TOMOGUNCHI GANG! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

TOMOGUNCHI GANG! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

What is this in my sub box? Atomic Gucci I’m getting infinite warfare flashbacks. Alright, we’ll check this out I’m worried about what I’m about to watch Watch it. Really? It’s a watch From ghosts, this is for real. What is that? No, sir I’m not exactly sure. I just watched but get it. Oh my god, there can be so many watch Stupid yeah, guys, I’m all modern warfare. Here’s this whole time Iguchi thing It says dinosaurs fire-breathing dragons and an evolving watch that will have you gaming the war zone breath? How are we gonna do that to us? We’re dying for the classified mode to be revealed to modern warfare We want or so we want Battle Royale. That’s right I said it I’ll probably cry if this video gets taken down because I said the name of the game Oh, but I mean, it’s right there in the game, too uh Obviously this community wants battle royale for modern warfare because it’s something new to do even if you don’t like PR that much You know, it’s gonna be free It’s gonna be new so, you know It’s gonna be a lot of fun to check out what instead of getting Battle Royale We’re getting a little tub of Gucci watch. You gotta love the micro DLC This whole thing is really interesting too because you know modern warfare is actually a very well received game that feels like from the Cod Community the sales for modern warfare were exceptional the micro DLC is actually sold pretty well too without supply drops But this one Specific thing this time Iguchi watch has like at least at the time of recording has like eight and a half thousand likes and four Thousand dislikes so compared to everything else Modern Warfare related. This is not doing so hot Let’s check out the comments on the video fans. Can we get a warzone trailer Activision? Here’s the trailer for watch everybody. When does warzone come out called? Teammate plant the bomb me after I feed my pet. I don’t really know what to make of this whole Tom Iguchi watch thing I mean I’m actually considering purchasing it for this video just so we could check it out so you can actually see what it’s like so you Don’t have to waste any money on it. Yeah, I think that’s gonna be the video for today. Okay? So here’s the Tom and Gucci in the store. It’s a thousand Cod points. I have a thousand Cod boys Just chilling. So I don’t know if I’m gonna regret this though. There might be better things in this store are there I honestly can’t tell as far as micro transactions are concerned for modern warfare. I’ve only bought the battle passes for the different seasons I haven’t bought like any of these packs regrettably I’m pretty sure this is gonna be like the first and maybe only when I buy I don’t know go ahead and bite the bullet Let’s get the Tom Iguchi. I can’t wait. I have literally never noticed the watch wait. I got so much stuff That’s pretty cool Louise. I got a key treks charm. This watch is driving me mad Yeah, as I was saying I really haven’t paid attention to the watch on my wrist in game at all I don’t even really know what it does. Is there a point I guess there will be now I have to take care of a pet and trying to hit quad feeds dude I need to try to go for a quad feed while like actually taking care of the pet I don’t know how that’s gonna work But I’m actually really curious to see if you can actually interact with this hamaguchi watch like just imagine if they advertise this whole thing Is like this interactive watch but you can’t actually do anything. It’s just cosmetic. But here it is It says a pet watch that lets you hatch look after your very own monster It’s a game within a game time preview the watch I’m rotating it. Look at this thing HD quality watch how do you actually inspect it though? I’m dumb. So I don’t know. I’ll figure it out They took out rust now they have shoot the ship. So it’s just shoot house and shipment. Let’s go ahead and do that I’m gonna try to hit a quad feed while taking care of my pen. What the fuck is this video? Oh, we got a hard porn on shipment. I’m definitely in the feed I’m gonna hit the world’s first pop a Gucci quad feed how to look at your watch in modern warfare I actually though oh, wait, do I have it? There you go watch interactive. Is that its director? Why does it go by so fast do I want to look at my watch for longer than half a second? Oh, look Rothman’s actually the company right here. Oh my god Wow, big remember guys, it’s not an actual company twin