[Laughter] [Laughter] and you’ve caught another one since we’re just a little go game you know I’m not I’m not a great battles at so yeah I’ve got a catcher one might as well have any been a couple battles that’s sick everything the game is really difficult by the way like is it yeah it’s difficult yes standards to the one on the right yeah Knox you got kick so like you don’t have like you know light and Pokemon you’re like PP never like manner in this one you see like your mana bar yeah only we can but it like just takes health off you but you can lie rest for a term which my recovers more mana oh I’ve got psywave now run you finish that guy off and I’m kicking butt outside wave let’s go this is just a random battle this isn’t even trained about psywave all right look at that darkness I’m good okay you got shoes on or anything why Oh Oh the high level first I don’t know what types now I don’t know anything about Tigers all the types of different like mental reason why I can’t use my best attack straight away to wait your turn is the same with me like March was right I’m going for the one on the left okay I’ll finish off pity peak that it’s already fall all these but cuz you’re at the start oh yeah Oh Butler took on like three trainers oh so that was already again oh yeah I need to heal man I’m already like off oh yeah have y’all ever late you’ll hit me alright I’ve got four the one on the left well yeah we’re gonna take some damage here oh jeez I got heal all right I’ll do the damage alright you do the healing I’m bombing there we go this best kills Dolby’s it a couple times on that leaf mom never have to wait ages suits me though you can use it again what’s he done to you know attack tended me all on level six I’m in level nine I’m very close I didn’t learn anything I can’t use psywave I’ve got hypnosis well that cost me Tom your noses are just put them to sleep yeah no I’m gonna do any damage I can’t sign finish him off marshal strike yeah a smile good move by level huh can you bout a little place I don’t know it’s got an item I’ve already got it you go kick it did you stance well this grass trees grass oh that way oh you can see reflect or anything aback I talked to was he saying he needs a surfboard oh crap I jump down ah followed you but you follow me we don’t want to catch you nothing we went off full team they need to come out you know oh I wanted something looks cool khaki I’m going ok how do you fail both oh now I’m on I’m poison now your boys so you said run I tried I click run hide I tried it on well they want to fight they want to fight three it’s a three of them no that’s a rank on top doggies top use some goodies just wash right it’s not needed to stop there for me they’re just what’s this thing that looks all right it’s got home and everything it’s a camera it’s got an ice cream cone on it chase write what we want my attacking it’s not a carrot when we’re going for don’t go for the ice cream resolving yes finish off shield that’s the equivalent of like cat pee in hardened I guess bubbles oh I need a bomb get bomber go into your bag here barmal they’ve done the poke ones right yeah tell them I was having to kill their self yeah usually side way from that was no no once you really no no it didn’t it didn’t affect it it that’s cause I had bamboozled all right used on the other one it’s basically I gotta finish off bitch okay finishing take up Farfetch’d that might not super effective against anything you won’t really top and coups again he’s cut the same room as you we got them with him now yes yes same room oh the same room oh I just get some clothes on them octopus thing we need to catch them so much okay some go for some seeks shit well you’re gonna be weak against actually promising this and I think I suppose Jesus took boat for them don’t go from me ah I saw it’s half damage it you Oh water bleah she saw like you know me so I can kill the octopus sister don’t you just hit a special attack oh no no if we just both kick it all die well I’ve got my sine wave yeah you don’t need to waste it oh just kick it in that we both kick it see ya I got your side way for the boat yeah animation is quite good on there as well really are I just like the whole co-op thing is always sick yes what the main games have been missing why are you lying yeah why do you resist everything and you’re strong against there is nothing wrong star he’s advanced but bomb dome bombs are Jesus watch we go tough wish be gone but the splitting with cash week I’ve got fellows okay I’ll just say how much you got it says in the botton right Oh okay alright I’m buying a cent was that good it juices untamed encounters for a while I don’t know basically it’s like a remember you said I pick the map is there well click that oh you’re in trouble I mean I need to heal I’m going to catechu your arm Elin why go for kakou kill the bloody Fox I’ve got my big boy move oh no don’t worry Kelly didn’t kill him Sam splatter look now look and use my good move on this Fox I need an antidote yeah shit I can go for scale cuz you were gonna finish him off use your side wave I could use Raj it look at my mana she ain’t got six yeah give that attack boost that ability is sick oh he’s got another I’ll take long journey home late son splatter damage stamina I’ll get rid of kick in full health when you love them no how do I get rid of except oh no you think that’s it I’m taking a moves no I fired enough for moves yet I’m gonna Sun splatter that and ganky things you take out I’ll kick kack oh yeah kick you in the face yes look at my mana now I’ve got one yeah you need to you need to rest sparks if he goes for me I’m in trouble I’m sorry I just you gotta rest you’ve been spotted I mean they’re everywhere the Sun sorry I got one yes I love don’t you plan on bit-level a Jesus I’m packing it yeah good kick to the face cause Qasim wait all the Train oh Jesus
there’s a train it’s trippy well there’s a dream behind them yes brilliant harlotry gang get on the Yankees right go in with a highway on the tail again I’ve rested by
