Top 10 FREE PC Games of 2018-2019 | whatoplay

Top 10 FREE PC Games of 2018-2019 | whatoplay

10. Insidia Free-to-Play games don’t get enough love
lately, especially when they’re not part of the Battle Royale craze. Bad Seed’s Insidia
has something to show when it comes to Player versus Player battles. This tactical game
of turn-based duels is similar to popular titles like XCOM, but instead of facing down
invading aliens, Insidia pits you against other players from around the globe in frenetic
turn-based battles. Gather your team of four champions and select
from a wide roster of unlikely heroes. Each has their own perks and abilities, but it’s
up to you to turn the tide of every battle. Every turn can make a difference so don’t
let your guard down and plan ahead. If you’re not in it for the competitive
field, it’s always a great game to just play casually. A playscore of 6.98
9. Closers This stylish hack and slash action RPG from
Naddic Games is something Anime fans would enjoy. It has its fair share of great Anime-ish
moments such as animated cutscenes, cute girls, and a whole lot of screaming. Its episodic
format adds some interesting story choices for each of its memorable characters. In this game, select your Closer, a slick
protector of the planet against alien threats. Every Closer has its own signature combat
style alongside weapons that are fit for each player’s playstyle. Its fast-paced action is the ideal game to
waste time with. You could also enjoy its variety of online modes such as Co-Op and
Player vs Player elements. A word of warning, microtransactions aren’t very friendly in
this game. There’s a lot to do here instead of the
usual beat ‘em up combat, and it receives a playscore of 7.11
8. Splitgate: Arena Warfare There’s still a whole lot of first person
shooters in the market and 1047 Games’ fast-paced multiplayer shooter is among the latest to
enter the territory. Mixing Portal’s ‘portal’ mechanics and Unreal Tournament’s blistering
action, Splitgate: Arena Warfare offers a brand new experience to first person arena-combat
with more options and strategies to choose from. It’s accessibility is built for both veteran
and first-time FPS players. Dive into its futuristic playground built using the Unreal
Engine 4. Maneuver in its action-packed maps with up to 10 players and rake up your top
frags and air-supremacy using only your first-person shooter skills. Like every other shooter,
it’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. It has a playscore of 7.31
7. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game CD Projekt Red is not only busy with their
upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, they’re also working very hard on their standalone version of The
Witcher III’s favorite mini-game, GWENT. This card-game is different from the game’s
version, instead, this is purely built for long-term service with a growing e-sport league.
Wage war against other players across multiple game modes. Each card and faction offer hundreds
of possibilities, all depending on your skill and maybe a bit of luck. The game is constantly updating, adding new
cards and features. Gwent’s changes will continue to shift the meta with each update
and give players enough rewards and replayability in each expansion. It’s also out on iOS
and the Android version is coming out soon. It receives a playscore of 7.49
6. The Darwin Project Scavenger Studios’ multiplayer survival slash
Battle Royale game that takes you into their dystopian post-apocalypse and play the challenger
inside their reality game show to the death. A familiar concept for Hunger Games fans,
The Darwin Project’s main focus is survival. Instead of just finding weapons and armor,
you’ll have to craft your way to victory in real-time. It’s a constant balancing act between vigilance
and creation. And just to make an awesome premise more interesting, each match also
has a spectating “director” player whose job is to spice up the competition by giving heals
and abilities to whoever player they choose. Wrapped in the now-familiar cartoon visuals,
The Darwin Project is both intense and unapologetically playful. It receives a playscore of 7.58
5. Cuisine Royale Yet another Battle Royale game on the list.
Darkflow Software’s Cuisine Royale is a game built for players who are still obsessed with
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG. It combines many things including realism, kitchen
materials, and ironically, magic. Be the
last-man standing as you face off against dozens of players in a massive arena full
of other players that are somehow better than you. Despite its comedic presentation, its
ballistic physics is pretty damn solid. You can shift between FPS or TPP if you want
to. It basically shares the same combat mechanics as PUBG, but its addition of Rituals and Magic
give more unpredictability to its already crazy moment to moment gameplay. It has a playscore of 7.70
4. Dota Underlords The sudden birth of the Auto-Chess genre opened
new doors for the gaming arena. Like the floodgates opening. Valve’s very own Auto-chess title
is among the many that entered the trend. A spin-off to their critically acclaimed MOBA
game, Dota 2, this takes your favorite heroes and champions from the game and transforms
the arena into a chess-like battlefield. Instead of inanimate pieces, you get to see a flurry
of magical attacks all around your screen with your chosen heroes. It’s kinda like
that one scene from Star Wars. It’s still among Steam’s most played games
in recent times and just recently, its addition of a Battle Pass and a Mobile version gives
more players the freedom and content to enjoy. A playscore of 7.80
3. Apex Legends EA’s and Respawn Entertainment’s lucky entry
to the Battle Royale bandwagon was unexpected but welcome. This Titanfall spin-off takes
you to a sadistic arena with a ragtag group of characters. Gather your squad of three
and begin the hunt as you choose from its wide variety of characters. It shares the
same hero-based strategy from Blizzard’s Overwatch, but puts more focus on its action-heavy
and skill-dependent mechanics. Become the legend as you remain the last one
standing in an arena of 60 people. Whether you want to take it slow, or aggressively,
the choice is up to you. Pick up that Mozambique, charge that ultimate ability, and engage in
a blazing firefight that’s enough to supercharge you until the next unlucky squad comes in
your way. EA’s continuous support for the game adds
more content every month. Its latest hero, Revenant, adds a shift to the game’s already
intense shootouts. A playscore of 7.91 2. Paladins The age of hero-shooters began when Blizzard’s
Overwatch came out in 2016. From then on, the market continues to push the trend even
further resulting in Hi-Rez’s very own take on the genre. Despite the saturated market for shooters,
Paladins came in at just the right time when people still care about hero-shooters. At
first, it had a lot of controversy due to it being an ‘Overwatch clone’ but over
the years it gained its own identity with more heroes and diverse multiplayer modes. On the surface, Paladins is a hero-shooter
but within its layers lies an in-depth skill system where you customize your Champions’
abilities using cards. You can choose what skills well-suited for your playstyle, providing
a fun yet complex gameplay mix. It receives a playscore of 8.03
1. The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit PC’s top game isn’t a massive MMORPG or
a hero-based shooter, it’s a simple story-driven adventure from the makers of the critically
acclaimed Life is Strange. DONTNOD Entertainment’s FREE prequel Demo
to Life Is Strange 2 is a short, somber, and sympathetic experience. It signifies DONTNOD’s
visual update that would pave the way for the Diaz Brothers’ journey in Life is Strange
2. In this 2-3 hour adventure, you play as a
young boy named Chris with a knack for imagination. His superhero alter-ego, Captain Spirit, is
adorable. Throughout the game, he goes on a superpowered quest to do his Sunday chores.
It’s creative, fun, and it adds so much potential to the Life is Strange universe. It receives a playscore of 8.46

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