The Spikes are Desperate for an Egg in this Trying Commander Game pt. 2 | Gameplay S5E7

The Spikes are Desperate for an Egg in this Trying Commander Game pt. 2 | Gameplay S5E7

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where you can support us directly. Now, kick back and enjoy the show. [intro music] Voiceover: Last time on the Spike Feeders Jan: Today I am playing Elsha of the Infinite Jim: I am Jim, I am playing Yarok Aluren Intruder
Alarm. Eliot: I am playing Kroxa, Kroxa? Kroxa. Bill: I am Bill, I am going to be playing
Atla Palani, Nest Tender. Jan: What’s up, Spikes? We’re back. Double
up. Two times. Second time. Jim: Part 2. Jan: Same as the first. Jim: Hopefully. Bill: No! Eliot: Second verse, same as the first. Jan: So I’m going to start us off again. Bill: Must be nice! Jan: Just like last time. I’m going to draw
this card for turn. That’s a good one. I’m going to play a Command Tower followed by
a Sol Ring. Then I’m going to pass the turn. Jim: Okay, I’m going to draw a card. Bill: Who said that was fair? Jan: I didn’t do anything else. Sol Ring pass. Eliot: Oh, just the best card in Magic: the
Gathering. Jim: I’m going to play this Mox Diamond. Eliot: Jan! Jim: I’m going to pitch this Urborg. Then
I’m going to tap the Mox Diamond for a green and I’ll cast Carpet of Flowers. Eliot: Oh my goodness. Jim: Pass the turn. Jan: Hm. Okay, yeah. Eliot: I’m going to draw. I’m going to play
a Verdant Catacombs. I’m going to pass the turn. Bill: Hi-yah! Ooh, that’s a nice card. I’m
going to play – Eliot I think you’re really going to appreciate this one. I’m going to
play Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers. Do you have any effects? I’m going to cast Wild
Growth targeting Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers. Jan: Well alright, I’m going to maybe catch
flak from this but I’m going to Mental Misstep the Wild Growth. Bill: That’s annoying. Eliot: 38. Not the carpet? Bill: I’ll pass the turn, then, jeez. Jan: Well I don’t have any islands, so… Jim: That’s maybe derived information because
he’s not going to play into my Carpet. Jan: Yeah. I’m going to cast this Plateau.
I’m going to follow it up with a Smothering Tithe. Bill: What! Jan: A card I love but have never gotten to
play. Eliot: A turn 2 Smothering Tithe. Jan: I’m going to pass the turn. Jim: Okay. I cannot pay. Jan: I’m going to get a fancy Treasure token. Jim: Okay, I’m going to cast this Llanowar
Elves and pass the turn. Eliot: I’m going to crack my catacombs in
James’ end step. I’m going to get this Badlands. Jim: I have you at 39? Eliot: Yes. And then I’m going to go to my
turn. RIght? Jan: Yeah. Are you going to pay the 2? Eliot: I am not, unfortunately. I am going
to play this Graven Cairns. I’m going to add a black and turn it into a black and a red
and I’m going to cast Krickety-Kroxa. He costs 2, what do you want from me? Any effects? Bill: I have no effects. Jan: No effects. Eliot: ETB trigger! Any effects? Bill: No! I would like to discard Kozilek,
Butcher of Truth. Trigger! Jan: Oh no! [all laugh] Bill: It still resolves. Jan: Sacred Foundry. Jim: I would prefer to discard nothing, is
that an option? Eliot: Jan’s going to take 3, go to 35. Jim: Well I’m not taking 3. I’m going to discard
Elves of Deep Shadow. Eliot: Elves down. Bill: I’m going to shuffle. Eliot: Please do. Alrighty. Bill has shuffled.
I’m just going to pass the turn. Jan: You should resolve your trigger first. Eliot: Yeah, I did! Jan: Command zone or graveyard? Eliot: Graveyard. Bill: He’s gotta go somewhere to escape from! Eliot: I’ll pass the turn. Well y’know maybe
you guys didn’t know what he did. Bill: I think he needs to escape from his
mundane life. Jim: That’s too real. Jan: Are you going to pay for this? Bill: No, I cannot! I’m going to play Sunbaked
Canyon! Jan: Are you going to crack it? Bill: No, pass. Jan: Untap, draw this card. Eliot: So he has 7 mana? Jan: Cast this Mox Opal that the treasures
