THE SKY IS FALLING | The End is Nigh

THE SKY IS FALLING | The End is Nigh

Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier and welcome to The End is Nigh. Now the developer of this game is the very same developer that made Super Meat Boy. And in similar fashion, this is a platforming game that is supposed to be impeccably difficult. Incredibly so. Oh my god, that even looks like slimer! 😮 The developer, Edmund McMillen– I think that’s the name, I’m not a 100% sure uh- also made Slimer which is also one of my favorite Flash games of all time. Now I may need a gamepad for this, because as with all these platformers they’re gonna be BUNCH OF HARD IN ONE PACKAGE So I need to get me some skill at the Skill Store as I- Ooh I got so many WIRES! You guys don’t care about this, but I’m tangled in a web of lies! Alright, here we go! hehehlel Alright, ‘Ash dies alone..’ I don’t know what that means hello Hidee hidee ho Voice: Ok, we’re gonna load up on of my favorite games here uh, here we have, uh The End is Nigh it’s a classic old school platforming game and yah know it’s one of my favorites one of my favorite games Mark: Is he doing a lets play? Voice: You got your jumping You got your whole left and right and like always in these games avoid the spikes Mark: Heh Oh God, oh God Voice: Oh shit, oh no, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO OH FUCK OH FUCK! Oh God Voice: No this can’t be broke-it can’t be Mark: uh oh cartridge out *Blows* ok… Mark: Yeah, get a lot of spit when you’re blowing in that cartridge that’s definitely going to help it. voice: Oh no it’s still not working Oh FUCK FUCK WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK Mark: Hey who do you think you are, me? I am the only one who can scream fuck at that decible! Ah, whatever *mumbles* I got enough competition here (?) Voice: Dear, anybody reading this I’m probably dead Mark: *surprised* oh
that wouldn’t be surprising everybody else is *music* There was…some kind of apocalypse… and all that was left was me. Well, most of me. All in all, y’know, it hasn’t been so bad! Till yesterday. My…favorite game cartridge finally broke. Now I think I’m gonna go out and make a friend! I’ll have to go out there…outside.
Mark: uh oh. It’s a…dangerous, twisted place full of death, decay…well, death mostly.
Mark: Hmm. Y’know what? Imagine all the fun we’ll have! Me and my friend, y’know? Collecting tumors, spitting teeth for distance,
Mark: *disgusted* eugh. And k’now, if we do it right, repopulate the world. Won’t be easy, but I have nothing left to lose. Except my other eye…oh well! Fuck it! Mark: Alright! Let’s go out into the world! The End is Nigh! Let’s do this! We’re gonna find a friend! That’s the best thing to do! So, it’s a – it’s a platformer, but there’s also more to it than that. But I believe that the controls are probably gonna be somewhat similar to Oh boy. Oh boy. I know I – ah, I can’t wall jump yet, can I? Ooh, okay. I got ya—-OOOHHHH I DIDN’t mean to do that, I’m sorry. Hello? Oh! Hello! Hey! Okay. So, it’s a similar platformer – eeoooh! Hi, you wanna be my friend? Oh, it’s you… must be nice being alive and all that. When I died that tumor wiggled out. It’s been floating up there for years watching me. Please don’t take it, it’s all I have left. Ah. I di-*chuckles* I didn’t know that was YOUR tumor I – I didn’t mean to take it from you but I did. *sploosh* Ah, okay alright. Welp, sorry, I took it. You’re didn’t see it though cause you’re dead. When I wasn’t dead I used to hang on corners and stuff. Just like…hanging out. Get it? Please don’t die. I’ll try not to. Alright, well, apparently there are corners of with which I can hang upon. But why would I – WOOH! Oh, this is good. See, the best parts about these games is that the mechanics are actually really tight. So it’s