The Problem With Being A Woman In Gaming

The Problem With Being A Woman In Gaming

[male voice from video]
It’s really not about cleaning, because we’re gonna rip this
place apart in two days anyway. It’s about team building.
By having some common objectives I can start to pull the team together. [cell phone rings] [clears throat] Chad Pussy.
What do you want? [Chad] Ant Girl! I saw that Primm
tournament meltdown on Auto Attack. How’d you like to play for a team
that has their [bleep] together? – [bleep] you Pussy.
– Ah, now hear me out. – I’ve got an offer we need to discuss.
– [bleep] you Pussy. [Chad] It’s worth your time.
I promise. What matters is
that we discuss, in person. [glass shattering] – [Chad] Chad Pussy!
– [cell phone hangs up] [male voice on video]
That’s your future broken! [ theme ♪ ] [bleep] Waluigi!
Eat my ass, you unscrupulous knave! – [Alt Trash] Any chance I can play next?
– It’s only a three-player game. – It’s a four-player game.
– We don’t have enough controllers. [gameplay sound] We do, you just unplugged mine. [Becca] Hey guys, um,
I’m gonna be gone all day. I’m doing a panel at
Gamerchella in Long Beach. Awesome. It’s so important
that women’s voices in gaming– – [bleep, bleep] – OK, well, um… I’ll see you guys, sometime. [door closes] – Woooo!
– [foreign language] Hey, was she acting a little weird? You think she’s still mad
about that casino tournament I wasn’t allowed to attend even
though I said I’d pay my own way? Wait a minute, it’s February 14th,
Valentine’s Day. You think it’s some
kind of girl problem? [DaveFu] [bleep]
I should probably check up on Greg. [ soft ♪ ] [door opens] Oh. [chuckles]
It’s… First Valentine’s Day alone since
we split up, so just taking a look at some pictures. I think it’s time to move on.
You need a new woman to finger. But I don’t even know how to date. I mean, what’s the new
hip singles bar these days, Chili’s? Alright, I mean not Chili’s.
I was going to say like Bennigan’s? – No man, just do it online.
– Online? – The world has passed me by.
– Let me take a look at something. Wait, wait. ♪ [DaveFu] And there we go. I linked your Facebook
profile to this dating site. Ooh, I don’t like my
stuff linked to things. God, you’re old.
Let’s just fill out your profile. – What kind of music do you like?
– Big band. – Ragtime.
– Uh, Blues Traveler all the way. Okay, great. Favorite celebrity.
Mark Twain? – John Popper from Blues Traveler.
– Sure, yeah. Okay, favorite movie.
Talkies? You like talkies. What about that silent film where
the train is coming at the screen? Fargo. No, uh, Blues Traveler’s
concert film, Thinnest of Air. Aaand… – you’re all set to catfish.
– Sweet. Okay, but I actually want to meet
someone and build something together. Right. I forgot the point of this. [music stops] [Becca sighs] [Chad] Huh. Ant Girl. Welcome to Casa de Pussy. [scoffs] That’s a [bleep] disgusting
way to describe your house. Uh, does seeing it written
in cursive change your mind? [Becca] You’re not just trying
to sleep with me are you? No way. I mean, don’t get me wrong,
you are attractive, but I’m volcel: Voluntarily celibate.
No sex. No masturbation. I bottle up all that built
up testosterone, and it
comes out of my gaming. And occasionally in a
real lagoon of a wet dream. – [Becca] Gross.
– Slide on in. [Becca] Ugh. Now, don’t mind them. They’re just shooting a
documentary for Auto Attack. You’re an impressive player,
your team, not so much. But I think you might be
Toxic Shock material. – You already have a full roster.
– Doctor Octopus pokes too much, and Piss Baby has bad map awareness.
I’m cutting one of them, and I want you in their place. ♪ Whoa. What a training room. Hey idiots! You all know Ant Girl. She’s here to replace
the weakest of you. – [together] Yes sir.
– Shut the [bleep] up! – [together] Ha-ha. Good one sir. This way. You’re the best player in the league,
that’s not named Chad Pussy. Join me and we’re
guaranteed a championship. I mean besides… you’re never gonna win
anything with that old [bleep] BlueBalls. Look, I’ll admit when we first met Greg, I
was like who is this old piece of [bleep]. I mean, he doesn’t know
what the [bleep] he’s doing, he dresses like Dilbert, and his handle is based off a
band that even my dad thinks is lame. He plays TOTS like
my dead racist grandma. But do you know what?
He really started to figure it out, and he has become the key to this team. You’re trying to rationalize
your B-Squad, I get it… But you can level up right now. – Sign on the line.
– For real? Oh, I’m so for real. I’m five real. But of course, you won’t be captain.
Small sacrifice for glory. [snoring] – [cell phone ding] – Greg! You got a match on your dating profile. What? Justine. She’s 47 and
she’s recently divorced, just like you. Oh. Wow. I mean she’s a little older,
but still pretty cute. [chuckles] Let’s send her a dick pic. Buy some mini bananas at the
grocery store, then put it
next to your dick for scale. – We’ll say it’s a regular banana.
– I think I’ll just say, – “Hi. I like your profile pic.”
– [keyboard tapping] [DaveFu whispers] Boring. [chime from laptop] – Hmph.
– [chime from laptop] Ooh. – W-Wait, she wants wants to go out
tonight? – I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day, and she doesn’t want to be alone.
Suggest Ruth’s Chris to her, the one in Beverly Hills.
I bet she likes steak. OK. – Here it goes… – [chime from laptop]
– Oh my God. We’re doing it! – We’re doing it!
– Yeah! Yeah! Thanks man! – [lips smack] – Why did we just kiss? I don’t know. ♪ [moderator] I am thrilled to introduce our
Women in Gaming panelists, Greg Franks,
lead programmer at Wombat games. Roger Kowalick,
level designer for Lara Croft: Relic Run. And Tommy Chung, a marketing director
at the Red Bull eSports Global Series. Oh, and uh, we’ve got
Becca Schaefer, AKA Ant Girl, a top Tales of Titans player.
She’s here too. Alright guys, let’s get
excited for women in gaming. – [light applause] – [moderator] Woo! Boy, lotta dongs up
here for a women’s panel. [silence, light coughing] Tough note to begin on there. [Roger] Women comprise of
50 percent of the gaming audience, and we can’t eliminate
them from this discussion. – [Becca] Can I just say that–
– We all know and love women, and we need to be listening
to them about video games. – C-Can I just add–
– And it’s up to all of us to ensure that female gamer’s voices
are not being suppressed. [moderator] Wow, excellent point Roger. We’ll now take some
questions from the audience. Just step up to the
mic right here. OK. – Yes, you sir.
– Becca, I read online that you’re a Star Wars fan. Name one character
not from The Force Awakens. Whoa. OK. Um… I don’t know,
[bleep] Nute Gunray? Wow, that is a deep cut.
I apologize for doubting you. I was wondering if you’d ever lost
a match, because you were perioding. – Perioding?
– You know, from your pagina. OK. Hey Ant Girl. Uh, big fan. Um… I just want to say that
I’m a male feminist, and I am
embarrassed on behalf of all men for the treatment that you’ve
been forced to endure at this panel. – Uh, thank you–
– My question is would you ever be open to competing barefoot or
at least with an open toed shoe? I really want to see your toes. [screaming] [female voice in distance]
Ant Girl! Ant Girl! We watched your tournaments,
and your Twitch streams. – You rock!
– Uh, thanks. – Can we get a selfie?
– Um… yeah of course, of course. – [camera shutter] – [Becca] Cool. People say that girls
can’t play games, but we do. And you have your own team.
That’s awesome. We know that you’re gonna whoop
Chad Pussy in the Sprint tourney. I really, really appreciate
you girls saying that. So um… what would you
think if I teamed up with him? Are you [bleep] kidding me? [bleep]
Chad Pussy! [bleep] him in the pussy! Okay, where are your moms? [chuckles] [ romantic ♪ ] Thank you. [Justine] And so, I ended up
going to nursing school. – Mm.
– So how about you? – Your profile said you work in HR.
– Well, I-I did that for a while, but uh, recently I got into eSports.
I’m sure you don’t know what that is. Of course. Competitive video gaming.
My son does it. – Oh, really. What’s your son’s name?
– Dave. That is crazy. There’s a
guy on my team named… Dave. One second. [clears throat] – Oh, hey.
– You set me up with your mom? She’s been real
lonely since my dad left. – How freaking old do you think I am?
– Closer at least to her than me bro. So, what? You’re just gonna try
to trick me into being your stepdad? Ugh. I don’t want you to marry her, just maybe finger her.
She needs this. – [Greg] I…
– ♪ [door knocking] Hell yeah! Rocktopus?
You’re fired! – Sorry sir.
– Yeah, get the [bleep] outta here. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Hey-what? For real? Five real. ♪ Hey, Cocktopus!
Get your [bleep] back in here man. Yes sir. I don’t need you Ant Girl! Chad Pussy! ♪ [multiple voices]
Surprise! Guys, my name’s misspelled. – [bleep] – We just
wanted you to know that you’re the most important
member on this team. – Aaand, all of our Valentine’s.
– Yeah. Aww, you guys. That’s super weird. But also, it’s kind of sweet. Where’s Greg?
Oh, he’s fingering my mom. Oh. Those cookies? Mmm. That was so wonderful. I feel like we could
build something together. Don’t be clingy dude. [ theme ♪ ]

