The Valets Still Love Daenerys on “Game of Thrones” – Key & Peele

The Valets Still Love Daenerys on “Game of Thrones” – Key & Peele

(guitar music) – Yo. – Wassup. – Game of Thrones though dog. – No, you all caught up? – Bro, I totally
binged watched that whole thing last night dog! – So it’s cold-blooded
up in Westeros, dog! – They killed my (beep) Ned! – Ned Starks! Dum dum dum dum da da da dum. You ain’t seen that
one comin’ did ya? – Oh (beep) hell no. – Uh uh. – Oh my God. – Uh uh. – I mean my man was
just there, right? And he’s talkin’ ’bout,
he got down there on the thing like blip. – Shing! – And then I was like,
pssh, I ain’t worried, they ain’t gonna kill
my boy Ned Starks. – Slip. – And then plop. I was like ahhh! – Yo I told you they
cold-blooded up in there. – And then I was
like, but that’s okay because I still got
my (beep) Khal Drogo. – Oh big Dave Navarro? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Big Dave Navarro. – Big Dave… (guitar) (screams) – Yeah, that dude picked
up some molten gold, poured it on (beep) heads! (screams) – I wanna sleep with my sister. – Yo. – And then he killed him, right. I mean he big like
Hercules and everything. – Yeah. – I’m like, you can’t kill
Khal Drogos with a papercut! – An infected
scratch up on there? – An infected scratch! – But he got straight (simultaneous) killed! – Oh, but you know who
my favorite character is? – Who’s that dog,
who’s that dog? – Psst, Khaleesis. – Khaleesi. – You know I be likin’
some Khaleesis doy. – But what about Khaleesis straight up with them dragons? Khaleesis with them dragons. – Khaleesis with them dragons. – And Khaleesi’s all like this. And then we talkin’ ’bout – [Peele] Dragons be like. (screeches) (screeches) (Key screeches) (Peele screeches) (roars) – Just straight roastin’ goats! – Yo! – Oh my God! – Yeah, and that’s
when they start killin’ characters
left and right dog! – At the wedding? – Yo at the wedding! – At the wedding? – Robb Starks.
– What. – His wife.
– What. – They got his mom.
– Yo! (simultaneous) Kilt,
kilt, kilt, kilt. – That was a four for one dog. – Four for one up there dog. – That’s a straight
four for one. – Four for one up in there. – What about when they
got Wildlings girl? Talkin’ about… You know nothing Jon Snow. (simultaneous) Kilt! – What about the Hound though? – (Peele) Yo, pssht the
Hound talkin’ about… – (Key) Ahhh! I’m
fallin’ down the hill! – Click! (Key screams) – Kill me, you gotta kill me! – No! (simultaneous) Kilt! – Slowly, by omission. – Be gone. – Yo but what about my
man Taiwan Lannisters? – Taiwan Lannisters. – Taiwan Lannisters. – But Taiwan Lannisters though. – Yo my man talkin’ about (grunts) I’m takin’ a (beep). – He said (squeals) – Unh. (simultaneous) Kilt! – By his own son. – What? – Dadinkles. (gasp) – Dadinkles. – Dadinkles yo. – Dadinkles. (simultaneous) Dadinkles! – Dadinkles is my jam. – Can’t nobody kill Dadinkles! – Dadinkles is my jam, my jelly, my peanut butter,
and my peanuts. – Dinkles
– Dadinkles. – Dinkles though! (simultaneous)
Dinkles is my (beep) (yelling) (choral music)

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  1. They literally do every “killed” in sync and even jump and nearly the same exact time…. these guys have chemistry

  2. Gareth Johnstone

    I would love a work colleague like either of them! After 30 it's like people say to themselves "ok I have enough friends now, I won't engage anyone else in unnecessary conversations ever again" and they're just dead inside at work.

  3. ya neighborhood big brother

    Is it weird that I've never watched game of thrones, yet understood everything they were talking about?

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