punishing, but nooooot impossible. And why does i – AGHHHH I’ve been dead. Oh, that’s so cool! Yeah, Katherine actually suggested this game to me. uh, and uh she said that the re-respawn mechanics are REALLY REALLY GOOD and they are. Oh, they’re good. Ugh, I love this! It’s gonna be infuriating! But at least I’m not gonna be able to blame the controls on it because the controls on these games are always GOOD! Oh sorry. ieee. Okay? ye-AGH! Okay, well that ain’t good. Hue-paDOOPY! Hello? When I used to hang off a wall, I’d pull out from it and then I do a jump. And go like, super far! But when I didn’t pull outwards I’d mostly just go up higher. I call it the pull-out method. I made that one up years ago. I imagined it would get more of a laugh. Please leave me alone. Alright, fine, sorry that your jokes aren’t funny. III- MYARGH! Oh, that is pretty far~ Uh, no, that’s not what I-ah frick ah-OOOO aiHGH Imma get you! Hup! Up! Okay. Going FOOOORRR – nice, nailed that perfectly. Nailed ye-ye– Aww. I should probably have looked closer to what I was doing. Eigh. AHHH, shitty dicks. euuUP! There we go. FOOR! Up! Alright. We’re going pretty cool. eeuh, In a way, uh- I know I never finished this game but it reminds me a lot of rrrAINWORLD! And the reason I didn’t finish Rainworld was because I actually tried to make another episode of it but it-it uh, it wasn’t what I wanted out of i – aaaaWWWWWFRICK Out of like a series because the game was, like, really long GODAMMIT! Alright, gotta wait for it to go down. ooOOOOOKAY. Welp. Man that respawn is really smooth, but – good thing I’m gonna die so much. Alright. wwwAIITTTTT NOW! Okay. Nailed that one to the wall. Oh wait, I probably need those! Ah, I’ll probably be able to come back and – ooOOOH yes I will. no no no no- HUTZPAAAh! WeeoooAIIIOH my gawd. Herp. Okay. Hup! I’m watchin’ you! AYYYY gotcha. Nice. Alright where does this on—OH! Why am I upon the clouds? and why is that tumor so beeeig? Oop! HiYAP! HoopDEE! Harrup! Brrp! BAaahh frick. Anyway yeah, so Rainworld wasn’t what I wanted out of a long series, so that’s why I didn’t finish that one and just left it at the one episode, but anyway. We’ve got places to go, so enough of me talking about my failures. HOOOAH! Ooh! Nice! Okay. So there’s gotta be a way- ooOOH it’s gonna fall down then I’m gonna go up. I got it. Scuse me! Pardon me! Is there anything I can need from here? Nope. huOAIPadoo! Okay, how do I get to you? Hmmm. Alright, fine, I’ll come back for you later. I got other people that need my attention right meow. Oh no! OH NO! That’s not what I wanted. Let’s try that again! heeUPty. Okay. Up (x3) Nope! Hang on the corner there! AAAHNAH I missed it. Hang on, I can do this. Hup! Hyup! Hup! Hep! Hop! He-MYAIIII Nice (x2) I nailed that one. HoopDEE! Alright, got it got it got it. I’m getting all the tumors! I don’t even know what I’m supposed to even be doing with them but I got them! Ooh boy. Hey-ah, okay. OOH I saw you! Well how am I supposed to get you? I have no idea how I’m supposed to get you! I can’t even get up there! Well, that’s gonna be nothing to me I gotta keep moving. AAH! NOOOOO! Okay, death approaches. Eeugh. Guh. Alright, oop. Oy. Okay. Ah, shit! (x4) HOY! Okay, we’re fine. No! NAAAH yeah. Oh, what is that? There’s something up there! Hang on. Hup! There’s something up there! Nope. Oh, there’s gotta be a way. oooohhh YES! Okay. I don’t know what – ooh! Oh! I’m finding a lot of secret areas. Not that they’re necessarily hard to find in the beginning of the phase, but maybe there’s gonna be something – ooh, hi buddy. Maybe there’s gonna be something worth it if I find it all. Ah-AII I don’t like that! I can’t-I’m on the wrong side to get up you! Welp, it dun matter anyway, I wasn’t gonna get ya-frickadick, okay! Oop! There we go! Up! Op! Hup! NoOOOOoo