The Round – Valorant Gameplay Preview

The Round – Valorant Gameplay Preview

72 thoughts on “The Round – Valorant Gameplay Preview”

  1. I really like it…. I hope they listen to the community to make a really good competitive shooter. One thing I don't like from the footage is it seems they are lowering the skill-gap quite a lot. For example with that hero that can place smokes by pulling up a map, I really don’t like that.

    It should be all skill. Instead the hero could be able to throw smokes further or something.  I also think they are going too much overboard IMHO, with all kinds of crazy ability’s, I would like some few ability’s that in the right hand of a player, can make som god tear play. Its just too easy to save up for an ULT and call an airstrike etc.

    I really rooting for this game to be really good.

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  3. Alexander Görisch

    Hab gelesen damit will man CS:GO den Kampf ansagen. Na ja … meins ist es nicht, zu viele Sci-Fi Elemente. Damit gibt es bessere Shooter.

  4. "128-tick servers, at least 30 frames per second on most min-spec computers (even dating back a decade), 60 to 144 FPS on modern gaming rigs, a global spread of datacenters aimed at <35ms for players in major cities around the world, a netcode we’ve been obsessing over for years, and a commitment to anti-cheat from day one."

    For everyone saying the graphics suck, they want as many people playing as possible plus they are commited to peformance it seems, 128 ticks, netcode, anti cheat, plus have a look at cs and it's graphics

  5. Why are so many saying this will take all the players from Overwatch?! This game is nothing like Overwatch!
    This mode they play is the main mode of CS:GO! Overwatch does not even have that mode!

  6. I just do not like the fake acting of Excal because she is basically the only one who is using the abilities and overall stuff players which are skilled enough would never use because those things are pretty much useless af.

  7. wow this looks like complete shit… all that revenue from those bloody retarded skins and all they can do is copy other games? What a pathetic excuse of a game developing company…

  8. I am very interested to know how they plan to deal with cheaters, I've literally given up on CS:GO because the seemingly endless amount of cheaters and the fact you can reach the Global Elite rank cheating, so I have little faith in games like this now. Though Riot has dealt with Cheating in their MOBA for years, FPS games a far easier to inject aimbots and other soft cheats such as Textures and map exploits.. Even if they use something like Easy Anti-Cheat which would protect the game for a while, ultimately once a cheat by-pass has been created the only way to stop cheats is to issue cease and desists and very few company do that or keep it up for long. If this game has it's own economy such as Skins that are tradable, this will attract a lot of cheaters in to the game to farm skins with cheats or to cause grief and steal accounts.. I wish Anti-Cheats did more, but sadly as proven time and time again with other anti-cheats, if you give them an inch they'll take a mile and sell your private information.. :S

    You know they say the Fashion industry is setting unrealistic standards for beautiful bodies and appearance.. Well I think Cheaters who act legit on Twitch/Mixer are setting unrealistic standards for "skill" in games which in many cases causes people to also seek to cheat themselves. No one wants to watch someone die and lose over and over again..

  9. only reason i will say something good about this game is because they try to do something NEW. ( even tho i dont like graphics gunplay and sound lol)

    its terrible when companies make same battlefield game 5 times or call of duty or even CS and most things stays same, they just add some shitty reflections powered by RTX card.

    some small companies became more successful just because they tried new things. in the beggining pubg was small company they did something DIFFERENT and look at them now..

    triple AAA companies learn their lessons very very slow. btw Ghost recon breakpoint finally trying to do something different with their new update and im 100% sure why

  10. i honestly really hope they arent trying to copy csgo too much… i'm really excited for this game, but if the gunplay is like cs i'm probably not going to enjoy it. probably gonna get flak from cs players as if i'm some cod kid, which i kinda am, but my game is siege, feels far more immersive and doesnt feel like everyone is just a cardboard cutout. the characters are unique, and i hope they're given some personality through their voicelines to make it interesting. but right now it looks and feels (animation wise) a bit too much like csgo. already iffy on the buy mechanic, i may grow to like it like so many people seem to praise it for it's balance, but right now i'm not a fan. i get that they didnt want to go full overwatch, and that makes sense, i just wish the animations and aiming didnt feel so much like csgo.

  11. I think this game will have a lot of problems with patches and fixes for the launcher .

    It looks like one of thooose games which is free runs on every pc money trap shit launcher with hacks

  12. This Game needs things to set it apart from its competition. They wont really be able to hold an audience if its just an imitation of Cs:go and Hero shooters. The fact that they also are driving home that it is to be a competitive shooter like cs:go or League seems quite damning to me. Games that are successful in a competitive environment are fun before they have a competitive scene that forms from them. Games like Halo, Counter Strike, TF2, DoTA, Starcraft, and Fighting games, were fun before they were competitive.

  13. se se muy bonito todo esrte español personajes hablen miestras juegas en español con voces español para q sea mas inmersibo

  14. Dead content before it's even launched, Now I understand devs sometimes have to pull the cord and drop what they were trying to create. Sometimes you have to be the man to say No. Clearly this is made by a developer who thought he could fix everything by just pushing on with creating this game without being told no, this aint it.

    Cause this aint it for 2020 or later. 2006 would've been a better year, but that's probably when they started creating this game.

    On the positive note:
    It's raining again and I am inside.

  15. The fact that the movement is slow and people die too fast like in Counter Strike shows that the game won't bring anything new. There's strategy but the gameplay itself looks incredibly boring. Another game where camping is rewarded and being aggressive is punished.

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