Throw Throw Burrito – How to Play

Throw Throw Burrito – How to Play

Hey guys, I’m Yvette Nicole Brown and I’m here to explain how to play Throw Throw Burrito! The goal of the game is to earn the most points by the end of the game. You earn points by collecting sets of three
matching cards. To set up the game give about 15 cards to each player. Doesn’t have to be exact. Anything close to 15 is fine. Each player keeps these cards as a Draw Pile on their right. Divide the remaining cards into two roughly equal Community Piles in the middle of the table. And, finally, put the two Burritos on the table along with the pile of Burrito Bruises Make sure all players can reach at least one Community Pile and one Burrito in the center of the table. Next, everyone draws the top 5 cards from their Draw Pile into their hand. To play the game, each player tries to earn points by collecting sets of three matching cards. To do this, you can discard any card you like from your hand facedown into the Discard Pile and draw a new card from your Draw Pile. Remember you can only have 5 cards in your hand at a time. So make sure to discard before you draw. When you get three matching cards in your hand, put the set face up in a stack in front of you. Any sets you collect will be worth points at the end of the game. Then, draw up to five cards from your Draw Pile and keep playing. Now, let’s talk about your Discard Pile. Your Discard Pile is on your left and is actually the Draw Pile of the player to your right. So they’ll be drawing any cards you discard and all the cards are going to move around the table from Player to Player. Also, there are no turns, everyone plays at the same time. So the cards are all going to move around the table really quickly. Don’t worry about the Draw Pile is getting messy. Just try to collect sets of three of any kind as fast as you can. If you ever find the player to your right is too slow and your draw pile is empty — you can draw from either of the community piles until there are cards in your draw pile again. Any set of three cards you collect are placed face up in front of you and are worth points at the end of the game. Some of the cards you will be collecting have special powers. They have burritos and solid colored backgrounds. These are called Battle Cards. You can collect sets of three Battle Cards just like any other card, but when you place them face up in front of you they trigger a battle. The first type of battle is a Burrito Brawl. If you collect three Burrito Brawl cards , shout BURRITO BRAWL! And place the three Brawl cards face-up in front of you. In a Burrito Brawl, the players to your right and your left are in a battle. They must both trying to grab a Burrito and throw it at the other player. The first one to get hit by a Burrito loses the battle. The winner of a battle doesn’t get anything. But the loser must take a Burrito Bruise from the middle of the table and put it in front of them. Burrito Bruises are worth negative points. So don’t be the loser. It’s important to notice that there are two colors of Burrito Brawl cards. They do exactly the same thing but a matching set must be the same color. Now the next kind of battle is a Burrito War. If you collect three Burrito War cards, place them face up in front of you and shout BURRITO WAR! Suddenly everyone at the table, except for you, is in a battle and the first one to get hit must take a Burrito Bruise. And the last kind of battle is a Burrito Duel! When you collect three of a kind, place the cards in front of you and shout BURRITO DUEL! Next, pick any two players to battle each other. Those two players each take a Burrito and stand back-to-back as you count Three, Two, One, Burrito! They both take three paces, turn and fire! The first player to get hit collects a Burrito Bruise. During any battle all players must put their cards down and wait for the battle to end. In any kind of battle, the battle is over as soon as a player gets hit. When a battle is over return the burrito to the table, give a burrito bruise to the player who lost the battle and pick up your cards. And, then whoever triggered the battle counts Three, Two, One, Burrito! to resume play. Throw Throw Burrito is played in two rounds. The first round is over when the last Burrito Bruise has been given to a player. When that happens, count up your points. Any set of three matching cards is worth one point. Any set of three matching Battle Cards is worth two points, and any Burrito Bruise is worth negative one point. Whoever has the most points wins the round and puts the Fear Me Badge in front of them. Collect all the Cards, Burritos and Burrito Bruises and reset the game. Round two is played exactly the same as round one, except the player with the Fear Me Badge is now a target because you don’t want them to win twice! If the player with the Fear Me Badge wins the second round they win the whole game. If another player wins a second round, they must duel the Fear Me Badge winner to determine the ultimate winner of the game. Okay! You’re ready to start playing! Pick someone to count Three, Two, One, Burrito and begin! If you have questions about battles, what happens if you catch a Burrito thrown at you, playing with two players or ties, just take out the instructions that came with the game. Have fun and happy burrito throwing!

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  1. when will this be available for retail?
    Edit: ok, i know this is available in Target and thx

  2. this game does already exist for regular cards except a lot funner. i feel like exploding kittens are making new games from existing card games but sure why not

  3. Just played it for the first time today. HANDS DOWN THE BEST GAME EVER! I was gasping for breath when it was over 😂😂

  4. I had a friend that didnt like boardgames and played mostly videogames. I do play videogames too, but wanted him to enjoy boardgames too. We play this game with his other 2 friends and have sooo much fun 🙂

  5. By the way they were getting people to narrate these how to play videos I was expecting Phil Keoghan or Julie Chen to narrate this since Jeff Probst narrated how to play You Got Crabs

  6. me: gets three war cards
    me: BURRITO WAR!!!!!!!!!
    everyone else at the table: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!A!A!1!A!!A!!A!A!1 ducking, screaming throwing and shouting all over the place

  7. In an expansion, would you please work in additional burritos like a Mexican standoff (3 or more burritos) or a blind burrito where the individual has to close their eyes and throw?

  8. Looks hilarious! But definitely not for sissies! Reminds me of when my ex & I bought some pipe insulators & any time we had friends drop by, they knew that a flailing could take place at any moment! I called them “Therapy Sticks.” Lots of good, clean bopping fun! Lol

  9. Its my b-day! I loved this vid, i now understand this game! (also it looked like the funniest one I could find, cuz i'm getting the game today!)

  10. This is so much fun!!!!! I bought it after a played it with a friend. I loved it ❤️. The only problem is that both my friends and mine ripped/ tore in different places/way. We both got to play a handful of times before it ripped. Teens/ preteens play hard, but it is also the intended audience. Very disappointed that it didn’t last, other wise it was as super fun.

  11. I played at my school gaming marathon, and my teacher ended up saying it was the star of the day. We were running around the auditorium screaming for deal life!

  12. BEST CARD GAME EVER!! my family and another family played it together and had a BLAST! the rules are a little confusing at first, but once you get them, IT IS A BATTLE ZONE. it’s hilarious to see who gets aimed at the most in burrito wars, and when we instinctively grab the burrito ready to fire even when it’s not our fight😂 all 6 of us were laughing SO HARD and by the end of the game we were crying and gasping for breath!! i cant wait to bring this to my friend group (teenagers) to see how the gameplay differs from the fam vs fam game😆 I ALSO HEARD IF YOU BUY A SECOND SET AND PLAY WITH DOUBLE TO PLAYERS AND FOUR BURRITOS ITS ABSOLUTE CHAOS

  13. Thx so much i realy want the game and im going to get it at some point i have exploding kittens wich im super good at and i just love both These games keep up the good work

  14. Challenge mode: spoons+burrito. All rules or throw throw burrito but spoons are also in play. If a person gets four of a kind that triggers spoons they can grab a spoon and trigger everyone else to grab a spoon. Loser loses a point.

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