Tim Savage And Family Put On Performance With Publicist At Press Conference

Tim Savage And Family Put On Performance With Publicist At Press Conference

Timothy savage decided to put on a performance during a press conference that was held about our Kelly's new er wait what what up guys welcome to Indy playground where we play hard with no regard and you see the title so you already know that we definitely have to talk about this but before we dive in if you are new to the channel don't forget to subscribe be sure to hit the notification bale like comment and don't forget to share this video okay so now that we have that out of the way without any further ado let's get to it so I'm sure most of you have already heard the news about our Kelly being Rory's your girl is going to bring you up to speed with everything and the performance that Timothy savage decided to put on that's right according to reports by TMZ our Kelly was took and booked on Thursday night in Chicago basically for charges some of the same MO same own pretty much but this time is federal right and he's being charged in two different states he's been charged in Chicago as well as in New York basically like I said for the same ol now I'm not going to read everything from this article so feel free to pause the video and catch up on that or you can you know you can check it out on TMZ now TMZ also posted an update in reference to everything that's going on with our Kelly and it appears that in Brooklyn want to make sure that Kelly remains in the slammer until trial according to the report they are claiming that our Kelly is a significant flight risk and his decades-long history makes it clear that he's to the community wait wait wait wait are they referring to the same history that he was found not guilty in what in the banana in the tailpipe is this I mean I'm just saying seriously come on now anywho they go now let's go ahead and look at this press conference because Daryl or Darrell Johnson held a press conference in Atlanta and the savages were sure to be present for some camera time you know how they do that's right I said it anyway we're going to take a look at this press conference and critique what in the hell took place because let me tell you it was the lot to save my daughter the same time a little work is in there right now jail I won't know where my board in where's she it after that question mr. Spencer that question his dogs yesterday Oh after he walked his dog something called oh my goodness the thirst is real okay so they bombard the press conference you know with this concerned Act where's my daughter where's my daughter I believe mr. and mrs. savage a daughter is wherever you sent her when you sign that guardianship document I'm just saying anywho let's continue the Northern District of Illinois and the Eastern District of New York he's in Cook County right now he's been held I got a place where we don't want to come to hear your life first of all I know nothing no nothing you can ask my question i'ma let you okay wait but you have to be quiet let me talk no hold away did I hear them say i'ma let you answer boy if you don't sit show O Lord guys I'm gonna try to get through this video but I have a lot to say I have a lot to say about these so-called parents yes I do anyway let's continue first of all your daughter I have nothing to do with you I'm not a poor details why are you are you speaking this place are you speaking Freddie's place help it to you right quick cuz I'm not gonna allow you to come here at my press conference your outburst loudness in disrespect was uncalled for it was simply uncalled for they verbally attacked mr. Johnson due to their assumptions and they obviously had no real insight to the overall situation listen listen listen listen listen let's be intelligent hi wait wait over are y'all gonna be answered first of all I haven't been in Chicago in a week okay no y'all gonna guess my questions okay y'all coming at me as if I have your daughter wait and I hear in the savages other daughter being loud and obnoxious as well isn't that the same daughter that was at a press conference that was held by Timothy savage she got on camera saying something to the effect say what you want about art Kelly but he's talented and so on and so forth see that was the problem with the savage family and why joseline is not with them now all they saw was talent which equated to them damn dollar signs for them because you see loving parents would have taken into consideration the fact that our Kelly married a live who was underage not to mention the charges that Kelly faced prior although he was found not guilty I get it but from a parent perspective nah I can't relate to the savages because first things first we can't just get over the fact that our Kelly was a grown-ass man and they sent their daughter off with him and signed over guardianship I don't care if it was to our Kelly or someone in his camp they asked up point-blank in the period I personally don't know your daughter I met your daughter six times I've seen her in and out 12 hours I haven't seen anything that I would say is suspicious or harmful to your daughter zero now the person you should be addressing this to is mr. Kelly and mr. Kelly Kelly's attorney [Applause] I absolutely understand was born but you guys I am simply threat I have a 21 year this is a 21 year old I would drive that truck in that hotel if my doors in there that's what I would do I would drive that truck and I'd get her fits my daughter I don't know your situation I know what's going on are those what I heard when I got here will talk to you guys but please allow me I'm like I run from you I love we have fresh stuff so I'll talk to you guys have no problem now see Darrell Johnson or Darrell Johnson as a man but more importantly as a real father he expressed what he would do if his daughter was in a situation where he believed that his daughter could possibly be in harm's way that's what a real father or mother does so basically my message to the savages is if you see this video by chance just by chance anything your daughter Jocelyn went through that she was not willing to do it all started with you okay I'm not absolving or kelly of anything because anything that our Kelly did that she was not willing to do yeah he should be held accountable for and if she was underage he needs to be held accountable for that as well but it all started with you savages I'm a parent and there's no way in hell that I would sign my daughters over to a grown-ass man number one whether someone in this camp are him directly number two being that he married an underage girl not happening B that he was accused of such acts that he wasn't cute accused of whether he was acquitted or not it's not happening so you guys need some accountability because you're trying to skip and hop and jump and eat up the limelight and get your five minutes of fame somebody please let me know when there are five minutes of Famer up because they need to find a cell and put them in as well same as the Clarys all y'all saw was dollar signs and fame don't get it twisted I'm not seeing that either one of these girls were subjected to anything but according to their own accounts they loved our Kelly and they enjoyed their lives but if by chance that's all an act then you guys failed measure Leah's parents according to your actions you can't hand your doing her off like a damn football in hopes of a score and then anyway you don't get inside of the endzone you cry wolf and throw the damn game no boo that's the flag on the play and I hope you can sleep good at night because if it was my daughter and I felt as though she was held against her will me and mine and everybody I know we're coming by hook or by crook and I'm getting mine by any means necessary in the story but you didn't have that same energy you didn't have that tenacity that energy to go and get yours you know why cuz it was all about the money it was all about that damn dollar and again for those who missed the message I am NOT and I repeat I am not absolving or a kelly of any UNPO acts committed and if that's what he did then he needs to be held accountable plays length period for those proven acts that candy substantiated things yes he needs accountability but in the same breath the parents must be held accountable too because we as parents are to protect our children at all costs and that's what y'all didn't do all right guys I'm about done with this little bit let me know your thoughts in the comment section because this is a lie and as you can tell I get real protective and emotional and in my feelings behind the kids because kids don't actually brought into this world so we have to protect the children you know what I'm saying let me know your thoughts be sure to like and share the video if you're new to the channel don't forget to subscribe until next time it's your girl indie Lena

