Top Skyrim Follower Mods

Top Skyrim Follower Mods

Hey everyone. In this video I’ll go over my top follower
mods for Skyrim. There are 1000s of followers made and I chose
10 followers for this video. Most of these followers have a lot more to
it than just being a good looking companion for you to travel with on your adventures. However, I’ll give some more mentions of followers
I like a lot, but didn’t make it in my top 10 at the end of the video to. These have far less to it. The first follower is Brhuce Hammar. A excellent male follower that comes with
5 medium seized quests and many extra features. Brhuce is a very powerful companion, but he
can be configured to reduce his power. You want him to be more or less powerful,
you can ask him to be. Brhuce will ride a custom dwemer mount when
you yourself ride a horse and having Bhruce with you he will most likely have some opinions
about the area’s you’re in. The things he has to say can be very funny
and theres often truth behind it. You find Brhuce in the waterpump station in
Blackreach. After you done about 30 fights with Brhuce
at your side you will get his first quest available During the quests you do for him you find
custom armors, weapons and powers which look great and come with a interesting description. You will face new enemies and come across
some amazing and unique looking new locations to.. You even get a chance to mount a giant mech
later on. Brhuce Hammar has a ton to offer, all of it
is very unique and interesting to say the least While this follower might feel much more like
a actual quest mod and occasionaly a fun mod, it’s been a really nice and memorable follower
for me. And for any of you that still question if
this is lore friendly, Brhuce has a answer for that to Expect a lot of unique encounters and funny
things with this follower by your side along with a fair amount of profanity. The second follower is Mirai – the girl with
the dragon heart. Mirai can be found in Markarth where she’s
been living ever since she left her home in High Rock. Mirai comes with large interesting quests
with 100s of lines of excellent voice acting. You’l have to do various quests for her to
even be able to gain her trust and make her a follower. Most of the Npc’s you encounter during her
quests are also fully voiced. I personally love the voice of the actor that
voiced Mirai. A very sweet voice that goes well with some
songs that are added in to. Very nicely done. The quests you do for her are mostly focused
on story rather then action, which I like a lot. During her quests you gain some new abilities and she can be married if she eventually likes you enough. Her mariage quest is played out in a more
unique way then the vanilla mariage system is. You’l first have to win her heart and go on
various dates. Mirai, as a follower prefers fighting with
Ice based spells, but when enemies come close she will fight in melee combat to. She levels up as she travels and adventures
with you, learning new things. She comes with 3 custom outfits you can switch
between that can be further customized and she has a custom mariage dress if you get
to that point. She has some other interesting features involving
dragons, which I dont’t want to spoil here. If you ever have some trouble with her or
want to know more about her, a book can be found with a comprehensive manual in her home
in Markarth, including some fixes if she doesn’t behave the way she should be or if you need
to bypass some stages if you did mess up. I personally like how Mirai looks, but if
you search for the mod; Mirai customizer, you can cuztomize the looks of Mirai further
if you feel the need to. Next is Recorder, a follower that can be a
lot of fun to have with you. She’s a mysterious companion that seems to
have visited other games in the past. Her dialogue will certainly keep you entertained
for a while and might even freak you out occasionaly. There are a number of things you can talk to her
about and she can even sing for you. Much like Mirai and the other followers on
this list, her voice acting is done excellent. Recorder wears custom armor and is very helpful
to have with you in combat. There’s a good chance Recorder will still
be updated from time to time with new content, Eventually the author wants to make 5 quests for her, but for now she only has 1 available. Again, there is a customizer available to
overhaul Recorder with the Recorder Customizer. Theres a complete overhaul for her to, to make her more to your liking, if you prefer that. Skyrim Romance is a follower and romance mod
made for female characters and sometimes feels aimed towards female players. The main character of this mod is called Bisshop. Bisshop can be found at the riverwood inn,
where you will start this mod and start his first quest to retrieve his companion wolf. Bisshop is far from friendly to most people,
he doesn’t trust many people and is occupied with himself a lot. He is however loyal to you as a partner. There are a great many things you can discuss
with bisshop, find out about him and he often has a opinion about things you do. While you have bisshop with you, you encounter
over a 100 new characters added to different locations in the world. A lot of these have a custom voice with a
shared 3000 lines of dialogue. Many short and longer story sequences will
start when you encounter new characters placed around the world. Sometimes you encounter new quests to do to. You also find Bisshop has new things to talk
about after doing certain quests or miscelanious things. One can easily experience this follower mod
as somewhat of a romance novel to at times, especially when you try to flirt with Bisshop.. While some aspects of this mod often feels
focused towards female players, I’d recommend it for male players playing as a female just
as well. Skyrim Romance truely is a very well made
follower mod with excellent written storys This mod has plenty of good laughs included
to. This mod makes it feel like you have a meaningful
