Top 5 November 2018 New Video Game Releases for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

Top 5 November 2018 New Video Game Releases for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

Top 5 November Game Releases
2018 is quickly drawing to an end, but don’t fret! There are plenty of new games still coming
this year. October had some fire titles like AC Odyssey,
Mega Man 11, Forza Horizon 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the latest Call of Duty installment
– Black Ops. So sit down, kick back and prepare yourself
for this chronological list of the hottest November game releases. Ride 3. October might have had one the hottest car racing games of the year, but November is bringing the latest installation of the ride Ride series. Ride 3 will feature over 230 different bikes
from 30 brands and 70 of them have never been featured in a Ride game before. Ride 3 includes 7 categories of bikes including
2 strokes, historic bikes, super moto and even cruisers! The game features 30 different global tacks
that have been precisely recreated through the magic of photogrammetry and drone scanning. The single player career features 50 series and each will show you a different side of
the motorcycling world. Test yourself in online time attacks or go
head to head with other players in classic races. Hitman 2 Agent 47 is back at again in the sequel to
2016’s Hitman. Get ready to dress up in ridiculous costumes
and use stealth to take down high-profile targets all over the world. Hitman 2 features 6 missions situated in 6
different settings. The iteration of Hitman features a co-op mode
called Sniper Assassin where players are required to take down targets with a sniper rifle within a time limit. And if that’s not enough content for you,
no need to worry, two DLC expansions are already in the works. So shave your head, scan a barcode, and get
ready for Hit Man 2 Fallout 76 Country Road take me home, to Appalachia…
the setting of the upcoming Fallout 76, which is going to be a prequel to the entire series,
even though it is the 9th game carrying the Fallout moniker. Fallout 76 is designed around the multiplayer
experience, allowing you to team up with 3 other players and take on the West Virginia
inspired landscape as bring down mutant monsters and other hostiles. Don’t worry kiddos, the game let’s you
go it alone offline mode. This time around, Fallout 76 let’s you collect
nuclear launch codes and fire ICBMs with nuclear payloads anywhere on the map to add to the fallout. With a map 4 times bigger than Fallout 4,
a new card-based perks for SPECIAL countless new features and enemies to face off against,
Fallout 76 just might be the post-apocalyptic game we’ve been waiting for. Battlefield V Regardless of which side of the inclusion
vs historical accuracy argument you stand on. It is undeniable that BF 5 is bringing some
tight gunplay and exciting FPS action this fall. This latest installment changes multiple gameplay
aspects moving the series from a more run and gun experience to a tactical squad based experience. The attrition mode causes players to spawn
with less ammo making the hunt for ammunition an additional difficulty after a surviving
a few firefights. Another addition is the ability to construct
defensive structures anywhere on the battlefield like foxholes, sandbags, and tank stoppers. Engineers are especially gifted in terms of
building structures, they can build offensive ones like machine gun nests and build the
rest quicker. BF 5 is looking to be one of the biggest shooters
of the year, and the new mechanics should really spice up the experience. Artifact Valve is releasing a new game, and no it’s not Half Life 3 nor any other 3rd installment. The team is bringing a new card game to steam
and in true valve style, they aim to bring something fresh and polished to the genre. Artifact is trading card game with almost
300 cards that you can sell and buy on the community marketplace. Meaning that you can dump some weight from
your deck or get your dream card without opening a million packs. The game features many MOBA inspired elements
like lanes, heroes, and creeps. The player wins when they are the first two
destroy two of their opponent’s towers. The lanes function like 3 independent games
going simultaneously and requires players to manage three strategies at once. There’s a lot of hype behind Artifact. How do you think it will stack up against
Hearhstone and Elder Scrolls Legends? Honorable mentions include Spyro Reignited
Trilogy, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/ Let’s Go Eevee, and Darksiders 3
So that’s it for our list. Let us know what you think of our choices? How hyped are you? Make sure to subscribe for more videos like this.

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