have turned online. Jim: Sure. Bill: Ugh! Jim: You got it man. Jan: Well I guess I’m going to go [counting]
cast Elsha. Eliot: Yup. Jim: Yep. Eliot: No effects. Jim: I’ve got nothing. Jan: Neat. Eliot: It’s not reveal?! It’s look at?! Bill: It’s look at, yeah. Eliot: It’s better than Future Sight? Bill: Yeah, didn’t you see that video that
The Spike Feeders put out about Elsha Top? Jim: This video right here? Eliot: I hate these guys. Jan: I’m going to pass the turn. Bill: At the end of your turn, just because
I want to, I’m going to cast Eladamri’s Call. Pay the 1 off this Sunbaked Canyon. Jan: You got it. Bill: Eladamri’s going to dial up a friend,
his good friend Mirror Entity, which is also himself? I think? Is that how that works?
Anyway, I’m passing the – uh – Jan’s turn. Jim: Very good. I’m going to draw a card. Jan: Are you going to pay 2? Jim: No. Jan: Sweet. Jim: Play an island, Jan! Bill: He missed his last land drop. Jim: He did. Jan: You bet I did, I discarded it. It’s right
there. Eliot: Mox Opal is a land. Jim: I’m going to like do this thing. Neoform
my Llanowar Elves. Eliot: Yeah, I have no effects. Jan: Mmm, put it into the battlefield? Jim: With a +1/+1 counter on it. Jan: Okay, well I’m going to spend a treasure
and I’m going to Pyroblast that. Bill: It’s a blue spell! Eliot: From the top of his library! Bill: From the top rope! Jim: I would like to pay 2 life and Mental
Misstep that. [all gasp] Eliot: 38. Bill: I don’t know how much more colour commentary
I have in me, this better resolve. Jan: Yeah that’s fine. Jim: I would like to Neoform. Eliot: Yessir. Jim: Okay, I am going to get this Gilded Drake.
It enters with a +1/+1 counter. Bill: Oh, that’s a detriment. [all laugh] Jim: So it’s a 4/4 flier and when it enters
the battlefield I’ve got a trigger! I would like to target Elsha. Jan: I’m not a fan of that. Reality Shift
the drake. Eliot: Ooh! Jim: Hm, that’s fine. Eliot: Okay, manifest. Jim: I will manifest the top card of my library
and the Gilded Drake is dead. Eliot: Exiled. Jim: It is exiled. Bill: You should have just targeted your Elsha.
Then you could have just recast it and just had a 2/2. Then you would know what the card
is because of Elsha! Jan: I should check with the top card is. Jim: Okay, I’m going to pass the turn. Eliot: Yeesh. I’m going to untap and draw
for my turn. Jan: I’m assuming you’re not paying the 2? Eliot: I will not pay. I’m going to play a
swamp and I’m going to tap the swamp and the Graven Cairns for a Grim Monolith. Jim: What’s that like? Bill: I mean that’s fair. Eliot: I will pass the turn. Bill: Untap. Well hang on, I haven’t drawn
a card yet! Jan: That’s fair. Bill: I’m not paying. [all laugh] Bill: I’m going to play this Sacred Foundry. Jan: Untapped? Eliot: 37. Bill: And I’m going to pass the turn. Eliot: I have effects in Bill’s end step.
I’m going to attempt to Pyroblast Elsha. Bill: I like that. Eliot: Destroy target permanent if it’s blue. Jim: Is it blue? Eliot: She is. Jim: It’s Izzet-white. Jan: Ahhh! I get it. Jim: Hey Eliot, get it? Do you get it though? Eliot: Stop talking to me. Jan: Yeah, we’re going to Counterspell. Jim: It’s so gross. Bill: He’s just got Elsha! Eliot: He’s got it all! Yeah, no further effects. Bill: He was allowed to cast that Counterspell
as though it had FLASH! Eliot: Shut up. Jan: I’m going to play this Snow-Covered Plains. Eliot: Still not an island. Jan: Still not an island! I’m going to cast
this Talisman of Creativity. Trigger Elsha once. Jim: Does that count as an island? Jan: Not quite. I’m going to pay 2 life and
I’m going to cast Gitaxian Probe. Jim: Targeting? Jan: Targeting… cards in hand? Jim: 3 Eliot: 5 Bill: 5 Jan: Bill. Let’s look at Bill’s hand. Bill: Here you are. Jim: What is it? Jan: 5 Magic: the Gathering cards. Bill: And one Digiman card! Jan: I’m going to draw this card. We say card
