Top 10 Tomb Raider Games

Top 10 Tomb Raider Games

Conquering mighty beasts, travelling the globe and collecting artifacts Lara Croft has quite the extensive resume. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down countdown our picks for the Top 10 Tomb Raider Games. These are the games starring Lara Croft that best combine their pulp adventure stories with clever, puzzling, and often intense gameplay. Two conditions before we move on first, we will not be including any non-platforming games from the franchise we apologize to Puzzle Paradox Second, we are permitting the Lara Croft games as they fit in with the atmosphere and tone of the central Tomb Raider franchise Number ten “Tomb Raider: Chronicles” nostalgic defines this title more than anything Tomb Raider: Chronicles picks up where its predecessor left off as a memorial is held in Lara’s honor those closest to Miss Croft tell over various exploits which make up the varied vignette-like levels of the game more of a best-of compilation than grand innovator the game is still a fun if poignant reminder that our beloved heroine will never be forgotten she’s just gone for a while Number nine “Tomb Raider:The Last Revelation” not a bad note to end on this was Lara’s final hour pitted against her former mentor Werner Von Croy Lara is soon forced by her own error to reseal the egyptian God Seth in his tomb as per series tradition this means venturing accross Egypt and collecting the various pieces of the god’s Horus armor The Last Revelation returns Lara to tomb-raiding and makes small but valuable tweaks to the series smoother visuals, new abilities like rope-climbing and even the freedom to replay levels Number eight “Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft” Lara’s third outing proved the franchise still had charm to spare while on a expedition to India Miss Croft is drafted on a quest to locate and gather four polynesian artifacts by Dr. Mark Willard head of a mining company with personal interest in these affairs the game strenght lies partially in its outslandishness shifting from adventure to science fiction to horror and back again at the drop of a hat something can also be said for refining the experience as Adventures of Lara Croft adds new hazards and a sprint ability Number seven “Tomb Raider: Underworld” even in the darkest of times, greatness can shine through picking up after substantial development in her personal life Lara begins an expedition to find the realm of Avalon while her old foe Natla returns to cause her grief Tomb Raider: Underworld encapsulates payoff more than anything as its story serves as the closure to the setup of Legend and Anniversary that being said, the vibrancy of the jungles and temples, the increase in non-linear levels and the quite addition of melee combat all deserve celebration Number six “Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris” though different in appearance this is still a classic Lara Croft adventure Lara is forced to cooperate with her rival Carter Bell as well as the freed gods Osiris and Isis in order to prevent the more malevolent god Set rise to power Temple of Osiris uses the top-down platforming template to great effect filling its world with puzzles that inspire player cooperation and explorable temples that feel lively enough to be characters in their own right Number five “Tomb Raider: Legend” as the curtain closes on one story, it opens on the next Legend takes Lara back to basics with the globe-trotting search for the pieces of the excalibur slowly peeling back the cover to reveal a more personal mystery at the story core this series reboot also continues the tradition of introducing new mechanics such as the grappling hook and quick time events while drawing newcomers to the series with a kinder, more lively Lara Croft Number four “Tomb Raider” 1996 sometimes the classics never go out of styke even if their control schemes do the setup here is simple Lara gets a call from famed noble Jacqueline Natla asking for assistance in the search for a lost artifact called the Scion of Peru However, the road ahead is complicated by deception, devious plotting and the presence of mythological figures nothing about the experience gets too overwhelming though Lara takes everything in stride and the game succeeds thanks to its fairy locales clever puzzles and its willingness to let the players proceed at their own pace number three “Tomb Raider: Anniversary” it’s a celebration for one heck of a legacy per the guidelines of being a remake Tomb Raider: Anniversary follows the same plot as the first game Lara is still tasked with locating the Scion artifact in Peru but soon finds herself embroiled in an international hunt while set in the same locations this particular adventure benefits from a high definition make-over that brings out the natural beauty of its environments it merges the more fluid controls of Legend with the classic puzzles of the original Tomb Raider evidently, a match made in heaven Number two “Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft” this installment puts Lara on the hunt for the mythic dagger of Zion and was the series peak for the entire classic series this adventure pits Lara against the Fiamma Nera cult climaxing in a fight against a dragon and even taking the fight to Lara’s mansion for some sweet-sweet home field action violence and conflict being more prevalent in this story it’s a natural evolution for Lara Croft’s second outing to focus more on combat introducing vehicle sections and weapons like the M-16 and grenade launcher however, the game also gave players new ways to platform like mid-air rolling and wall-climbing a godsend for the future of the series before we unveil our top pick here are few honorable mentions Number one “Tomb Raider” 2013 shifting from globe-trotting adventure to grim thriller this second reboot to the Tomb Raider franchise acts as an origin story for Miss Croft in the wake of an expected shipwreck (are they ever expected) Lara is forced to come into her own as she explores a mysterious island and uncovers its mysteries throughout the combination of intense action set pieces grim story turns, picturesque environments and Lara’s inspiring development into an empowered heroine Tomb Raider 2013 proves to be a tour de force for the franchise Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite Tomb Raider adventure? for more swashbuckling Top Tens published every day be sure to subscribe to

