Top 25 Upcoming Games of March 2019 on PC, PS4, Switch & XB1 | whatoplay

Top 25 Upcoming Games of March 2019 on PC, PS4, Switch & XB1 | whatoplay

What’s up guys. I’m Earnest and we’re welcoming Spring
with a list of 25 Games coming this March for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch. Here they are arranged by their release dates. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove A 25 year old game makes its comeback with
this upcoming fourth entry that hopefully has all of its cartoon silliness intact. Bringing into view the unmistakably 90s aesthetic,
take control of their 9 playable characters including the iconic Toejam and Earl. Refining the quirks of the classic ryhthm-based
minigames, it’s set to release this March 1st. Treasure Stack With pixelakes action game, puzzling doesn’t
have to be a solo activity. Offering both singleplayer and multiplayer
game modes, it turns the whole relaxing block-puzzling on its head. Whether its 4 player couch party competition
or online domination, you’ll be testing your skills in their frenetic, pixel-powered arenas. Find it on the Switch this March 1st. Left Alive A spiritual successor to Square Enix’s lackluster
2010 shooter, Front Mission Evolved, this upcoming title returns to the universe with
what most hope will be better writing and improved combat. Judging from its trailers, the game certainly
has that triple A look, with its stunning portrayal of a war-torn Novo Slava and seemingly
branching storylines. Still forgettable and unimpressive, we can’t
wait to see what you think of it when it releases on the PC and PS4 this March 5th. My Little Riding Champion All your pony dreams are coming true this
March. A casual game that simulates the idyllic equestrian
life, My Little Riding Champion has over 15 hours of gameplay spread over its quiet open
world. Learn to take care of your beloved horses
and conquer the stage in their various competitions. A quiet casual game for the pony enthusiast
on the Switch, it’s coming out this March 5th. Total War: Three Kingdoms In this coming entry, the Total War series
explores the orient with a fascinating dive into Chinese-style imperialism. There will eleven factions up for control,
each headed by their respective legendary Warlords. The Guanxi system of interrelationships will
come to play as you conquer with diplomacy and might. A romantic like at a global superpower’s history,
it’s coming to the PC this March 6th. Devil May Cry 5 11 years after Devil May Cry 4’s release,
CAPCOM’s love child returns to their critically acclaimed hack and slash. Continuing Nero and Dante’s story in the previous
game, this will the be the first in the series to feature three playable characters with
their own unique stories and abilities. An exciting new installment to the demon-slaying
hack and slash, you’ll find it on the shelves this March 8th. One Piece: World Seeker An open-world One Piece game is just what
everyone needs right now. Bandai Namco’s take on Eiichiro Oda’s
masterpiece takes you to the great seas of the NEw World. Enter a whole new story made especially for
the game, and live it in Luffy’s point of view. An open world reunion of your favorite Straw
Hat pirates, it’s set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One this March 15th. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 The virus spreads into the capital in this
sequel to Tom Clancy’s outbreak containment series. This installment offers almost double the
content of the original with a 40 hour campaign storyline, three Dark Zones for all-out eight
player raids, and a free post-launch DLC that includes story missions and upgrades to their
PvP mode. Ready your hazmats as it releases on the PC,PS4,
and Xbox One on March 15th. The Caligula Effect: Overdose First released on the PS Vita, this Atlus
JRPG is coming to new platoforms in renewed form. Still covering the same Japanese High School
setting, play as a character trapped in a VR program and help them escape the twisted
world with their signature dungeon crawling and turn-based combat. Coming packed with new scenes, endings, and
the brand new female protagonist, it’s a new look at an established universe and it’s coming
this Mar 15th. The Sinking City Get out your chanting robes as Frogwares awakens
the Lovecraftian monster in this latest IP. Sinking into the realm of dreams and nightmares,
Sinking City borrows from HP Lovecraft’s numerous literary contributions to spark death and
terror into their gray open world. An open world psychological thriller, there’s
a lot of improvement in terms of graphics and animations, but hopefully it gets fixed
when it comes out on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Mar 21st. SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice While their name will forever be tied to their
genre defying RPGs Bloodborne and Dark Souls, with this latest IP, FromSoftware seeks to
impress the world with something entirely new. Set in a Sengoku era Japan, it follows a Sekiro
on his journey for vengeance using stealth, prosthetic limbs, and lazarus-like powers. Compared to their previous hits, this is shaping
up to be a more mobile combat experience, possibly sprinkled with the punishing quality
of Dark Souls. It’s coming out on the PC,PS4, and Xbox One
this Mar 22nd. Deponia From the makers of Shadow Tactics Blades of
the Shogun and Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, Daedalic Entertainment brings us
the first in a series of acclaimed point-and-click puzzles. Centered around Rufus, help him escape the
landfills of Deponia and find a way to Elysium. Coming to the Switch on March 23rd. The Princess Guide Who said princesses can’t be knights too? From NIS America, this RPG lets you take control
of four princesses training to take part in the coming war. With four different princesses, there’s also
four times the story. Pick from their varying personalities and
make choices that will affect their fates and abilities. Hone your military strategies and make the
perfect princess knight when it comes to the PS4 and Switch on March 26th. Outward Pouring a huge dose of realism on the otherwise
fantastical role-playing genre, Outward is a survival game cloaked in medieval magic. Where food and water are usually compared
to strength, skill, and grit, Outward turns them into prerequisites to survival. Sure, there’s still epic monster fights and
life-threatening battles, the added layer of resource management is a nice and unique
touch. It’s coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 26th. Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers
of The New World Following the alchemists that came before,
the 20th anniversary spinoff brings together all your favorite characters in the innovative
city building adventures of Nelke. Tasked to govern in exchange for fulfilling
her alchemical fascinations, build a village into a flourishing town center with the help
of the many alechemists in town. Looking back on the series’ long history in
a fresh way, it’s up for a Western release on Mar 26th. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame This videogame adaptation of Warner Bros awesome
animated comedy is back for more LEGO hijinks. Set after the events of the second movie,
Emmet and friends go beyond their world to save their friends from alien monsters. Use the game’s signature LEGO building gameplay
and be a master builder. Already released on the PC and consoles last
February, it’s finally release on the Switch this Mar 26th. Xenon Racer
If formula racing in the future is what you want, this game will deliver. Another high speed racing game is coming to
the PC and consoles next month care of A product of an indie studio, they definitely
didn’t skimp on visuals with its smooth framerates and jawdropping graphics. We’ll see how it performs on each platform
when it comes out on March 26th. PlanetSide Arena Set in the famously massive arenas of the
PlanetSide universe, PlanetSide Arena takes on a different kind of multiplayer modes with
Massive Clashes and, of course, Battle Royale, which offers the same 100 person battle of
the fittest. Massive Clashes on the other hand is 1000
player arena, with 500 people on each team. Staying true to their roots, it’s coming to
the PC on March 26th. Windscape Currently on Steam Early access, Windscape
is a gorgeous looking adventure game that aims to capture the wonders of Nintendo’s
Legend of Zelda. Play as the mysterious young girl and help
her find what’s causing her beautiful universe to fall apart. Take on challenging dungeons and bosses in
their open world and use the crafting system to make food, create weapons and so much more. Brimming with potential, it’s official release
will be on March 27th for the Xbox One, Switch, and PC. FUN! FUN! Animal Park Who doesn’t love animals and FUN! First released on the Switch exclusively for
Japan, Aksys Games and Nippon Columbia have teamed up to bring the animal themed videogames
to the west. Led by bunny and lion, get a tour of the animal
amusement park with modes like Solo, One Match, and Tour. Get it on your Switches this March 28th. Yoshi’s Crafted World Following in the footsteps of Paper Mario,
Yoshi lives the colorful papercraft life his newest title. Developers Good-Feel push us into their miniature,
diorama-like universe, with pretty much the same Yoshi activities that we all loved. See the world from different perspectives
and conquer the spatial challenges by going forwards and backwards through levels. Previously announced to come this Spring,
Nintendo has recently confirmed release this Mar 29th. Tropico 6 Step inside the shoes of the benevolent dictator,
El Presidente, in this latest installment. Aside from becoming more inclusive with a
choice of male or female characters, Tropico 6 also promises bigger landscapes, new roads,
infrastructures, and world-renowned tourist spots in their new archipelagic lands. Going through the four different eras and
upping the realism with fully simulated citizens, the balance between progress and peace is
all the more necessary. It’s coming out on the PC this March 29th Iron Marines From the makers of Kingdom Rush, Ironhides
Studios’ move to the RTS genre is also making its way from the smartphone to the PC. Taking strategy to new heights, Iron Marines
takes out to a futuristic dystopia that’s wrapped in their signature cartoony artstyle. Though its no starcraft game, their Android
and iOS versions were highly praised by critics and gamers for its balanced units, challenging
campaigns, and addictive quality. A worthy alternative, it’s coming out this
Mar 29th Steven Universe: Save the Light / OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes 2 Games in 1 Two of your favorite Cartoon Network series
bundled into one. Join in the cartoon fun as you help Steven
and gems in their RPG quests around Earth and the crystal worlds, or become the best
hero you can be in K.O.’s inspiring beat ’em up storyline. No official release date yet you but it’s
set to release sometime next month Before we reveal the last game, you can check
out the complete list of upcoming games on our website, Links in the top right corner and the description
box below. Assassin’s Creed III Remastered A rerelease to their 2012 titile, Ubisoft
invites us to Look at the American Revolution with new eyes. Centered around the native american Assassin,
Connor, this remaster will hopes to refresh the experience with some visual and mechanical
tweaks for its entrance to the new gen. Purchased together with the Odyssey Season
Pass or as a standalone title, it’s coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 2019 And those were the 25 Upcoming Games for March
2019. If you loved this video, don’t forget to
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  1. The only one that interests me is Tropico 6.
    I played the old ones so much even my wife referred to me as El Presidente!!