not that. Just a little up. Hup! There we go, okay. Hoo. HEEYAI! NOOOOOOOOooooooo Aaah, tittydicks. Ahkay, oh boy. NoooooOOo-I made it. I thought I was dead for sure. Why does it gotta be like THAaaaat! Oh God! I am – AAAAHHHHHH! Okay, it’s fine, Everything’s good! Even though everything is crumbling to dust around – weelp. Nope. Yoooah. Oh, hahahaha I don’t like that. How am I supposed to do this? How do I- Hee Aaaoow shit. Okay, I- I may be stupid here but I don’t see… *breathes in* I ain’t seeing the way to go about that cause I can’t – oh. Tha- OOOHHHH!!! AAAH! I forgot that you can hang on a corner of even where a spike is! Okay – I WENT IN A BUTTHOLE! Alright, well, secret over I guess. Butthole through. Done and done. Get you! Ooofff. *incoherent mumbling* READY! Okay. Ah, that ain’t good that ain’t good that ain’t good! That ain’t good – okay. We’re good. Hiya – NO! Not forever! I thought you were forever. Alright, this game is getting me agi-duh, but I’m fine. Ah! Wha- Ah that’s not gonna work! Geh! Goo! Goo! Doooooh! Why are you doing that? AAH! I thouh- *laughing* I had time. I thought I had more time. WEP! That is dick. So what do I do with this? There’s gotta be like a… There’s gotta be some secret use about that, right? Hop! Nope! That ain’t it, that ain’t the use. Hmm. So what is this – woah. Alright, bye! What are you doing? Where am I going? Why am I tunneling? Oh, hi. Hello. Baby? Are you a baby? What are you? What are you even? I don’t even know what you is Welp, I just ate you, so okay. Why do I need to eat the tumor babies? That makes no sense. Ayep! Doop! Okay, but I can’t just… I can’t just go for that! Cause I’ll slam right into that thing… Ayeye! I can’t go any farther… Oh, maybe it’s like a – Oh, it’s a race against time. Ah, that’s what it is. Okay. So I don’t need – ah frick. Ehhh. Interesting. So ah-yeah, you can get through, Just fine with that, But then you’re sco-wooed. So is there any way to get by without doing it? Yes there is! I see it! I see the way! I see the solution! So what you gotta do is go over here, Do all this hunky-dunky bullshit, Get over here (x3) Ngyeh (x4) La la la la la. Give me the baby! Okay. And then you go up here… Jump up – ooh, not-not quite. Right there. Jump back, Jump (x2) And then go! Yeah! And then you got a tumor for sale! Which is…great! Ow, again, slam my body into the spikes there! Felt good- oh okay, that hurt as well! Hup! GOD DAMMIT! Why do I keep going full blast? Please stop shooting off full blast! Eeeup! Okay. Made it! Don’t have a key! Myerghhhh. Hup! I DON’T KNOW WHERE I’M GOING OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD There’s a secret probably that I MISSED! Aw, frick. How about we just – how about we wait? Cause there seems like there’s a perfectly reasonable way to go up here. Wee! Aw, missed it. Okay, but I can do that. If I hang on the edge… I’ll probably be able to get where I need to go. Heh! EugH! I’m gonna hang on – I’m gonna hang – MYAHHH! Aw, dammit. There’s a way. There’s a will, there’s a way, there’s a way, and a will. I got wills and I got ways. Nope! Nope! NO, DON’T GET CAUGHT ON THE DOUCHETRYY!!! Douche~! No, not on the douchetry! NO -AAAAHHHHHH Frick. Ahhhh. Up. And over! And, get on the lip, get o- AHHHHH! Gahd, I’m so close, but if I get – just get on the lip on the first try, then I wouldn’t be eatin’ dick! Hup! Get on the lip! AAAHHHHHHHYES! Made it. Nailed it. Where’s this? Oh! A cloud! I can get on the – Gahhhh CLOUD PLEASE NO DON’T BETRAY ME!! Ahhh, frick. Woop! Ayedoop! Ayah! Okay. Arrup! Okay. Made that! Ooh! Dat is… disturbing. How do I get up there? Ah! I gotta get up top. Interesante. But I dunno if this is gonna be enough lift… Yeah. I need just a bit more. I need to somehow be hanging off one of those edges before it even comes down, you