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  1. Adding stealth in Tomb Raider 2013 was a great idea. The characters when they died in the cutscenes kinda felt like playing the Wolverine for instance the loved ones always dies because of his ability

  2. WORST TO BEST havent played rise or shadow yet because they more of the same as reboot

    Angel of darkness(worst) – ONLY TERRIBLE TOMB RAIDER GAME






    TOMB RAIDER 2013



    TR4 (BEST)

  3. In my opinion, Tomb Raider Legend is very important on this list! This game of the Tomb Raider franchise should have been in this list, because it was the "revolution" game of the Tomb Raider series. And, you should put Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness in the honorable mention, maybe it's the most wrong and false Tomb Raider, but… In my opinion, I think this Tomb Raider has a good plot and that was a very interesting game. Sorry for my bad English, I'm French 😉

  4. Fagg0T GamesReviewer

    As I see it, here should be the top 5 because I've played them and even beat 2013 Tomb Raider.

    5) Tomb Raider Last Revelation: Better conceptually and controls-wise than Chronicles. Better story than Chronicles

    4) Tomb Raider 2: Just a badass sequel with memorable levels like Venice, the hideout, and I just loved the general immersion of the game as well as controllable vehicles and wide array of firearms you can use throughout

    3) Tomb Raider Legend: Everything you loved about the original 5 games on PS1 without the tank controls and having to zoom in with special guns, and overall a super solid entry from the early to mid 2000s.

    2) Very easily 2013 Tomb Raider: Decently-depicted Lara Croft, a great big arsenal of weapons to use, and of course the emphasis on exploring tombs while being outdoorsy fun.

    1) Tomb Raider 1996: A masterpiece though responsiveness in moving Lara is atrocious in 2018, great emphasis on puzzle solving, killing wolves and other oddly mystical creatures such as the dragon-looking creatures near the last level. High degree of challenge and replayability makes you want to come back for more as well as very nostalgic locations within most every level. I played OG Tomb Raider on PS3 and with the smoothing effects and other optimization it's a joyful game to behold!

  5. This list is sooooooo watchmojo, you had a misstep their putting tomb raider 2 on th second spot instead of the first, no to mention the rest of the list. Nice & classic watchmojo bullshit.

  6. Tomb raider underworld model had the best tits in the series. In terms of still big (unlike the reboot) but not exaggerated (like TR, PS1). Yes I'm judging a game character IDC lol

  7. I guess Rise Of The Tomb Raider wasn't included, though it was released Nov 10, 2015, just one day before you posted your video. Then I agree with you that Tomb Raider (2013) was best up to that point. My personal favorite is "Rise", but Tomb Raider (2013) is very close, it's nearly as good. I play "shadow" now and I'm not sure if it surpasses "Rise" but it has its moments.

  8. I loved Underworld and Legend I have just Brought Tomb Raider, Rise Of Te Tomb Raider and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Which I Have yet to play.Love action adventure games have played and finished all of the Uncharted games So I know I will love the new Tomb Raider games I have.

  9. I hate that tomb raider 2013 was #1. It may me a great game on its own. But it’s not a tomb raider game. I miss the old TR games that had free world exploration and puzzles.

  10. I loved exploring the mansion on the older games, especially finding the secret rooms and unlocking the four wheeler on tomb raider two.
    Havent been able to do that stuff for a long time in the series.

  11. anniversary was the best for took the original tomb raider and improved in every way…making the best one even better

  12. a random indonesia dude in an english video

    This Is My Favorite
    1.Tomb Raider 2
    2.Tomb Raider Legend
    3.Tomb Raider Anniversary
    4.Tomb Raider Underworld
    5.Tomb Raider 2013
    6.Tomb Raider AOD
    Edit:The 2013 Are Awesome But Its Not On Number One

  13. I like Really like Tomb Raider 1. Tomb Raider 2. Tomb Raider 3 Tomb Raider Legend. Tomb Raider Anniversary. But I Really like all them. Because I am #1 fan.

  14. I'm a big fan of The Last Revelation and I'm always surprised that It stands so low in such lists. TLR is an amazing game because:

    – It has a great atmosphere that really grows into you. Egypt is the best environment for Tomb Raider and the game really gives you time to get in the right mood and feel the loneliness and mystery (I'm not a big fan of the whole "world traveling" thing of other TR or Uncharted. One good setting is enough, this is why I liked The Lost Legacy). Il Cairo has the darkest levels I've ever seen in a non-horror game.

    – It's the most puzzle-oriented TR that I've played with a lot of (sometimes difficult) enigmas, few shootings and no real bosses (just a few puzzle bosses).

    – Even after many years, it has a simple but consistent and compelling story with no real blunders. I can't say the same for the other TR's of the playstation era.

    – It really nailed the "non linear levels" thing. Of course every puzzle has only one solution and most times there is only one way to progress but at the time it was amazing to go back and forth between levels, especially in the Alexandria of Egypt part. Backtracking is nice when there is good game design.