  2. Looking forward to Sinking City. Possibly Sekiro will be bought soon after launch.

    DMC5 looks cool, but I need to catch up on prior games in the series first.

    mixed feelings on Left Alive. No interest in Division 2.

  3. I'm like okay Battle Royale is here is going to die out soon it don't seem like it's dying out Battle Royale was taking over storylines and is making me sick of it

  4. Nelke & The Legends Alchemists: A.o.T.N.W. is the only game worth playing in this list honestly. Everyone reading this comment can look that up and skip the vid.

  5. So many great games in Q1 this year! In addition to 5 or 6 games on your list, I'm also looking forward to Dead or Alive 6 (Mar 1), Zanki Zero (Mar 19), and Fate/Extella Link (Mar tba).

  6. Whoever made this list sucks doing their job! I wouldn’t play 95% of the crap that was listed. You must be like 14 or something…

  7. YES OUTWARD! first channel (I've seen) to shout out this CO-OP Souls-like game. Trying to spread awareness for some post launch content, get those sales going! (On the 26th)

  8. For me personally Sekiro is the only day one buy on the list. I trust Miyazaki and I trust From Software to deliver something well worth my 60 dollars. A couple others on the list I might pick up in the future when I catch them on sale

  9. The only games I like are division 2 Lego movie 2 one piece that battle royal game Yoshi's crafted world Steven universe STL add-on add-on creed 3 and that's it

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