your beds only level [Music] he’s gonna be just me and in oh yeah one shot yes I got bad he’s going to level Z I’m strong kind of six I’ve lost you I don’t know you all I mean yeah yeah I knew it’s not run away really all I figure slip for the man in his pants I’d rather not it’s this way through this grass yeah there’s something amazing I’ve already looked down there I mean yeah go for the grass no straight it’s not a question what am I saying let’s fight then all that’s fine come on meat sack you insects are they oh they look strong si synchronize from the same time tenants ever love seven nine one six I didn’t know but gommage good one I’ll just do this childhood it took less damage I don’t know – am I supposed to do oh that’s no your poison again and that mom ready why is this game so difficult like it can’t get anywhere oh yeah you’ve on the team I’m already catching up to you know level I was like a kitten i comedy is another sine wave poison in everyone I think all the bombs to be dealing with this work [Music] what’s he got on his face is here his head oh look at them there’s some in the water Oh [Music] oh it’s an evolved one slapping eleven right I don’t know about you but do we take one out so it’s only two v let’s get the small bird first okay yeah I’ve literally got the worst arm I’m not picking the cow in the game oh just a little out on the right alright you pick the other one there you go cuz I’m going down after that okay no you’re not I’ll be based I’ll be the bait we’ll go for me trust me see hello five nah I go I’ve noticed this house that I’ll use hypnosis put me to sleep I’m bombing yeah you bomb I’ll get it I’ve got no revives left like you look at the screwed the hell are you sorry I got your bird in the back yard that nice knife and for half anymore he’s gonna one shot me yeah I told that like a champ
wasn’t fainted oh oh stability bit alright I’m just gonna pack I’m gonna go sideways links aiwei [Music] I don’t even know fun expensive part no you have to do is slip the temp card into the slot here Oh like this okay that’s sick oh yeah I get that no tossed in the bottom corners put hello they’re not talking to me wait I think I another revival of money I have that kind of dollar I love you know I’m buying one god that I wanna know that I’m staying friendly to talk to you okay well I just got my pants on not been on oh look these cassadines doubled as a chillin you’re about go get em essence videos time essence are they going past someone’s obviously gonna give it was about times run away not away from his owner come down to the beach you see now I don’t look at place in my pants look this old guy look at it you’re gonna be a chilling loud bring me any temp temp from pristine coasts how many we just have any way it is yeh see I’ve already got it good catch HDV you see I saw me lies I handed him over he cannot take him up the hood that was eggs I got smart him with a purpose not just crap that guy by the rocks does look at him oh he looks tough power stance where we go which way left the right I’ll let you go right you go left I’ll go right but are you gonna fight can’t be dealing with these look so tragic these are the zig zag UN’s / well that’s a double battle if I see anyone that’s difficult yep alright need to read why just get into it we struggle with just the one on the left before I got a fox to deal with I said yeah Kurama take the Hawks trap any move you want energy manipulation right oh man no my ass it doing and he’s got smaller that’s not what I did I wish I’d have coordinating our tanks I was resistant you resist everything this I’m such a boss not anything you must not worry so much takes an eleven Mona that’s fine he’s fine this star is ass nobody let’s call maybe get stronger I hope so for his sake oh he’s got another one what’s that on it rather take this we’re alone Luke Fox wait throw card ID card is that little you could probably one shot I was on well if you can catch him he’ll go to this high wave should kill it your level temple pressure on me even while I mean it slow down to the end then a little bit but well I can’t I’ve got a rest I leave this one to me you know I killed my level three and one here I’m trying to adjust their the heart making boobs really still wanted to fine no wonder he wanted to find then he’s got tempted Jesus both my moves it acts on your sideways mom oh my run let me take my dog’s purse you use psywave that dog the dog one shot image so it’s you do the same I wouldn’t care about house money shit that’s a staple I’m showing off don’t know will find that you should beat things it says something about something oh yeah really yeah whatever have guessed it said something about something no look I’m stronger some of it you want shot anyway I knew you would you’re the only one that can do damage jump I got a show off to be able to kill anything just making up numbers on yeah could you just catch something that’s why something Goods that way why’d you wanna fire little saucer gracias Mikey Gaiman eyelet employee to weaken him I’ll throw attempt time I [Laughter] don’t know catchy man sure yeah massive game is done oh you’re shit it is so I’m sure I’ve done what I hit him do uh yeah you could do is gonna die wait no point to sleep you sleep you rest all right now I can’t control it you’re in full control please something out you Maya yeah do that just go out to take this hit dcv was doing damage you just give him a little Peck you always packing yeah you give him a pack an hour rest sister okay if it kills it it’s all for naught good rest I’ll send that I’ll send a little bird y’all go heal after this you realize I’m not going through that grass again catch him please oh my god you’re so every loo team is dead everything’s fine [Music]

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  1. Let me know if you guys enjoy this video or not! I have a bunch of content recorded so i'll happily upload more if you want to see it!

  2. I want to like this game because, well it's basically pokemon 2.0, but something throws me off, the character designs seem weird to me and even the background and environment seems way too simplistic imo

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