relationship in Skyrim with a partner that is there for you in combat as well as in conversations.. You will find jealousy and rivalry as well
as passion and a fair amount of teasing to. You will visit great balls, go out to shop
for the perfect dress, enjoy honeymoons in the nicest of cottages and more lady like
things.. A great mod for anyone who wants to get the
most out of a partner or romance mod. Theres a lot to show with this mod installed
and a few characters worth mentioning. I might go over that in more detail sometime
in a individual showcase. There seems to be a large update coming soon,
so it’s surely a mod to keep track on to. also keep in mind that this mod changes male
bodies and many other things around the game like the Whiterun inn and adds some new locations to the world of Skyrim. It might be played best without too area changing mods installed. Next is Acalypha, a custom looking and custom voiced follower with a few small quests. She’s essential and levels up with you. She has 3 custom outfits you can change in
game and upon installing you can choose multiple hair styles and eye colors. Her quest is very much story based and there
are 2 large journals with a interesting story to be found during her quests. She fights with a custom weapon and spells
and can can give you some helpful items sometimes. I like some of the more demon type followers,
but very few come with extra features other then being a good looking follower that helps
you in combat. This one has a excellent story, some great
extra features and does look stunning at the same time. One might know of the follower Mour. Mour is another demon follower from the same author and has about double the endorsements as acalypha has This is slightly odd to me since Mour is nowhere
near as extensive as Acalypha is. Ambriel – the lost princess is another follower
with a large quest. Much like the previous followers she is aware
of the area’s you’re in and some npc’s you’re close to. She makes comments around npc’s you encounter,
the places you’re in, quests you do, the time of the day, the weather and much more. Her following system works different than
normal followers. Ambriel makes use of a affection system. The more her affection for you drops the more
she will be slacking. If her affection for you drops below a certain
level she has to go to home to recharge for three days. You can see her current affection in the upper
left when something triggers it. This can be triggered by all sorts of things. For example pushing her around, having it
to cold or killing innocents can drop her affection, but something simple as a good
looking nightsky, going outside on a clear day after being inside for a while or just
sitting and relaxing in the local inn will raise her affection. Of course there are many decision you make
that will drop or raise her affection to. I personally like this feature a lot and as
far as I’ve seen is something unique to a follower and made good use of. There are a lot more features to her. She can be fully configured by talking to
her, she can recruit certain persons she’s assigned to and she keeps her own journal
which she occasionaly updates.. There are some other unique functions to her
in combat later on to. Ambriel is a excellent and unique follower. The quests have a great story and some very
interesting scenarios with great character development. A true lore master might recognize some minor
flaws interfering with the lore, but this shouldn’t stop you from playing this amazing
quest that’l take you many many hours to complete. If you have Recorder installed and with you,
Ambriel and recorder will have some additional lines of dialogue available, much like a mini
version of the inigo/vilja combination. Vilja is a female follower with multiple quests. She has 1000s of dialogue lines, which really
make her feel alive. There are many occasions she has something
to say. This could relate to the area you’re in, Npc’s
you enounter, the weather and things you decide to do on quest. She’s worth having with you as soon as possible
up to the very end of the game. It can take a long time before you actually
make progress on her quests so this is another reason to have her with you early on. Before she is able to function as a full follower
you will have to do a small series of quests for her first. Right at the start you can already choose
if you met her before in Cyrodiil or not. Because Vilja is available for Oblivion to. This changes some of the dialogues later on
and the way she feels about you at the start. She has many different features available to. She can read you a book, give you some helpful
items, give you some information about some areas you’re in, travel to different
locations by talking to her, ask her about her opinion when doing quests, She sells or
buys items for you, you can change her behaviour in combat and the list goes on. These are just examples of a great many features
Vilja has to offer which expand as you have her with you for a while and do both her quests
and the vanilla quests. I’ve been using Vilja as a follower in Skyrim
for a long time and still found that she has new things to say that I never heard her talk
about before. She works excellent with any vanilla followers
to, which you can introduce to her. If you advance far enough with her, she gives you a number of horns you can use. To easily give her commands, talk to her or make her attack a specific target. I usually use the mod Vilja Chaconne to give
Vilja the looks of the follower mod Chaconne, but I do find her original design look good to. You can
use Vilja with the other excellent follower mod Inigo. If you do, you’l have additional 100s of lines
of dialogue specifically made for the use of them together. Inigo can first be found in The riften prison
where you have to set him free. After he’s freed he surely becomes a follower
you and Vilja will want to have with you. Much like Vilja, Inigo has 1000s of lines
of dialogue often refering to things you do or see or the quests you are currently doing. Vilja and Inigo almost seem they are meant
