Top 10 Best Microsoft Exclusive Games for Xbox One

Top 10 Best Microsoft Exclusive Games for Xbox One

10. Opening our list of Top 10 Xbox One Exclusives
is Voodoo Vince: Remastered A cult classic among Xbox 360 players for
his energetic debut back in 2003. With the powers of magic coursing through
the fabric of patched-up self, a mere voodoo doll becomes the platforming icon we didn’t
know we needed. It was simple yet challenging platformer with
a lot of personality. While he has been forgotten for a while, just
like the magic of his birth, this remaster has managed to breath new life the platformer. A traditional remaster, you won’t find any
new levels, monsters or secrets but it does a good job of modernizing the game for today’s
generation. With smooth 1080p resolutions and 60fps, his
strange world looks more alive than ever and the game’s signature style shines through
in every stage. Released years after their original release,
Voodoo Vince retains a freshness that makes it feel almost like a new game entirely. Travel through the french quarters of New
Orleans, revel in the game’s cool, jazzy tunes, and eliminate the creatures that stand
in your way. Ordinary as some of his platform ventures
may be, Vince’s magical quest to save his ailing shop owner also has some smart features
that make use of his voodoo nature. With his pain reflecting back to his opponents,
squish him around to do damage to level bosses or to solve the puzzles in your way. But, with a little over 8 hours of content,
Vince’s silly adventure is regrettably short. It has a PlayScore of 8.17. 9. Powerstar Golf No matter how unexpected, Golf games have
sneaked themselves into videogame history, and has become sort of a staple in the industry. In a square off against Sony’s Everybody’s
Golf series, the Xbox One definitely on par with the competition. Steering away from the cutesy animal visuals
and opting for the more western, cartoony look–Powerstar Golf shows off its animated
movie like characters that really seem to fit into their superpowered performances. Just like most games, Powerstar golf offers
the relaxing tranquility that’s inherent in the sport itself. But it takes it to a whole new level by adding
a lineup of characters with their own unique skills and personalities, and topping it all
off with a robust progression system. The courses themselves might not be any special,
but it ensures that there’s never a subpar moment as you shoot for birdies with you special
moves, take bonuses from your caddies, and gain experience for each one of your actions. Those three mechanics form an impeccable trio
that create an overall addictive gameplay experience that let you sink holes, hours,
and more holes. Despite its addicting arcade atmosphere, the
game has received pretty mixed reviews. While it offers a Rivals mode that lets you
compete against your friends’ performances in an asynchronous multiplayer, it just doesn’t
seem to match up to an actual online multiplayer mode. It has a PlayScore of 8.38. 8. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Microsoft is a hotpot of good platformers
and metroidvanias. This Xbox One exclusive is a sequel to an
adorable 2010 adventure game, Max & The Magic Marker. The Curse of Brotherhood is a captivating
platformer. Take the role of Max as he suffers the consequences
of banishing his obnoxious little brother to a mystical realm. The task is simple, rescue your brother. As you descend into the game’s magical world,
you’ll encounter mystical beings not familiar to the real world. Magic is required, that’s why the game’s
main feature lies in its Magical Marker. Use this powerful object to manipulate the
flow of your journey. Solve puzzles by pulling out a cliff from
the ground, creating a water sprout or growing a vine. However, these moves are limited and players
must think before the Marker runs out of ink. Throughout the adventure, players will encounter
even more difficult challenges. The need for faster reflexes can be a chore,
but for adept players, it’s a fun experience. Wonky controls aside, this game is brimming
with beautiful visuals. For a 2013 game, it’s oozing with sparkling
colors that somewhat resembles a Pixar film. But the game is not perfect. As mentioned the game is marred with clunky
controls, but that doesn’t stop the players from forgiving it and enjoy the bountiful
amount of collectibles and it’s gorgeous world. It has a PlayScore of 8.44 7. State Of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Powered by the CRYENGINE, Undead Labs gives
the zombies a reanimated feeling for the Xbox One. During its Xbox 360 days, it suffered numerous
issues including UI problems, responsive issues and bugs that creep out in every corner. Year One Survival Edition will bring out all
the good things including improved combat, graphics, UI and more. For beginners, State of Decay is a single