a lot. Alright, look at this. Eliot: These aren’t counters. Bill: I know, they’re not counters. It’s temporary. Jim: Please maintain your game state. Jan: My game state can’t be maintained. I’m
going to cast this Teferi, Time Raveler. Eliot: Oh my goodness. Bill: Response? Response? Eliot: No effects. Bill: I’m going to cast this Village Bell-Ringer.
It has flash. [all laugh] Bill: I have to pay a life for that. I’ll
go to 36. I’m going to untap all creatures I control. Eliot: You got it. You got a Teferi. Jan: I do have a Teferi. What can I bounce?
One target artifact, creature, or enchantment. Well I’m going to look at this first. So I’m
going to bounce this. Oh that’s interesting. Do I float mana with the Mox Opal and then
bounce the Mox Opal? Or do I just bounce the Sol Ring and recast it? Bill: Those are both really good things. Jan: Yeah I’ll float a white with my Mox Opal
and bounce the Mox Opal. Draw a card. I will play this Mox Opal. Eliot: What! Bill: Because you already cast this. Jan: I also casted the Teferi and I have W
floating. I’m going to spend the W to cast this Enlightened Tutor. Eliot: Oh my goodness! Jim: No effects. Eliot: No effects. Jan: Alright, so I’m going to get this Sensei’s
Divining Top on top of my library. Jim: Hey wait a minute, I recognize this. Bill: Wait a second, we can see that too!
Can you guys see that? Jan: I’m going to pay 1 and I’m going to cast
this Sensei’s Divining Top. Jim: Yep do it. Eliot: He can do that as though it had flash! Jim: He’s just going to kill us with commander
damage. Elsha’s a 9/9. Bill: I have a 1/4. Eliot: Haha, block! Jan: That’s true. Eliot: You have a 2/2. Looks like it’s the
ribbons! Jan: I’m going to spend 1 to spin Top. Ooh. Eliot: He doesn’t have the cost reducer so
we’re maybe not just dead. Jim: He’s like “Cast Cloud Key” Eliot: Dammit. Bill: No! Jan: That would have been great. I’m just
going to attack Eliot for 9. Jim: That’s commander damage. Eliot: Yeah, my guy. 30. 9E on me. Jim: 30? Jan: 30. Jan: From there I’m going to pass the turn. Jim: I’ll untap, draw a card. It’s a land!
We did it! I did it, everybody! I drew a land! Eliot: Everybody clap your hands. [all laugh] Bill: Anybody remember the early 2000s? No?
Me neither. Jim: I’m going to crack it. I’m going to get
this Tropical Island and I will pass the turn. Eliot: I’ll untap and draw for my turn. Jan: Are you going to pay the 2? Eliot: Math is hard. [counting] I will pay
the 2. Jim: That’s smart. Bill: That is smart. Eliot: I’m going to play a Swamp and then
in the last ditch of the last ditch efforts, he’s countered every other spell I’ve played
this game, so I’m going to overload Vandalblast. Jim: This makes me real sad. Bill? Eliot: It’s for the good of the people. Bill: No effects! Nooo! Jan: Dovin’s Veto. Bill: Noooo! I don’t have any mana. Jim: And also it’s Dovin’s Veto and Teferi.
That’s about as uncounterable as it could possibly be. Bill: Yeah that’s fine I guess then. Eliot: I’ll pass the turn. Bill: You don’t have any of these. Jan: Just waiting for it. Jim: You could like, I don’t know… Eliot: Nothing through Teferi. Bill: Draw a card. Jan: Are you going to pay the 2? Jim: You could cycle Miscalculate or whatever. Eliot: Oh you could! Or uh Nimble Obsructionist. Jim: Except it still wouldn’t… Jan: Doesn’t counter Dovin’s Veto. But you
can cycle through Teferi. Bill: I am not going to pay for it. So I’ve
drawn a card. I’m going to play Gaea’s Cradle as my land for the turn, and then red paying
1 life, white green and 1. Egg. Eliot: Egg. Bill: Her? Eliot: One eggled. 35. Bill: And that’s all I got. Jan: End of Bill’s turn I’m going to crack
this treasure and cast this Preordain. Eliot: Oh my goodness. Jim: Instant-speed Preordain off of a mana
that he got from Bill drawing a card is value. Eliot: He’s just rubbing it in at this point. Jim: Off the top of his library. Bill: He also knows what those two are. Jan: I’m going to scry these 2 Snow-Covered