isn’t real either. Wait. Let’s hide in this corner Let’s see if we can do this check watch. There we go. Okay, you can actually check it How’s my dude doing? I got it. Okay. I have no time to actually check how my things doing. This is very difficult I don’t like it. I Can check it. I mean, how do you actually do anything with it? I’m so confused I can’t tell if this is pointless or not. I’m pretty sure with pointless Oh Come on here don’t show up this view gotta hit the first time at Gucci coffee. There we go This one talking about pick up the bitchy go on with the bridge eat. Oh Fuck someone farted that little super kilvo little sloppy with that sloppy though know what guys I just got the tama Gucci thing if I’m Doing something wrong. Please. Let me know because I have no idea. What the fuck I’m doing. Oh shit No ahead a sick-ass speed. I honestly feel really lost with this hamaguchi thing though and I can look at it But then egg is just sitting there. What do you what do you do watch it interact it? Just he’s just flicking his wrist. Look good, dude I’m will die. I don’t know why this is frustrating me so much. It’s so annoying I’m gonna have to do some more googling after this match. Oh Shit that glut. Oh This one over here. No, dude, that could have been something great. See my Tama good she’s doing okay It’s still an egg. Maybe with the Tama Gucci. There’s more things that can add to my scroll wheel of emotes I’m gonna use the broker dragon off. I don’t even know. Oh No, they fixed the broken drag it off. Oh, come on. Well, I guess I can fix these glasses now I’m upset dude, the broken zoom thing was so awesome. Does it work on this one? Ah, this one’s fixed, too Come on, dude. I was enjoy I was enjoying it petrified Cock dude, I was feeling to kill chain drag it off guilty and I’m shipping that have been pretty awesome I mean use my SMG swap class necks Nope. Fuck it by the c4 My guys are all right here dude no back what people wait With the sniper, come on He fucking blew up the story potential is so amazing in this lobby Check the watch I didn’t I get a spray instead, dude Come on, I want to hit a feed where I’m checking the watch mid feed that too much to ask for it. I think so Now’s the chance Come on dude check the watch. It’s so difficult. I think I need to hit the Tom Iguchi feet in hardcore or something We actually lost that game by three points. Wow I wish I could have included the watch in this play at some point But I don’t think I did it’s all good, though Drop 70 kills first game on I just have to learn more about the Tom Iguchi. Watch though. Stop a Gucci game Which again koochie koochie koochie koochie? Koochie gig spent three racks on micro dlc my beloved. Oh, geez, okay How do I figure this out? I think it’s under identity So there’s literally just two you either check the watch or actually, okay, dude. I’m so lost You can only check the watch or interact with it. There’s nothing new for the Tom Iguchi I’m just I’m so confused with this at first it begins in an egg struggling to crack eventually the egg will hatch and reveal a baby Will then go on to become a child at scene and then finally an adult you can’t just ignore your pet during a game you Have to pay attention to it. Otherwise it could die. How do you know though? I don’t understand its moved to be increased through kills objectives score and kill streaks and wins. Wow so basically if you’re good at the game your pets gonna be really happy and if you do bad It’s gonna be really sad and if you’re really shit at the game or if you’re just reverse boosting, it could actually die That’s crazy Honestly, I got totally confused at first because I thought it was gonna work just like a Tamagotchi where you actually interact with it But now it’s not that complicated you basically just play Modern Warfare and over time. It’s gonna develop more I’m guessing since I lost my first game on using the Tom Iguchi. It probably died in the egg before I even hatch That is terribly sad. Oh, there we go domination on shipment. Let’s go I’m going to hit this Tom a Gucci quad feet the goal for this challenge is to pull up the watch and check it mid Streak mid feet. Hopefully I can do it. I’m ready to go. All right, let’s hit the samba Gucci quad feed Come on Eric better than Messi check the watch. Oh, my mmm Nuria is I Got fucking hit in the head with a thermite man Check the watch do it. Oh dude. Wait, I’m telling Tina tchen shit. Oh my god I was kind of thinking I was gonna hit a kill chain there or something. This is