Top similar games like clash of clans (part 2)

Top similar games like clash of clans (part 2)

hey what’s up guys this is Dibyo Kalita and
I’m back with the second part of the video and we were in the search of a
game as good as clash of clans and this is the second part and if you haven’t
seen the first part then I have the link to that video in the description you
must see the first part also and the first part had seven games and
those seven games had damn awesome features that clash of clans never had
okay and now focusing on the second part the
second part also has seven games and those seven games are really good and
out of those seven games 2 are let me tell you guys 2 are really addicting and
three of them are good and the two of them are more than good so you know you
have to find the addicting two games out of all so we have a lot of things to do the first game that I’m going to show
you is era of war and this game is a clone of clash of clans most of the
features of this game matches with COC well yes this game is on
features too I’m going to tell you that but most of
the things matches with COC now this is the multiplayer mode and you
have to depend on your own troops that’s usual now I’ll show you the
unusual stuff well if you see the campaign mode then you get some free
troops you don’t have to train these troops just use them and if you nail the
base down using these troops then you will get the reward
well that’s only profit no investment Wow and I like the graphics well the
graphics is not bad I liked it
and okay the next thing is that you can play wars five vs. five that’s a small number and a useful
one as well because most of the clans don’t even have you know 10 members so
this is a good thing now when I played this game for the
first time it was in Vietnamese yes and I managed to you know make it English
because even the settings you know lie in the exact same location
like that of clash plans so as this game matches with COC really a lot
so if you are finding a game just like clash of clans then this is the game you
guys should look for so guys this was the era of war now a lot you know takes
a lot of time so let’s just get into the next game
okay so this is the second game and this game is Clash of Heroes and I’ll be
honest with you guys this game is average and this game has not attracted
me so much well this game is lagy you know the most good thing about this game
I like is that loading stuff really and I did’nt like anything else now
I’ll show you the attack well I think this game may have some potential but
currently is average and actually you can see the graphics are pretty much
not good good acting okay but let’s focus on the
attack now those are the turrets and you have a levitating field in the sky
really and there’s a track and I guess you’ll be able to upgrade it
and get some bonus but later on not now anyways guys I’ll not use any more time
in this game you have seen everything so let’s go to 3rd game so guys this was the
Clash of Heroes the third game in our list is the battle for the galaxy well
in the beginning of the video I told you guys that there are two brilliant and
addicting games and let me really get one of those two games is this one well
if you see the graphics then you see that these things almost look realistic
also this game not only has the graphics but also a very good concept now I’ll
show you that you are able to see the location at which you are at now this is
cool not only this thing but also you are
able to see the country position of yourself not only the country position you
are also able to see the country at (which you’re NOT) position at which your
country is and if you want to do something for your country in this
well get some trophies and rank up you country
now this is a cool stuff because I play games a lot and you know by playing games if
i am able to at least i am able to rank up my country then this is a
cool stuff and every game should have this thing this is really cool okay so now
these are the troops this game has brilliant troops the troops look good they attack cool and this game
cool okay now let’s attack someone so most
of the people are named as nomads because they haven’t sign in you know
I’ve found a lot opponents like Normads they haven’t signed their email id and
that’s how this ”nomad” if then they will get the name that anybody has okay anyways guys so let’s now attack this and I think I
will be able to get this base really quickly because this base the player did not
build the walls okay so and another stuff of this game is war is also depending
on trophies. This game is not leggy there are some games okay which
have bad graphics but you know they are leggy but if you see this game this
game has just brilliant graphics but it does not lag this is really really cool
okay I like this thing when everything is done the troops just scatter okay now
let’s go home and I’ll tell you another stuff of this game now there are daily
leagues okay so if you finish up when the time runs up if finish up at top then or
top 5 or if you win the league then you can see that you will get some modules
okay the modules are the weapons special weapons it and you can you know use those modules
in the hands of your troops and you know your troops will attack better or you
can give those modules to the defensive buildings that’s all your defense will
be better this game has really really good concept
so guys this was a the battle for the galaxy the game number four is forge of
Empires and guys looking at this game you can see the graphics are pretty much
decent now I’ll tell you about the concept of this game well in this game
in the lab you have to upgrade every single technology so it’s advanced
now you can this rush your town hall directly also you can change your face
here now this face will represent you so you can choose it by yourself okay this
is the barrack and barrack currently support one unit and I think when you
upgrade that then i think you will get more unit to that now guys this game is not
that game where you go to the enemy base and attack on that it’s not like that
but you fight with the enemy on the battle field like this now guys I haven’t got
the sequence of this game on which I have to put my troops for the best
result but I think I have to keep them in a straight line to get the best
results now guys another thing about this game is that you have to keep your
citizens happy now if you can’t keep do that then I think they will not work for
