The Real Reason We Don’t Hear About Emilio Estevez Anymore

The Real Reason We Don’t Hear About Emilio Estevez Anymore

Emilio Estevez was once listed among Hollywood’s
most popular actors. Born into a screen-savvy family that included
Martin and Charlie Sheen and raised among other rising stars, Estevez was part of the
“Brat Pack,” a young crowd of A-list actors that graced the screen in a string of hit
films during the ’80s and early ’90s. In recent years, however, Estevez has seemingly
slipped off the pop culture radar. Here’s how it happened. The Outsider Estevez starred in some of the most beloved
flicks of the mid-’80s, and even though the popularity of those pics has lasted for generations,
he’s been resistant to rejoining his former castmates for the celebratory cast reunions
that have taken place over the years. According to fellow Breakfast Club alum Molly
Ringwald, he’s the only one who doesn’t keep in touch with the others, even when there
aren’t any cameras around. She told Australia’s The Morning Show: “The only person I don’t really see is Emilio
Estevez. He really won’t have anything to do with anything
having to do with this movie… He’s just like, ‘That’s the past, and that’s
not really what I want to do.'” As for why he refuses to get nostalgic with
the rest of the pack, it’s hard to say. He’s certainly shown some social media support
for another fan favorite, The Mighty Ducks, by live-tweeting a crucial match-up involving
the Anaheim Ducks with some familiar “quack, quack” terminology. “We’re the Ducks!” “The Mighty Ducks!” Man at Work Like a lot of Hollywood stars, Estevez has
invested in side businesses to keep himself busy when he’s not working on films. In his case, he quietly owned a vineyard in
Malibu making Pinot Noir and other vintages for several years with his former fiancée,
Sonja Magdevski. As he told The Hollywood Reporter, he and
Magdevski initially bonded over making wine together. He explained: “On our first date, I dug the holes and she
planted the vines. There was never any grandiose plan to start
a winery.” Things escalated from there, and they established
Casa Dumetz Wines in 2004, complete with a Los Alamos tasting room and appearances at
high-profile food and wine festivals. The couple ran the business for over a decade
before their split, and he eventually sold the vineyard in 2016. The Wars at Home There’s no doubt that Charlie Sheen has emerged
as the more well-known of the Sheen/Estevez children, but these days he’s more infamous
than famous. Sheen has very publicly struggled with issues
of addiction, relationship woes, and financial crises, and Estevez has said that he believes
his duty is to provide a healthy lifestyle example for his problem-plagued sibling. He told The Sunday Times in 2011: “All I can do for Charlie, and I can’t live
his life for him, is to try to be an example. But really, I was a pretty poor one. As a kid, I was smart enough to be surreptitious
about all my misbehavior, or at least stealthy. But it means that my opinions carry little
weight with Charlie.” That’s not the only crisis Emilio’s been dealing
with on the homefront. In an open letter to fans of his film The
Way in 2015, Estevez revealed that he and his family had banded together to support
his father Martin Sheen through the quadruple bypass surgery to repair his heart. That was only a month after Charlie Sheen
revealed that he had been diagnosed with HIV, and according to Martin Sheen, the family
came together to support the actor’s decision to reveal his struggle with the disease. The Mighty Duck Although both Charlie and Martin Sheen got
their second career winds on the small screen — starring in The West Wing and Two and
a Half Men, respectively — Estevez has shied away from television, even at a time when
it’s arguably at a golden era for actors of his ilk. Estevez did come in for single-episode guest
stints on each of those series, but most of his TV-related work has been behind the lens,
directing several episodes of shows like CSI: NY and Numbers. The New Way Estevez has also written and directed several
of his own feature films, including the 1990 action-comedy caper pic Men at Work, which
featured himself alongside his brother. His crowning achievement came in 2006 with
his Golden Globe-nominated historical biopic Bobby, about the assassination of Senator
Robert F. Kennedy — an event which Estevez considered to be of grave importance to American
history. His most recent effort, the aforementioned
The Way from 2010, featured Estevez alongside his father, who starred as a grieving parent
on a spiritual adventure in France while retrieving his son’s ashes. He’s also been working to make Cincinnati,
Ohio a new hotspot for Hollywood movies. In 2016, Estevez made a rare appearance at
the Sundance Film Festival to speak to members of the Cincinnati Film Commission about his
hopes to bolster the city’s film industry opportunities as a nod to his father’s upbringing
in nearby Dayton, Ohio. Estevez himself has put his money where his
mouth is on this issue, as he shot his as-yet-unreleased pic Johnny Longshot in the city. Stakeout Estevez has found his name and face on the
cover of many a tabloid over the years, particularly when it came to the dissolutions of his relationships
with ex-fiancée Demi Moore and his former wife, pop starlet Paula Abdul. Considering the crowd he kept company with
— and the wild antics of his brother, no doubt — Estevez said he faced allegations
in the court of public opinion that he was a “partier and a womanizer,” but that it just
wasn’t true. After suffering the spotlight, Estevez has
lost interest in maintaining his celebrity — or even knowing who the paparazzi are
following now. Even so, he’s admitted to looking himself
up online and regretting it almost instantly. As he told The Guardian: “When journalists think that actors don’t
read what is written about them, they are mistaken. I would put my name in a Google site and see
what came up and often it was very hurtful. Hollywood is guilty of turning out s***. I’ve turned it out myself, but what the journalists
don’t do is to take a moment to think that maybe this actor has got a family and he has
got to feed them.” No wonder he’s been so shy lately … Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  2. I always thought Emilio was a sweet down to earth guy. Paula Abdul said “He was the best really!” And always showered her with gifts. Seems like a really decent human being who is just trying to do what’s right for himself. I still love him in The Breakfast Club!!