Islands to the bottom. Jim: Noooo! [all laugh] Jan: I’m going to draw this card here. Eliot: Oh my goodness. Jan: Alright. I’m going to look at this because
I can. Eliot: You can! Jan: Okay. Done? Bill: Mhm. Jan: I’m going to untap. I’m going to draw
this card for my turn. I’m going to play this Flooded Strand for my turn. Let’s go Mox Opal
for a red, a blue, and a white, and I’m going to cast a Jeskai Ascendancy. Eliot: What? Bill: I don’t have anything. Eliot: I am very F6’d, trigger prowess on
Elsha. Jim: That’s good, I was worried that this
was going to be a short game. [all laugh] Jan: Alright, so I’m going to draw this card
and I’m going to put this Top back on top of my library. I am going to add U, take a
pain. Eliot: 34? 32. Life totals are… Jim: Irrelevant. No actually they’re not irrelevant. Jan: I don’t know why I did that, didn’t need
to. Cast this Sensei’s Divining Top. Trigger Elsa – Elsha. Trigger Jeskai Ascendancy. Eliot: It’s essentially Prowess, yeah. Jan: So I’m going to draw a card and then
I’m going to discard this Wooded Foothills. Look at this card. I’m going to
crack this Flooded Strand, going down to 31. Alright well I’m going to get a Volcanic Island.
I’m going to throw Jim a bone. Jim: We got there! Jan: I’m going to cast this Mox… Chrome.
Mox di Cromo. Trigger Elsha, Jeskai Ascendancy, and the Chrome Mox. I’m going to imprint. Eliot: Wow, that’s ETB. Jim: You gotta loot first. Bill: Yeah you do have to draw and loot first. Jan: Draw and loot first. Draw this card.
Discard this Grand Abolisher. Put this Mystic Remora on this Chrome Mox. Jim: Draw a card? Jan: Draw a card. Eliot: What? No he already drew a card. Ah
just draw another card [laughs]. I thought he was going to! [all laugh] Bill: He’s like well yeah I guess. Eliot: He said so. He’s a judge isn’t he? Jan: Okay, I’m going to move to combat. Bill: Okay. Jan: I’m going to battle Eliot for 8. Eliot: Yeah. Jim: 17 commander damage. Bill: Battle rattle! Eliot: 22 life. 1 more hit and – well, I guess
not necessarily. 1 more buffed by 1 and I am dead. Jan: So blue, blue, and 3. Cast Capture of
Jingzhou. Eliot: Oh. Please loot and also untap Elsha. Bill: Woop! Jim: Anybody have a stifle effect? I can’t
even because of Teferi. I was going to say I could Pact it if someone could Stifle my
upkeep trigger because I certainly cannot pay for it. Eliot: You can’t even Pact it! Jan: I guess I need to keep looking at this. Bill: Goodness Gracious. Jan: I guess I’m going to tick up my Teferi Bill: You got it. Jan: Because I can. I could have done that
before and done 2 more points of damage to Eliot. Jim: He’s going to actually kill Eliot with
commander damage. Jan: I’m going to pass my turn. Eliot: Like right now. Jan: Go to my next turn phase. Eliot: Just exile this Mystic Remora please. Bill: Yeah, get it out of here. Don’t untap
that thing. Jan: Excuse me, pardon me. [all laugh] Eliot: Jan, they’ll know we’re from Canada! Jim: Sorry. Jan: Alright, so I’m going to draw this card
here. Look at this card. So first thing’s first I’m going to draw this card here, put
this top on top. Eliot: That bodes poorly for me. Jan: I’m going to play this Tundra. Second
island. Bill: Now you’re just rubbing it in. Jan: Float 2 colourless and cast this Top. Jan: Trigger Elsha, trigger Jeskai Ascendancy.
One colourless floating. So draw. Discard Swan Song. Eliot: [mocking] I can’t hold all these counterspells. Jan: Activate top. Cast Top. Eliot: 0 floating. Jan: 0 floating. Draw. Discard Delay. Eliot: I hate Jan. [all laugh] Jan: I’m going to make a colourless and a
white and I’m going to cast Helm of Awakening. Jim: Ah! Okay. Bill: Oh hot durn. This is my jern. Eliot: Yep. Jan: So now I can execute this Divining Top,
draw a card shenanigans as much as I want. Bill: How does that work? Jim: Well if you’re curious about how it works
you could click on this link. I think we already put in the top of the video. We’ll put it