to used together and are certainly the most extensive followers out there. These 2 always become my main followers when
I play Skyrim more seriously. In my honest opinion, you won’t find a follower
in any game that behaves more diverse and react more immersive than Inigo or Vilja tend
to do. These are two followers you will want to have
with you on a let’s play through the vanilla quests, especially if you havn’t used them
before. Of course they also have their own series of quests included, but they really add to the vanilla ones to. And finaly I chose Mrissi a tail of two troubles. This is a follower that has been around for
a while to, but has been updated not too long ago Mrissi comes with a quest thats has multiple
choices and takes many hours to complete, this includes different endings. Depending on your relation with her she’l
make different comments as a follower to. This makes for some fun and interesting replayability. The quest will take you across new areas,
give you new items and adds in some collectibles among other things. She’s one of the most unique looking followers
I know of to. Mrissi as a follower comes with features that
you probably expect by now from most of my favorite followers; She will make comments
about the area you’re in, quests you do and people you’re near to.. She has a lot more extra features included
to that expand as you do quests for her. For example she gains her own sabrecat mount at
a certain point that you have to raise first. She knows custom songs, can wear several outfits
you have to make for her and has many stereotypical treats a khajiit and a cat has. It’s another great follower that you probably
want to have tried out if you like followers with custom quests. On a sidenote though, this follower mod is
categorized as adult only. The reason for this decision is that certain
parts of this quest can have a very dark undertone. When she’s not wearing any clothing,
she will be naked to. Don’t let this scare you away if you want
something fun though, since you’l have plenty of laughs with
her to. With 1000s of followers on the nexus it can
be a tough search if you just want something simple or good looking. The following followers I chose don’t necesarily
have quests included, might not even be voiced or didn’t make it in the top 10 for another
reason: Vivace, chaconne and toccata are made by the
same author that made the bijjin series to overhaul your Npc’s. The author really has a knack for making good
looking female characters. The followers Vivace, chaconne and toccata
are probably the best looking female followers I know of. I use Toccata as elisif to overhaul Elisif
with the skin of toccata. And as mentioned earlier I use the looks of
chaconne to overhaul vilja. While the following is categorized as a armor
mod, I’ve been asked a lot what that light giving mechanical faery behind me is. This great looking, illuminating faery comes
from the mod Osare Culort and will circle around you whereever you go. Yuih’s Female ciceria is another good looking female follower that has especially good facial expressions. Sofia is a follower you probably have heard
of before. She has 100s of lines of dialogue often very
fun to listen to. She behaves excellent in combat and her dialogue
can be adjusted, so she doesn’t make comments as much an on default if you prefer that. I think her humor is excellent and she doesn’t
bore you quikly. Of course humor is subjective, but I think
a lot of people will enjoy her. Sofia has been updated not too long ago even
though she’s been out on the nexus for a while. There are more plans for her in the future,
including quests. Do keep track of her, because this follower
can only get better in the future. You can use the mod Sofia – Toccata to give
Sofia the looks of the follower Toccata. Carry On Skyrim – Professor Benjamin Doon
is meant as a fun character. He is probably the oldest male npc that you
find as a follower on the Nexus. He has over 1300 lines of dialogue, a quest
and can read you some books. Diana the Pure Blood Vampire Follower is a
mod I stumbled upon only some weeks back. Triss is one of my favorite characters in
the witchers books and games. As of such, it’s nice to see someone ported
her over from the witcher games. Mekka is another cyborg follower. If you want to have a cyborg follower that
is not quite as extensive as recorder, this might be something for you. Lunariana is a faery companion that you can
find in eldergleam sanctuary. She’l be waiting for you on the path to the
eldergleam tree. You might want to us the moving wings and
luba sky wings mods to make this follower feel more like a faery. She also wears custom clothing, but any armor
or clothes you try to equip on her will scale with her body. Vigilance reborn is a husky follower with
custom skins to choose from upon installing. Barbarian Sunya is yet another great looking
follower and someone I have with me on many of my old Showcases. Her eyes especially are something I like a
lot about her looks. The mod Schwarznegger puts different versions
of Arnold in the game. These come with custom weapons one expect
from this action movie star. Mour is a great looking demon follower that
has a small custom home. This is made by the same author as acalypha. Little_Khajiit_Follower-Annerose is a custom
made child khajit you can have as a follower. Eureka Dryad of Nirn is a great looking half
Dryad follower. And finally we have serenity, a elf follower. Another follower I used to have around me
alot in my older showcase videos. One of my favorite looking female elf followers
I came across. And that’s it, My top 10 favorite follower
mods plus some extra ones. I hope you guys enjoyed this or learned about
a new follower you want to try out. As always a like or subscribe is much appreciated. Consider endorsing the mods that you like
to use to. If you have another favorite follower you think I should have tried out, let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching everyone! Have a great day and I’ll see you all next time!