  3. So there we were waiting to use the pay phone, when the man inside turns around and tips his hat…like this.

    And who do you think guy was?

    Emilio Estives, the Mighty Ducks man. I swear to God. I was like, Emilliooooooo!

  4. Emilio Estevez is a legend…RepoMan, Breakfast Club, St Elmos Fire, Wisdom, Maximum Overdrive, Stakeout, Young Guns, Men At Work, Mighty Ducks, Loaded Weapon 1….I miss this guy

  5. living in the past leaves no time to live in the present. perhaps it's a good thing we haven't heard anything.

    the way the video started made me think, "perhaps part of the reason we don't see him is because acting IS in his past and it makes no sense to reminisce or dally (or regret) unless there's something to glean from it. there's better things to do."

  6. Hey, the quick and simple answer is that he never had any talent to begin with and that fact eventually caught up with him and he was dropped as a viable actor.

  7. He can't get any rolls because he won't stop shaving his eyebrows. It's one of the side effects of the pesticides used in marijuana growing. All you guys who look like this need to know that you're not cool looking and everybody knows that you are smoking weed, Dumb_ss ! EVERYBODY.

  8. He is actually the older brother. Because he's shorter most people think he's the younger one. He's always been the sane & grounded member of the famous clan. Quietly plying his many talents. That's EXACTLY why he's not all screwed up. He doesn't need "The white hot spotlight!" More power to him. Would like to see him in anything he felt worthy of his talents though. He's a very natural & believable actor & real person. I think? I personally don't ACTUALLY know the man. Wish I did though. He's a stand-up guy. That's for sure!

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  10. Rembrandt van Rijn

    Same reason many people switch jobs, they want to do something else. Some actors get tired of the limelight and just want to do their job and be left alone.

  11. Hardly Anyone Mentioned "The Outsiders" That Was The Shit!! When they were ALLL Young & Blew Up…Now this is One To Grow on…Martin & Charlie Had Longevity Also SKY Rocketed Elected to CHANGE Their Names to Charlie from Carlos & Sheen from Esteves Along w/ Pops….Emelio Chose to Represent his Nationality/ Ethnicity & Did Not have Longevity like Brother and Father.. I'm jus Sayin, Something to Think about, We're Talkin bout Hollywood…Peace

  12. He doesn't want to look in the past because he wants to move forward and look to things he can do in the future. Holding on to something you have done in the past could hold you back. Also he decided he wanted to make films for himself that are meaningful. You could have done better research. It's not a secret.

  13. The bit at the end about what's been written about him and how it affects careers is another example of the God Ego of Hollywood and the Media. They don't care who they hurt as long as they can manipulate.

  14. We was just hacking on you billy, we heard you killed a man, why? “He was hacking on me!”😂😂
    Best William h Bonney 👌🏻👌🏻

  15. He’s a normal guy, didn’t let fame go to his head. & one of the best actors of my childhood at least.
    “Make ya famous” 😉

  16. Hmm, that's interesting, I wondered what happened to Emilio and what he was doing. I'd like him to come back with some more acting though, if he gets something he wants to do. I respect that he's stepped back, but it would be good to see him again in a good role.

  17. I have no respect for this guy. His daddy got him all his acting jobs. He has no real acting talent. He was never a good actor. He is just a wimpy Sheen sibling like his H.I.V. JUNKY brother Charlie.

  18. Hollywood went racial over the last 20 year's. His last name Estevez got in the way. Just saying what everybody was thinking.

  19. Not exactly the bets movies..His few roles early in his career were funny.Stakeout was good tho Dreyfus shined…

  20. Makes total sense about the tabloids and journalist… They all write pure bull shit and lies to sell their shit papers and magazines. I would not spend one red cent on those bull shit papers or magazines. They are the ones who create and support those paparazzi bastards that invade the privacy of our famed celebs. Those low life sons of a bitches caused the death of Princess Dianna. They all SUCK!!!
    Come on people… Stop buying them bull shit mags and papers, put them all out of business and kill off the paparazzi bastards!!!

  21. Estvez was and is a second rate actor. He never amounted to anything and faded off to wherever he may be. Good riddance to his brother , father and any other siblings that may pop up…

  22. The Wide Awake Club

    I would have thought that it was because he never signed his souls to the Hollywood devil. He doesn't seem the type of guy to steal children to sacrifice.

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