player adventure that takes you to a land filled with the undead. Create your own story by meeting new faces
and build settlements so that you could live to tell the tale. It’s third-person gameplay was met with
good praise, but it’s lack of multiplayer made the game boring. Either way, it’s still an enjoyable experience
with a better sequel coming. As mentioned, this edition features new stuff
including two gameplay modes called Breakdown and Lifeline. The former takes you to a roguelike experience
of never-ending onslaught; the latter is a story-driven campaign that takes you to the
city of Danforth. Not to mention the graphics were upscaled
to 1080p and the UI is fine-tuned to almost perfection. Additionally, this edition contains all the
DLC’s that made Xbox 360’s zombie-survival a success. It’s the complete State of Decay experience
and we can’t ask for more. We can’t wait as to how the sequel would
work, especially with its new multiplayer mode. State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
has a PlayScore of 8.58 6. Dead Rising 3 Funny how two zombie games manage to enter
Xbox One’s list of exclusives. CAPCOM’s third major entry to the famed
zombie-slaying franchise is back. Move away from the protagonist of its predecessors
and step into the shoes of Nick Ramos. A simple man trying to find his way around
life in a zombie-infested California. Much like its predecessors, it’s an undead
playground. If the Grand Theft Auto series was a hub for
mayhem and destruction for fictional civilians, then Dead Rising 3 is like George Romero’s
brain without a much serious tone. Third time’s the charm, so CAPCOM did so
well with amping up the degree of zombies present on screen. You’re literally plastered in a world where
you can do anything to these pathetic brainless monstrosities. But the joy comes in the things you do. The best part about every Dead Rising game
is the amount of things you can do. In 3, everything is improved. From the combat, customizations and of course,
the zombie count. Go to the nearest Gun Shop or mall to snag
that perfect weapon combination. Want to build a Laser Gun made of Microwave? Experiment with your heart’s content. Compared to its predecessors, there will be
no Zombrex finding this time. Instead, the city is about to blow and you
must do whatever you can in a span of a few hours. Do side quests, find the perfect vehicle and
survive the carnage. It has a PlayScore of 8.69 5. Kalimba A shining example for videogames done right,
it shows us that you don’t really need 3D, realistic graphics to have fun. Kalimba takes into the world of co-op puzzle
platforming with a colorful, tropical twist. While there are hundreds of couch party games
out there, Kalimba nails almost every rule in co-op party game creation and that’s just
one of the best things about it. Gather all your friends and take a mind bending
trip to the island of Kalimba. With the island’s protective totem destroyed
by an evil villain, you, the noble shaman are tasked to save the day with your respective
totem pieces. Playing alone or with your friends, control
each of the pieces and avoid color-coded obstacles using your acquired skills and reflexes. Offering a worthy challenge in single player
and co-op mode, its demanding stages might put a bit of strain on your relationships. (And don’t say we didn’t warn you.) Even with its simple mechanics, Kalimba is
riddled with excellent ideas all throughout. Its basic premise gets reinvented and reused
in imaginative ways that makes for brain-teasing and patience-testing fun. With its lively visuals, responsive controls,
and frenzied multiplayer, it’s the perfect party game for your Xbox One needs. Short as it is, it offers just the right amount
of energy and creativity that will make you want to play it again and again. Solve puzzles, test your reflexes, and just
have fun! It has a PlayScore of 8.8. 4. Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition The pinnacle for cover-based shooting games. This remastered version reminds us that the
series has come a long way since its debut in 2006. Under Microsoft’s The Coalition, this was
the first Gears title before their Gears of War 4 debut. It revitalizes the series’ decade old origin
with enhanced lighting, graphical updates, and improved textures. The story remains the same. Marcus and the gang, now looking more real
than ever before, are inside an endangered Planet Sera from the threat of The Locust
Horde. Humanity is at a standstill and it’s up
to the Delta Team to stop the planet’s imminent doom. Get ready for a game filled with feels, thrill,
and heart-pumping action. Equip your badass weapon and lead these badass
fuckers to victory. Hear every yell, screech, grown, and boom
from every direction. Not to mention the 1080p improvement makes