    – It was also the first TR to dig into Lara's past introducing young Lara and Werner Von Croy. He's a great character and I'm surprised that he isn't a staple in the franchise.

    This is why I'm waiting for a remaster that will probably never happen.

  15. 10 – Tomb Raiders from game boy

    9 – Tomb Raider Chronicles

    8 – Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

    7 – Tomb Raider III

    6 – Tomb Raider Legend

    5 – Tomb Raider Underworld

    4 – Tomb Raider Anniversary

    3 – Tomb Raider 1

    2 – Tomb Raider II

    1 – Shadow of the Tomb raider

  16. I love the reboot trilogy. Lara has a better personality. Just got done playing 2013 & Shadow for the 4-5th time. Replaying Rise currently.

  17. TombRaider Hardcore

    For me…
    5. Rise of Tomb Raider
    4. Tomb Raider Legend
    3. Tomb Raider 2013
    2. Tomb Raider 2 Dagger of Xian
    1. Tomb Raider 3!!!

  18. Well since my first PlayStation was the 3, so my list is: Anniversary, Underworld, Legend, Tomb Raider (2013), Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Lara Croft: Curse of Osiris.

  19. So far Tomb Raider Anniversary is the genuine tomb raider game in terms of remake/remaster before the newest reboot in 2013.

  20. Viktoria Szałata

    Rise of the Tomb Raider is the one I love the most <3 From the older ones I love Legend, AOD and Underworld 🙂

  21. for me its
    1:Tomb Raider the last revelations
    2:tomb raider underworld
    3:tomb raider anniversary
    4:tomb raider angel of darkness (dont judge me i loved the story even tho it was unfinished)
    5:tomb raider 2
    6:tomb raider chronicles
    7:shadow of the tomb raider
    8:tomb raider legend
    9:lara croft go
    10:lara croft and the temple of osiris

  22. JamieCloughGaming

    This Watch Mojo list is an absolute insult to the entire Tomb Raider Community! Anniversary 3rd what the fuck it should never be that high on any list of any kind except a list of worst games ever! Whilst one of the truly great Tomb Raiders TR4 is 9th that's as insult-ant as fuck I'll put up my much better 2014 Top ten TR list from my blog

    Note: Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are not included as they were not out in 2014 plus I haven't completed them yet nor have I even played Rise currently playing Shadow and its good.

    1. Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation
    2. Tomb Raider III: The Adventure’s Of Lara Croft
    3. Tomb Raider (1996)
    4. Tomb Raider II: Staring Lara Croft
    5. Tomb Raider (2013)
    6. Tomb Raider: Chronicles
    7. Tomb Raider: Legend
    8. Tomb Raider: Underworld
    9. Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness
    10. Tomb Raider: Anniversary

    Read the entire thing here!

  23. Sorry to burst your bubbles but the new TR games are trash. Lost interest after Anniversary which imo was a shit remake. PS1 TR games were the best ones, that is FACT. The ones today are way too easy and Lara is basically a whiny pussy feminist anymore. Plus shes got no ass or tits anymore because of feminazis. Last good TR game was Legends. After that, the series went to shit. Tomb Raider 2 was the best TR game of all time and any true fan that has been playing these games since 1996 can agree with me

  24. My list
    1. Tomb Raider 2
    2. Tomb Raider 3
    3. Tomb Raider The Last Revelation
    4. Tomb Raider 1
    5. Tomb Raider Legend
    6. Tomb Raider Chronicals
    Everything else sucked including the 2013 reboot which i thought was just as bad if not worse than Angel of Darkness. Sorry but this series has been a major let down for me and this is coming from someone who for the longest time considered Tomb Raider and the Legacy of Kain franchises my favorite games of all time

  25. So rise of the tomb raider and shadow of the tomb raider aren’t good enough to qualify or at least make the honourable mentions?

  26. I still say the original tomb raider ps1/saturn/PC is the best. It will test the best of us when play this iconic game.

  27. Tomb raider 3 is the best TR and possibly the greatest game ever made, TR1 2nd best and TRTLR 3rd, all the rest are for noobs

  28. Have you guys actually played these games? 2 > 1? Get fucked…also scion was never pronounced like sy-on, it's literally ski-on as pronounced in the fucking game.

    Suggest you play before you say.

  29. my list is

    1.Tomb raider underworld

    2.Tomb raider Legend

    3.Tomb raider 1996

    4.Tomb raider chronicles

    5.Tomb raider the last revelation

    6.Tomb raider III

    7.Tomb raider Angel of darkness

    8.Tomb raider anniversary

    9.Tomb raider II

    10.Rise of the tomb raider

    11.Shadow of the tomb raider

    12.Tomb raider 2013

  30. Last Revelation is my favorite… was skeptical about 2013 but I started it yesterday… all these reviews say it's good tho so I'm gonna give it a shot. 🙂

  31. Underworld was AWESOME. Loved it. Legend and Anniversary, too. I love the gameplay of the current trilogy, for as for her character–ugh! I'd rather hangout with Nathan any day.

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