, and un-relatable?

  8. Essa série é um HINO mas vocês precisam lançar logo as segundas temporadas de Sex Education e Tidelands,obrigado de nada 😂😍

  9. Netflix just give all you narcissists excactly what you want
    Any show that makes fun of Westworld is supporting robots on both sides

  10. The Trailer makes the show seem so much more shallow and superficial than it actually is. It actually has a deeper and more complex meaning and isn’t as “fake” as it seems in the video :/

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