Top 10 NEW Exploration Games of 2018

Top 10 NEW Exploration Games of 2018

video games are often a way to transport to another world the exploration element is often central hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks 10 exploration games you need to play in 2018 number 10 is Shadow of the Colossus a game that obviously has existed longer than just 2018 but still the remake that came out this year is just breathtaking and the best reason to play this game especially if you haven't if you have it's still worthwhile it's beautiful it's definitely the best version of this release but the kind of exploration that we have in a game like Shadow of the Colossus an empty lonely yet beautiful emotional aesthetic and mood fuelled experience it's a game that takes the fact that it isn't really a populated world and uses the environment and variety and sort of imagined history to tell a story that's really worth immersing yourself in and did I mention that the 2018 version looks absolutely breathtaking seriously play Shadow of the Colossus number nine is pillars of eternity two dead fire now pillars of eternity are kind of the Moors PC RPG C RPG type exploration you have to check out things for finding items and things like that but it's not just that there's also this element of sea exploration that involves a lot of management from your ship to your crew but it obviously also brings in all the pillars of eternity stuff which again is very similar to a lot of RPGs from the 1990s on the PC not that it's just a nostalgia trip or anything pillars of eternity too is a game that just flat-out is one of the better examples of its genre and it takes up some space in more than one genre than the original did number eight is Far Cry 5 and yes Far Cry is primarily in action games the exploration elements come through in the fact that they've actually perhaps done one of the more realized versions of America it's a really uninhabited area in Montana but you find gas stations and general stores and homes that actually feel like real live homes they leaned into the idea of encouraging you to explore more because you don't get objectives unless you do that the cool thing about that is by pushing you to explore you get to see so much beautiful stuff because this is easily one of Ubisoft's masterpieces as far as visuals go it's a step above and beyond for sure number seven is ninokuni – now this is a game that modernized itself really well it retains all of the best elements of a JRPG the goofy story the pretty visuals the aesthetics the music but it includes a lot more loot oriented mechanics and you see some of the Western influence but it's a particular in the exploration elements of the game this game gives you so much area to cover and it rewards you in a good way for doing so you end up finding more things to do finding more resources finding more items being able to build your kingdom much easier and honestly it's a more satisfying experience if you just slow down and smell the roses so to speak it's a beautiful game that is just well above and beyond visually speaking so many other of its competitors maintaining the studio ghibli look without actually even having studio ghibli on board in a large capacity anymore plus it's fun as hell no matter how you're playing it – you can end up playing it as an exploration game or go straight in on the RPG and action elements it's one of those games that gives you a lot to do and says here enjoy number six is the crew – which is literally a miniaturized version of the United States yes you drive around it and of course it's not the most accurate thing in the world on account it is a miniaturized version of the United States not the full United States but would you really want the entire United States all of the boring nothing in many of its areas as a game I don't think I would no matter how exciting the mechanics are and the crew twos mechanics aren't quite good but you can street race in Detroit la New York drag race down south you can off road in the desert there's so much to do and so much to see in this scam and you're not even limited just to cars you can bring in boats and planes and truthfully it's a weird but interesting look at all of these incredibly beautiful real things and you don't get all of that in one game ever really number five is no man's sky next which yes is not a 2018 game there's so much more in no man's sky next cell there are a lot of people that are really trying hard to lay into the fact that it's still fundamentally the same game but when you make the Sam game better I don't really understand the issue at its heart no man's sky has always been an exploration game however due to some of the promises and things that were said about it it really didn't live up to what they were saying now it does it's a great I mean really just a cool game it's the thing that I really wanted to be able to say when it came out I don't think any of us really wanted that explosion of controversy we wanted a good game and that was why it happened no man's sky next now generates a lot of different types of worlds in a better way that it used to and has a new questing structure multiplayer and third-person which I know doesn't really have anything to do with the exploration elements but this game is just it's infinitely better than it was before even before the next update it had already become quite a better game over time but next just puts this this is like a great space exploration game and if it's looked at in that way if you don't expect something that is not supposed