you to keep the citizens happy you will have to you can build some sculptures or
there are many thing to do that so it this is another stuff and the thing is that
there is energy stuff so when the energy runs out the citizens will not work for you
that’s the another thing so guys this game has some good concept so guys
use any more time in this game the name of the game was forge of Empires now
let’s go to the game number 5 the game number 5 is war incorporated and guys to
me this game is average now this game is you know the graphics of this game is
average as well as the concept is also average
now there are other games with you know low graphics but however the concept was
good but in this case both are average so guys i will just now attack a
base and I will deploy everything I have let’s deploy that ship and see what it
has got I don’t know what it has it has two robots and a tiny
cockroach which is going for their resources yes woaw okay I’ll just leave everything
you know deploy everything I have okay so this is okay the explosions are kind of good but and the troops also look good however as a total as a whole this game
is not that good-looking okay this game has some potential so
guys this is number six dominations and this game is a really addicting one that
I was talking about in the beginning of the video this is the second addicting
game now I will show you the features of this game
firstly see the mercenaries actually the troops mercenaries are the troops that
you hire not the troops that you train and there are lots and lots of
mercenaries you get the troops from Stone Age to the Space Age yep oh yeah
and these are true that you train okay but this is not the end of the
troops you get some troops by completing the event also you know there are five
steps and if you complete the fifth step then you are able to get access to a
special type of barrack this barrack is not usually available in this game but
if you can complete the event then you are able to get access to those special troops to
through that barrack okay another thing okay now this is the town center and you
know my town center you know aims at the enemy and fire on them this is
because I have I am in the Japan okay I’ll tell you about this later in the video but let’s focus on the other thing is that there are
no builders in this game but there are people and people live in these huts and
more huts means more people means more progress quickly now the only thing is
that there is a dock okay and in most of the games there’s a river but there is no
use of that but in this game there is a dock and you can send people to expedition
and when the people come back then they bring some rewards and some troops also
and tactics also oh this is another thing now guys let’s attack
someone okay now before the opponent comes I will tell you about more about
this game is that uh you know you can play wars pretty easily just like of COC and you know most of the times when I don’t play COC I am at
this game okay so let’s attack this guy okay and
the good thing about this game is that when the troops you deploy in the game
if the survive then they come back to your army camp they just don’t disappear
like that of COC this is a cool stuff okay so there are lots of
tactics actually and those elephants are the mercenaries that I was talking a lot
of hiring you know you can hire elephants also and there are lots I
think there was a heavy elephant also really something like armor on it but
the elephants are really durable okay now I will tell you about the nation
feature it is that you know in this game you are able to you know choose your
nation and every nation has its own advantages like I have chosen my
nation as Japan then you know yep I told you that my town center fires on the
enemy that’s the thing and I get more peace treaty or you can say more longer
shield now if I was in China then I would have got more people or if I was in Rome
than my army capacity would who have been you know more than this more than
the normal one so guys there are lots of nations and every nation has its own
benefits and advantage so choose your nation wisely the nation that
suits you so guys I will not use any more time in this game so guys this was
the addicting game number two domination now the last game in the list is clash
of zombies and let me go guys this game has pretty much good graphics and the
content for this game is pretty much ok what I will say now most of the features
of this game match with COC but the thing is that this game has a
really long list of heroes now from the beginning you will get some good heroes
actually get them unlocked if you have the resources then were able to get them
unlocked now if you see the list of the heroes then you will see that most of
the faces match with some you may have came across some of these like that was Madara Uchiha of Naruto and I think this guy the first one I have seen in Wall E and this is hell boy and there is Goku you must have seen this guy oh
so this is not end to it there are really really lot of heroes and this is also a Ninja Turtle , Monkey King yep okay so now guys I will just attack
someone well most of the features of this game matches with coc i will tell you that including the scenes in including the clouds that appear
before searching now just attack now we will just start attacking this guy that’s the
defensive building like that tower and they’re going in that’s the metal man it is you know no need to unlock that it is already unlocked and this is a hero also
okay so now let’s focus on the attack now the things that you will find in this
game are pretty much okay and have someone sleeping in that hut it’s coming
like AAA okay and that’s a Barrack which is not looking
like Barrack actually and that is a defensive building which
is a golf ball yeah okay but I think when you upgrade this
one this will look better now let’s see if my metal man can go there and destroy
that golf ball yes he’s going in it is coming close
it’s still coming close I think metal man isn’t required for that the
troops that’s it so pretty much this game is okay so guys i will not use any more
time in this game so guys this was the clash all zombies so guys this is
the end of the second part now I’ll bring you the third part pretty soon and
the third part will have the top three three games out of these 14 games in part 1 and part 2
so guys tune in to my channel and if you liked the video
please like and subcribe now guys see you next time take care bye bye

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