up again if we can do that. I don’t know if we can do that. Eliot: I think it might have been in the last
one. Jim: It might have been in the last one. But
we do have a video that explains this exact combo with these exact cards. It’s narrated
by the dulcet tones of Josh Lee-Kwai, good friend of the show. Yeah, that was. [all laugh] Jim: Game’s over. Games over! Bill: Come on man! Eliot: You know what the worst part is? This
is a may, so we don’t have to make him discard 50 cards. Jim: Yeah, like long story short, Jan’s going
to draw his entire deck. What is the win condition of your deck? Bill: How are you attempting to win the game? Jan: Yeah, so I have an Elsha. There’s at
least one more – there is a Temporal Manipulation in my deck as well as a Monastery Mentor,
so I can make enough tokens with prowess to get around the blockers. I think have a Cyclonic
Rift in there somewhere too. Bill: That’ll do it. Eliot: That’ll also do it. Lots of ways of
doing it. Jim: Yeah, so he’s killing us with monks or
with Elsha. Jan: I mean, I just want to attack Eliot. Eliot: Ah! Too late! Eliot: Well. Jim: This, so like I had a Mental Misstep
in my opening hand and I really was tempted to pop the Sol Ring, because I’m like… I
don’t want Jan to be that far ahead but I also don’t want something worse to happen.
You know? In retrospect I should have gone for it. I was banking on drawing a basic land
or any land at some point. I had this Urborg Mox Diamond opener. With a land it’s like
fine, 2 mana on turn 1 and then probably nothing for a little while. I had other stuff going
on, I had elves and whatnot. Eliot: Even just the blue deck playing a single
island. Jim: Yeah nothing right? I was like – at the
very least, if I don’t draw anything I’ve got this Carpet of Flowers and it’ll make
me a mana a turn maybe. And then just NOTHING for the entire game. Jan: I was fortunate. The only blue source
in my hand was the Command Tower. Jim: Ooh. Jan: And I was like mmm this is risky. And
I was like well, I can turn 2 this Smothering Tithe and I have a Mental Misstep in my hand
and then I had like a couple other random. I had a Grand Abolisher too, so… It was
just a matter of… Elsha doesn’t draw you cards, but definitely gives you more cards
to cast. Bill: Basically draws you cards. Jim: Oh yeah, it does. It turns everything
into cantrips, right? Basically. Jan: There’s also an Aetherflux Reservoir
in there that I forgot about, so… Eliot: Oh, good. Bill: That does it. Jan: For people who want a more direct approach
and they don’t want to fiddle with these fancy monk tokens. Jim: Yeah. Eliot: Well, so… this was a double up of
Kroxa being in my graveyard. [all laugh] Jim: So is that how you deal with Kroxa? Because
I know with like, when people are talking about Uro, you just like cast it from the
Command Zone and you don’t, like you never escape it. You just let it go back to the
Command Zone every time. Eliot: Yeah so part of the reason that Kroxa
is superior to Xantcha other than 2 mana 6/6, other than it’s a 3 mana 5/5 is he sacrifices
himself when you cast him so you just like run him out for 2, everybody has to discard
a card, and then he’s in your graveyard so when you’re Worldgorger Dragon looping, you
don’t need to find another creature. Jim: Break it. Eliot: Break it on the Kroxa. Jan: And then he enters and he didn’t escape. Eliot: So he sacs himself and that time you
put him in the command zone. Bill: Then you just cast him infinite times
because he… Jim: That’s sweet! Tailor-made Worldgorger
Dragon commander, eh? I bet you they didn’t intend that. Eliot: If they errata Kroxa… [all laugh] Jim: To just randomly enter under somebody
else’s control. [all laugh] Eliot: I am going to fight Mark Rosewater. [all laugh] Eliot: With my fists. Jan: That’ll be a Patreon exclusive. Eliot: But yeah, so they butchered Xantcha
and the deck was really in a weird spot and then they printed this and I literally just