it all the better. Shame it’s locked at 30fps. But that’s not a problem. As for its Ultimate Edition title, the game
offers 5 new chapters that was once part of the PC original. It’ll add more layers to the story, and
action. Two new multiplayer modes are also added called
King of the Hill and Team Deathmatch. It’s pretty self-explanatory and it adds
a bit of fun to the game itself. Feel the gut wrenching violence with you and
your friends. A well-loved classic with a good remaster. This game has a PlayScore of 9.02 3. Killer Instinct: Season 3 Ultra Edition Taking its roots in the beloved arcade era,
Rare and Midway’s take on the fighting game genre finds an underground success has found
an underground success. But, fast forward to few decades, the Killer
Instinct franchise finally makes its high definition comeback–shedding its pixel origins
to welcome a more future-friendly look. While it borrows many elements from fighting
game genre giants like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat–KI still has enough original
ideas to merit a place in videogame history. It has its own mix of cool, wacky, and edgy
roster of characters that are not only fun to tinker around with, but also balanced to
fit each of your fighting needs. And what really sets the franchise apart is
their remarkable dedication to their fans with their reactive dev support. It’s third season channels its retro roots
with costumes, accessories, and colors from its arcade era. And with the addition of eight new fighters,
you can wreck the arena with the alpha toad Rash or control the battlefield with Kim Wu’s
dragon nunchucks. With great balance, awesome sound production,
and friendly fighting mechanics, Killer Instinct is a great game for veterans and newcomers
alike. It has a PlayScore of 9.09. 2. Forza Horizon 2 One of the pride and joys of the Xbox systems,
the Forza series has had a long reign in the halls of the racing game legends. With each title just brimming with dazzling
collections of cars, beautiful physics, deep car customizations, and time-tested arcade
entertainment. And, this second installment of the Horizon
series stays true to all of that. While their latest title, Horizon 3, also
enjoys quite a following among gamers, 2 manages to capture victory by just a hair thanks to
its exclusive car offerings that was unfortunately left out in their release. Retaining the gameplay elements of the previous
title, it also managed to sneak a few exciting features. Just like the 1000 club in the original, work
through a set of challenges with the new Bucket list in places like France and Italy. A system seller by its truest definitions. But, it introduce players to the remarkable
power of the console. For many, it was their introduction to the
spectacular beauty of the franchise, delivering the gameplay experience they’ve long been
searching for in the racing genre. Drive past their picturesque towns, drift
through their gorgeous curves, and appreciate the polish and complexity they deliver in
the details. It set the standard for the new generation,
and today’s games are still struggling to keep up. For a title release about 3 years ago, it
can comfortably compete against the other giants in the industry with its clean cut
UIs and impressive realism. It has a PlayScore of 9.23. 1. And the best Xbox One Exclusive so far is
none other than Ori And The Blind Forest Set in a magical, decaying forest, follow
a tree spirit named Ori as he fights the very evils that haunt the land. In a gripping and emotional opening sequence,
watch the essence of humanity crumble in the face of darkness. But hope is not lost, in this mastercrafted
metroidvania adventure, guide this adorable creature to save the forest. Developer Moon Studios’ attention to detail
gave life to this wonderful platformer. With the light of Sein, accompany these two
in a grand quest to restore the beauty of their world. Filled with beautiful and breathing backdrops,
travel from one place to another using Ori’s pulsating powers. Throughout the game, areas will be unlocked
once the necessary skill is acquired. Meet the certain requirements to harness that
ability, and use it when traversing difficult locations. It really rekindles the old fire of the classic
metroidvania games that reward exploration and challenge. But compared to other metroidvanias, Ori has
a unique gameplay element called Soul Links. These enable him to save at any point in the
game with the right amount of energy. Explore fiery volcanoes and desolate temples
to uncover the inner machinations of its mystical universe. The emotional ending, amazing artstyle, fluid
gameplay mechanics and a beautifully haunting soundtrack, Ori and the Blind Forest deserves
all the love it could get. We can’t wait for its sequel sometime this
2018. This game has a PlayScore of 9.34