actually just so hard to do Come on oh Dude at that point. I just wanted to hit feet. I wasn’t gonna pull out the watch. I’m not sure kind of curious How is my tie my Gucci doing? It’s still an egg. Okay, it still hasn’t hatched yet What in the hell is going on in this Lobby it’s just it’s too chaotic man I think I might just actually try regular hardcore Dom for this no shipment Come on oh shit. Oh, we got the swap. Go chickens on my Gucci. Don’t ship you a check it fuck it There we go. Oh, we’re checking the watch. Okay. Check the combi coach. I hit no shots Wow I got a super kill there, but I can’t pull out this fuckin Tom Gucci fast enough You fuckers Oh One check a watch I clicked it check it sprayed I don’t think wait My slope keeping this street going somehow. What the fuck? Well, I have to reload get it get it. I Got a kill chain. I Think I blew out the watch at some point, so not bad I’m still going that could have almost been a nuke happening right there. Got an advanced UAV. Not bad These guys are so fucked now. We’re just gonna be pre firing at Doritos Yamaguchi check it now that we have the advanced UAV. I mean like this is like really easy Come on I’m talking about check the watch check. I Just want him to pull out the watch it like slips whenever I try to dupe it means so unlucky with this challenge Holy shit what Check the watch. What fucking watch? Oh my god, it won’t do it My Tamagotchi has hatch since I have over a hundred kills already. I have 114 kills does it it’s still not alive Wow, it’s still just an egg you would think after hurting a bunch of feeds some kill chains and stuff getting over a hundred kills with Tom a goon she would Come out, but no I got ten caps and playing the objective to I just black little virtual pets got some high standards Oh that’s into the game. Of course your boy Bob Schuster was able to pull off a kill chain for play of the game I mean that was I don’t even know what happened there That was just so awkward. But actually no, I don’t think that was my kill chain for play I don’t know what that was dropped 122 kills though I think I might have hit something while pulling out the watch but more often than not it wouldn’t actually do it So yeah I’m gonna try to play like a different game mode something that’s less hectic than shipment and hopefully I can hit something since we won That last game. I wonder if the egg will be Hatcher if it’s gonna like start moving a little bit Oh boy domination on Piccadilly I can’t wait. I ain’t brethren. Let’s see how our time like Gucci pets doing Oh, it’s still just an egg. This is ridiculous man. What is it gonna come out? Some I got a triple thermite to start the game you fucking kidding me that’s actually kind of amazing I’m supposed to check the watch not spray spray paint. This is killing me man I don’t know how I’m gonna pull this off It took one give a pick utility to remind me why I don’t play maps like this that watch How’s he doing eyes just a normal There’s only three enemies in here. I don’t even know guys I think I’m just got to give up on my Tom my Gucci let him die I’ve already got Evie and Ashley take care of man I can’t handle this especially since this is a fucking six feet four on Piccadilly taking a nap is more entertaining than this map I’m out of here. That’s gonna do it for this video. Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me buy the Tama Gucci watch from modern warfare I don’t know exactly how to feel about this whole thing. It doesn’t really seem like it’s worth it So if you’re watching this and you haven’t bought it and you were thinking about it I don’t know dude, if you want to go for it, but I really don’t think it’s that worth it But before I end this video I wanted to give you guys an update on the G fuel code madness thing I’m not able to say exactly what place were in or how many times the codes been used But guys you are absolutely killing it this whole tournament kind of worked in round. So we’re definitely going to round two So since your boys moving on I think we have 31 more scrubs to destroy in the next round So I am once again asking you guys to use code Merc for 30% off on G fuel The link will be in the description below. So check it out and we might be able to win this whole thing I don’t that being said I really do Hope you guys enjoyed this video If you guys did it and you want more 30-second trailers of goofy micro DLC and Call of Duty make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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