switched the commander and it just feels great. Jim: Superior. Eliot: My hand that game – again – I guess
not as opposed – the same as the first part of the double up was just a bunch of sorcery
stuff. I had a Pyroclasm that didn’t kill this 3/3. He countered the Pyroblast on the
Elsha. He countered the Vandalblast. Jan: I had the Dovin’s Veto, yeah. Jim: Jan had like everything. Bill: It was pretty gross. Eliot: I was feeling pretty good if this Vandlablast
resolved, I’d untap with like 4 mana. I can start escaping him soon. He only exiles 5
other cards. Jim: Only 5? Eliot: Only 5. I think I had 4. Jan: So question that might come up – why
I didn’t Mental Misstep the Carpet of Flowers is – after very quickly looking at it, Jim’s
the only other blue deck at the table and I had no islands in my hand. Jim: And I would have Mental Misstepped your
Mental Misstep, so… Eliot: Better to get the Wild Growth that
made Bill not do anything that game either. Bill: I was so close. I was only 1 turn off
that time! Jan: Yeah. I saw his hand I was like.. Bill: I was going to be able to, if it came
around again, I could tap the Gaea’s Cradle for 2 and then the Sunbaked Canyon or whatever
for white and cast the Mirror Entity and then I had 1 mana plus Okina to buff Atla and then
just activate Mirror Entity a trillion times. Yeah I was 1 turn off. Eliot: So Atla also – in the same camp as
Kroxa – and I think Xantcha in the other game where Bill and I didn’t do much. Bill: We were REALLY close. Jim: We tried! Jan had like actually a stranglehold
on that game from turn 2. Jan: I had the counterspell on top, the Dovin’s
Veto in my hand, the Red Elemental Blast off the top, and then when I got to the point
where I was trying to combo. Jim: And the actual Counterspell. Jan: Yeah, if I didn’t have the Teferi, it
wouldn’t have mattered because I had a Mana Drain. Eliot: You discarded a Flusterstorm, a Delay,
a Swan Song. Jim: This wasn’t like running away with the
game and nobody else having interaction, this was running away with the game and having
like quadruple counterspell backup. It was actually disgusting. Bill: You just can’t beat that. Jim: Yeah, yeah. The other thing that we probably
could have done during that game. I didn’t see it because I was in a y’know spiral, I
guess. [all laugh] Jim: Was that we probably should have attacked
this Teferi. I did have – it didn’t make a difference – the only thing that I had in
my hand that I could have done, I had a Pact of Negation in my hand. Eliot: That you couldn’t have paid for. Jim: Oh and I had a Mental Misstep so I could
have Misstepped his – what’d you Enlightened Tutor or something? Jan: You could have Misstepped the – I Enlightened
Tutored for the Top so you could have banked on me trying to get the top and then Misstep
the Top. Jim: Yep, but at that point you had like 6
counterspells in your hand anyway, right? Jan: I had a Grand Abolisher as well, so like
killing… That’s why when I attacked Eliot I was like okay I assumed Teferi was going
to die either to the 2/2 or the 1/4 but I had the Grand Abolisher as backup and a counterspell
to protect it. Jim: He’s got the sorcery speed only backup
as well as well as quadruple counterspell backup. Bill: Just gross. Elsha drew like 10 cards
that game. Jim: Yeah good game everyone. Bill: It was! Jim: Well played, well piloted. Yeah I guess
from there we’re going to call it. This was #2 of the double up. If you want to see both
halves of the double up at the same time, make sure you check out our Patreon because
our patrons are allowed to watch both halves of the double up on the Thursday that the
first half comes out. Bill: This is old news to them by now. Jim: Yeah, they watched it 5 days ago. Eliot: One hand’s days! Jim: No. Goodbye. Voiceover: Hey thanks for checking out The
Spike Feeders on Youtube. If you’re not subscribed yet, make sure you hit that subscribe button
and you can click this link to check out our other great videos. [music]