to be at this point it's a hell of a lot of fun and you're going to see stuff that is just jaw-dropping number four is Spider Man the brand-new spider-man game is absolutely just gorgeous from Jake's impressions that we've seen of it so far and what he's had to say about it I am just beyond excited and some of the old spider-man games even when they weren't great games had the exploration element down but technical limitations prevented us remember getting like a big awesome New York City for him to web-slinging around and guess what we have got that now it's not completely to scale but it is a big city with a lot of famous landmarks as well as traffic and pedestrians that looks beyond cool plus the combat is just gonna keep me busy forever I think number three is fallout 76 an online sort of version of Fallout that actually does revolve heavily around exploration from the looks of it it seems a lot like the real point of the game will be getting society going after the first vault is opened in West Virginia and that means a lot of hey what's going on around us now the thing is this could be great and it could also be not great it may just be an empty fallout game without a lot of world to absorb leaning on the idea that you and your friends will enjoy it because it's fallout and you're doing it together I've seen the skepticism and I was very skeptical at first announcement but the more I've thought about it the more I thought this could actually go down well will it we don't know but it looks good it looks like a very unique environment for Fallout that we certainly haven't explored anything like this in fallout at any point before so at least it's an attempt at something new in a way that doesn't seem to be conforming to the industry trends as badly as I thought it might have when they first said what it was but we will see number two Assassin's Creed Odyssey if this is anything like my Sanskrit origins that means it's gonna be huge it's going to have a good amount of variety and that doesn't just mean landscape when you explore an assassin's creed origins you actually end up taking a lot of culture and history which is really interesting considering assassin's creed hasn't always been great about that despite being a historical fiction game sure it's always sort of traipse through the stories but Assassin's Creed origins I think gives you the ability to absorb more and if Odyssey is like that and all signs point to that being the goal I think honesty is gonna be freaking great origins was great I mean Assassin's Creed has been a lot better since they decided they aren't going to be just blowing them out their ass every five seconds and finally number one is Red Dead Redemption – which is the granddaddy of all the exploration games because it's the granddaddy of most types of games for the year the exploration elements that are gonna be present in Red Dead Redemption of course are probably going to be some of the main reasons why we want to stay in the world though the things we find in rockstar games the little details the locations the personality that the environment brings is always the reason why these games are so interesting long after their release they are a developer that is incredible at developing lived in places and knowing how that's played out in previous Red Dead games as well as knowing how much they've upped the ante with GTA over the years Red Dead Redemption – is probably going to be really intense in huge and dense and feel like something you need to see every inch of I am really excited for Red Dead Redemption – and really most of these games which ones are you most interested in playing this year leave us a comment let us know and if you like this video please click like if you're not subscribed now it of course be a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every day of the week and the best way to see them first is of course a subscription as always we thank you very much for watching this video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at Falcon a hero we'll see you next time right here on game ranks

37 thoughts on “Top 10 NEW Exploration Games of 2018”

  1. Just beat RDR2 two days ago and now I don’t know what to do with my life. lol. Beat Odyssey too. Exploration games are my life!

  2. What are you talking about? Assassins Creed is still very mass produced, Orgins and whatever the fuck the new one is called is like not even 2 years apart…

  3. Srsly, if you haven't played Witcher 3 yet, you're totally missing out on the most perfect and stunning open world game ever created

  4. No Man's Sky = Super Boring
    Everyone says the planets have variety but they really dont. From my playtimes the scope is very limited in real variety. You can probably see pretty much all types in a good long play session.
    I only visited maybe 100 and they are nearly all the same……. Very bland changes.

    We need a damn space sim with at least 80-120 hours of main story content that is very in depth, great, based upon player choices and actions. A living space sim would be best but thats prob to far stretched.

  5. I can't stop playing No Man's Sky after the NEXT update. It has become a masterpiece, with a beautiful and well written story and overhauled graphics and textures.

  6. Most of these games are not "Exploration Games" and this video contains a very bad list if that's what you're looking for.

  7. Seriously? Where’s tomb raider? You know, that game that IS exploration, with cities and jungles and everything

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