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  7. I have an x360 and now I've just bought a Ps4 because its exclusive games. The exclusive of XboxOne aren't as good as the exclusive coming from Ps4. Who would buy a Xone to play those games? The most of them are childish games. Ps4 has Last of Us 1 and 2, Days Gone, GranTurismo, Uncharted, Untill Dawn, etc…

  8. It doesn't matter quantity of exclusives. It matters quality.
    PS4 has 3 escentials: god of war, gran turismo, and Uncharted. (GT sport sucks BTW)
    Xbox: gears of war, halo, Forza.
    Nintendo: Mario, Zelda, Pokemon.

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  11. Not sure where it is at in my top 10, but Recore is such a damn good game. It just brings ne right back to those good ol days on the N64, PS1, and Ganecube when I'd play so many 3D Platformers. It's so rewarding when you get past a challenging set of platforms or when you find a hidden corebot. On top of that the cast of characters is very likable (I fucking love Seth and his fear of heights despite the fact that he is a robot spider, as well as Violet with his talk of revolution.) Such an amazing game on Xbox One that I recommend to anyone who loves platformers.

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  25. YouTube Is An Influencer

    Jesus every ones got a video on YouTube these days & they cant wait to tell you how good your consolse is when its not & though this now 15 month old my Xbox One X is still gathering dust…

    Microsoft your are now officially shite & theres no justifying or standing up for you as you can't even go out of your way to secure enough exclusives for this console, as your too busy trying to get a piece of this BS of an All In One Unit that does all…

    Well the console delivers on the Apps & Multimedia side like films /drama/music streaming etc but where the are the F'n game's…

    I'm tired of hearing this BS of I'd rather play one Halo game than more PS4 Exclusives, as your are talking as much shite as Microsoft…

    Worst Console to Games Exclusives release in Gaming History – " Fact "& that's one that fanboy zealots can't ignore…

    Where did this childish alliance to one console come from as it's the same with the PS4, why would you deny yourself the chance to play everyone's games on all formats, & pledging alliance to one console is the most stupid thing in modern gaming …

    But in saying that with the amount of sheep out there willing to accept this mediocracy then Microsoft will keep getting away with not delivering the goods in the gaming department…

    Why so harsh you ask!

    Well I'm tired of this allegiance to one console as we need more than one console & one time for a healthy competitive market /coonsole manufactures bringing out multyple versions of one console & when games developers do make & release a game is so broken on launch day that it needs constant ongoing update patches to get it to work the way it should have on launch..

    Developer's of old would be ashamed to release games in the condition that nearly all developes are doing now & it's sad thing is it's become the norm now…

    What happened to games testers & good quality control as theres no need for this lazy half assed approach to making games, but then again when you get gamers paying the full amount of money upfront for Pre-Orders then your asking for trouble, as developers have a large portion of your money before they've even finished the game….

    Now if it was a 10% deposit in the way of a pre-order that'd make more sense as they'd have to deliver a good product to get the rest of your cash but no they want all the money upfront & in some cases that can be anything from £70 to £90 or more, especially if it's one of these Editions & these are another scam as all you get is very basic DLC & something as silly as an emote/theme or digital comics & this is what you get for paying twice the money, but not I…

    There's something seriously wrong with modern gaming & it's not as if developers don't know if they have consumers to buy their product as in fact it's the opposite & instead of thanking you by delivering a great game, they instead deliver a game that's either not finished half full of actual gaming content & they then want you to pay more for content that should have come with the game in the first place…

    Gaming is a farce that's driven purely by corporate greed & the ability if you can call it that to deliver a sub par product which you then have to keep buying all the extras for & that to me is a farce…

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