31 thoughts on “The Spikes are Desperate for an Egg in this Trying Commander Game pt. 2 | Gameplay S5E7”

  1. I'm sorry, but wasn't the Gilded Drake ability still on the stack? So the exile would get rid of the Drake, but Jim would still gain control of Elsha?

  2. funny how a turn two Smothering Tithe turned the match into an easy 1v3 win…. almost like that's a good card… ;P
    (and yes ofc I realise there's more to it, lemme poke some fun here…)

  3. Can you explain how Jan wins with Monastery Mentor? I don't get I mean, yeah depends on when he draws it there would be some prowess and some tokens but if the Mentor is near the bottom of Jan's library wouldn't he had been able to just stack a couple of prowess triggers and some tokens? or was he able to cast infinite spells without loosing to "drawing-no cards in library" top/helm combo? thanks

  4. Asked yesterday. Eliot’s shirt is sweet! Get it online?

    Also. Technically if Jan’s wincons were in the bottom of his library doesn’t he lose? Even if he has an extra turn, he can’t generate enough “storm” for the aetherflux or mentor right?

  5. Really love the ascendancy inclusion in elsha. I feel alot of people sleep on it too much. On a semi related note, if you can (did not see the top card most of the time) it's really strong to respond to the loot trigger with playing (almost) any non-creature spell from the top and in that way accumilating alot of draw triggers to reaally dig. Awesome games

  6. Would love to see you guys try Kykar sometime, with Underworld Breach! Been playing it a lot lately and it feels great.

    Great game as always! Thanks for the content guys!

  7. If I was bill I would've held call and called for collector ouphe. He would've gone from behind to the only one able to play

  8. Puffin - One Handed Gaming

    I have a Elsha pre-con deck I'm going to turn into a real deck at some point, I need Dockside extorionist in other decks, Elsha doesn't really need it so…

  9. 14:30 Jan couldn’t cast preordain because he used teferi’s minus 3 ability and it’s the plus 1 Ability that gives his non lands spells flash not the static ability. It probably wouldn’t of changed the outcome but I’m sure it would of given the table a extra turn to respond to the board state.

  10. Having looked through the decklists, I think I'm missing something about Bills deck. I know he has kiki lines, but I don't see a main way of winning with the entity/ Atla combo, as there is no creature that etbs/ltbs and does damage in that list.
    Isn't the idea of the deck "increase atla's toughness by 1, put mirror entity's ability on the stack a million times, and cycle through creatures in your deck over and over, reshuffling whenever the eldrazi titans hit yard" if so, don't you need something that hits the opponant each time?

    That said, I really like the deck, and am going to build my own version. May add a bit more Stax though for my build.

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