23 thoughts on “Tim Savage And Family Put On Performance With Publicist At Press Conference”

  1. Sorry for all the edits but many of you already know how YT comes after my videos, I have been waiting for manual review for monetization since last night (Friday) still waiting so I said F it and decided to make it public anyway. This is getting out of hand because other channels have done similar videos and they are monetized w/o issue…things that make you go hmmm. Anyway share your thoughts on Tim Savage and Family. Just so we are CLEAR… I am NOT going with public opinion and convicting R Kelly b/c he deserves a fair trial and something is NOT right about this ENTIRE Kelly case. I SAID WHAT I SAID AND I STAND FIRM ON IT!!!! Parents NEED to be held accountable for their actions so miss me with the excuses!!!

  2. The Savages do not want Joycelyn home. The moment Joycelyn comes home the publicity stops. Tim Savage was filming his reality show at the press conference. That's why he put on that performance.

  3. I'm so tired of people saying that R Kelly wasn't married to Aaliyah the record label did that for sales can it go up the marriage license was fake

  4. Tim Savage he lucky this man and beat his ass he was talking to this man like he's a kid at the press conference

  5. the man who's Talkin at the press conference Tim Savage not letting him talk he is crazy his wife just sitting right there looking crazy playing right along with him anything he tell her to do she doing it

  6. He even said if that was my daughter I would drive that truck into the hotel. They sitting there throwing rocks at the window nigga then wanna turn up at press conference if you don't grow some balls and go get your daughter fuck that I'd be beating everybody ass in his camp until they say something or just kick my daughter out

  7. okay his ass know how to go to a press conference but he don't know how to get his daughter R Kelly don't have a gun up to her head so why he's not getting her but he can go on camera and act like he's so concerned

  8. That whole family is a dam fraud. Great video ma. I could have put the paws on that nig9a talking bout Imma Let you talk. Who does that pus&y think he is? He should never have pimped his daughter 💯

  9. Olvette Arrington

    You are soooo right!!! These people need to stop because I believe they are messing it up for real victims if there are any when it comes to the R. Kelly situation.

  10. HEY ND


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