51 thoughts on “The Problem With Being A Woman In Gaming”

  1. There are plenty of women who are proving that they are good at gaming, and/or entertaining while doing it. I'm not sure what this garbage video is trying to prove, because it definitely isn't funny.

  2. Can we get to 500 subscribers with no videos

    Awwwwwww more dislikes then likes 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  3. This is so so bad borderline unwatchable because of the forced message that's no wear near subtle and the story acting and bad jokes take a back seat to the obvious message that men and women should be equal despite that shes immediately rude to everyone and dosen't deserve to be treated as good as the people who start off polite

  4. I thought this was a skit on girl gamers. I stopped watching at the guy and valentines…… bc what in the world did that have to do with anything?

  5. I love Jason Ritter so I tried to find this funny, but it just isn’t. The Lord of the rings thing that was put out yesterday wasn’t funny either. You guys used to be so funny. What happened???

  6. I'm sooooo happy that @Funny or Die provided this excellent venue for Men(s) to vent their pent up sexual frustration! Often more than not Women look soo pretty, they are soo pretty… people are unable to understand the emotion, the humanity, of women(s)!

  7. Don't know why everyone is giving this show so much shit. Aside from a few things about gamers they're getting wrong this is pretty spot on. But the women's panel filled with mostly dudes is hilarious and mildly true to life. It's certainly not as bad as it is here because they're doing the comedy show thing of up-playing it but the notion of dudes being offended for women who themselves aren't even as offended or have a different point to make than the one being made for them does happen from time to time

  8. clears throat the reason more men play e sports than women is that men are just better. Like recently an all girls LoL team played a competitive match and lost 52 to 2. Even though it’s not physical like sports, men tend to be better at it. It’s not sexist.

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