The Shop: Uninterrupted | Patrick Mahomes on Taking His Game to the Next Level (S3 Ep1 Clip) | HBO

I started playing quarterback
junior year high school, that’s when I really started
playing quarterback, until now, which is, I think,
six years? -I just really–
-You’ve only been playing
quarterback six years? Well I started playing
my junior year high school. I was playing saf–
I was playing safety– -There’s still time for me.
-A little bit of quarterback,
yeah. So–
-MAN: That’s crazy. -I really– I didn’t under–
-That’s fuckin’ nuts. I didn’t understand
how to read defenses until, like, halfway through
last year. I understood coverages,
but how to be able to pick up little tendencies defenses do, stuff that Brady and them
have done. -They live it, they live it.
-They know it and they just
do it. -MAN: It’s second nature.
I was just playing. -(LAUGHS) There he is!
-MAHOMES: I wasn’t in– -CARTER: You were ahead
of the– of the brain.
-MAHOMES: Yeah. Then this year, I could actually recognize
more and more stuff. And I think the more experience
and the more I learn, then I’ll be able to go out
there and call plays and do that different stuff
because I’ve seen it. And I still think that
there’s a long way for me
to go there. And that’s where, mentally,
I think I can get better. Physically, I feel like I’ve– I’ve done a lot of stuff,
I always work
on the fundamentals and doing that stuff,
but I think mentally I can still take my game
to a whole ‘nother level.

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