know what I mean? Alright, there’s gotta be – eughokay. I think what I gotta do is to get this thing to fall down there…. Goes weirdly enough… God dammit God dammit GOD DAMMIT! Okay, Fuck you. Oh, we’re gonna get angry on this one, aren’t we. Up, too high, Okay. AHHH! I didn’t get enough horizontal! I would’ve had that if I had the horizontal launch! But it didn’t give it to me, why didn’t it give it to me? Come on! (x4) You sack of shit! Aaaahhhh feck. I’m gonna get you… I’m gonna GET YOU! YES! YEEESSSS, BABY, YEAHHHH! Oh, shit, how do I – Oh no. Hah! I gotcha! Hello! Wow, we sure are high, aren’t we? So high in fact I think I can make out your fate from here. You! You’re going to make a mistake. You’ll create something that’ll come back to haunt you. I can see a pile of bones, something about…cancer…. Wait, who are you? Why do I share your memories? I’m tripping out, man! Are you my ghost? See if I can land on – NOOOO, THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANTED! OH FRICK A DICK I WAS GONNA – AGHHH God dammit I was gonna lau-nooo I fucked it. I – no – I fucked it, haven’t I? I have thoroughly fucked it! God dammit! Alright, I gotta go. Go more… Ugh, come here, baby. Ooh! Ooh! Um, this seems precarious. Ah, no I forgot that was temporara. I’m too pretty – okay. I have no bones. Okay…yumpy! Gotcha. Just one! Oh, nope! Hit two! Alright, gotta wait long enough! Eugh! Up! Boink! AND NOOAIIII hehehehehe got it. Alright. Hup! Humpty! Oh, yes! Oh no, oh no, oh no! Oh no, oh no, oh no, ahh Oh no oh no! That’s not enough timeeeeee! I know what I gotta do Ahh I know what I gotta do, I know what I gotta do, I know-its got a sick maneuver OH! YESHAHHAHYES I am the best at-FFFUUUCKING UP! Frick.. Frick my dick..frick my dick..frick my asshole.. *Whispers more* I’m a really big doche I HATE DOING THAAAAT What I do is I hit it with my head before I’m ready to *gehh* NO How did I scoots croose you?! I had it perfectly and then I forped it up -_- NNUGHHHHH NOOOO I WANT THE EDGE I WANT THE EDGGEE AAUGGG I WANT THE *TEAM EDGE* Okay don’t frurk it up Don’t- NOOOOOO I FRUCKED IT Ahh, Frick Okay but I can do more, If I do- If I do more *edge work* I should be able- If I get really good at the *edge work* Eh eeUUGHHH K, I didn’t even need *ed work* I am that good No, no , no I don’t care what you do, who ya are I’m not gonna let ya- OHHHHH That was aaalmost a mistake but I made it Cause I’m cool (Tru :3) Cause I’m really really really cool How do I get you? I’ll come back for you HEYYY!! WHOA! We did good! :3 We made it!! Hey Bonzey! Bonzey: Oh hey… thems the remains of our ancestors down there, their guts all connect underground, Mark: Why?? Bonzey: At night I can hear them scream, whispering.. HELP US WE ARE BURNING IN HELL! …or something like that Its hard to hear them over my own screams, … Anyway its like some kinda tunnel system, so when you find a new one, just remove the scab, hop in and BOOM! you’re home.. Mark: Alright thank you creepy old pile of bones So anyway! This has been *The End is Nigh..* I really like this game, ^^ I always like platformers like this, I mean even though, you know, As far as like the story, its always hard to discern from a platformer standpoint, I am very curious about this world and what it means, that all these people are dead, and why their ancestors are connected in a underground network that you travel through, after ripping the scrabs off and also their burning in Hell ;-; so we’ll see how that goes So thank you everybody so much for watching, I am gonna play more of this but let me know if you like it, I wanna really know :3 So look down in the comments below for that And thanks again for watching, and as always! I will see YOU in the next video, Ba-bye! *Outro music plays*

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