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  1. Just Call Me Frosty

    Some timestamps:
    00:27 -Brhuce Hammar
    02:18 -Mirai
    04:44 -Recorder
    06:06 -Skyrim Romance
    11:31 -Acalypha
    13:11 -Ambriel
    16:17 -Vilja
    18:25 -Inigo
    19:59 -Mrissi
    21:42 -More Followers
    25:38 -Small Montage


  2. 00:27 -Brhuce Hammar – looks weird as fuck.
    02:18 -Mirai – quests fucked up.
    04:44 -Recorder – can't be doing with listening to MxR's girlfriend all game.
    06:06 -Skyrim Romance – gaaaaaaaaaaay which my character ain't and I don't play girl characters.
    11:31 -Acalypha – this one was a win.
    13:11 -Ambriel – quest also fucked up.
    16:17 -Vilja – annoying but amazing.
    18:25 -Inigo – more amazing than anything else, 100% download.
    19:59 -Mrissi – decent quest, no problems, decent follower but annoying as fuck.


  4. the romance mod is really bad, very sexist and I have never heard any dude say any of this crap, it is written to reflect so many untruths of men, if a guy wrote a mod and portrayed women in the worst way possible he would get banned, so much for equality, good thing it is only a joke mod.

  5. There are other quality followers outside of the list.

    Hoth: he has a badass design, badass voice-acting… he's a badass.

    Arissa: a witty rogue with her own BioWare'ish regard system and interesting AI ideas.

    Caesia: easygoing, clever magician with hot accent, who may or may not have something to do with a WIP big lore-friendly post-game story project by the same author.

  6. I wish someone could make more male followers, -especially elves and humans, there are faaaaaar too many females! Females play Skyrim too =(

  7. Man, the Xbox One community is really lagging behind in terms of custom-voiced followers. We've got Caesia, Sophia, Kaiden, Recorder, and M'Rissi, all of which are great, but we are hurting for variety.

  8. I have a question:
    What landscape & clothes retexture mods are you using? I have tried a bunch of different ones and my game still looks nowhere near as good as yours…

  9. I'd really like it if some of the female followers didn't have such slutty armor. Even as a guy, I'd prefer something more serious.

  10. Acalypha on steam or what? I'm new to this so idk where to find some of these things also link to recorder to I she funny xD

  11. Also as of December, there's a new droid follower based off BB8 called snippy on the nexus. It's really cool and acutely more friendly!

  12. Inigo – gorgeous voice acting/quality, story and look
    Vilja – low-quality voice acting, but has a lot of scripts to spend few hours with
    Rest of them NON-lore-friendly, you are forewarned.

  13. Johnny Silverhand

    Am I the only one who thinks Vilja is kinda overrated and the voice for her is very unfitting like she sounds like an old grandma although I will give props on her commentary and how interactive she is. That's not an easy thing to ascertain with the Skyrim engine

  14. i can finally run my skyrim without any crashes ;_; not heavily modded but its pretty decent right now …..guess i can have multiple waifu now x3 <3
    Thanks for the video <3
    btw what costume/clothing replacer did u use on elisif (toccata) ;w; ??

  15. im checking through evry follower video couse i wanna find the mod for a follower i had installed on my old pc.
    the dude is sitting on 2 decapitated thalmor soldiers on the way up to high hrothgar hes got the ability to use the fireshout and wears an armor that is made out of some type of sabre tooth fur or something like that if anyone knows the mod please let me know

  16. I suspected that Bishop came from Neverwinter Nights 2, then I saw him talking to a girl called Neeshka and I confirmed it.

  17. YAS EES MAH CHILD INIGO XDD He's my favorite by far and I can't imagine a Skyrim without Inigo present XD ESPECIALLY because he is OBSESSED with killing spiders, so I don't have to do it! XD

  18. THESE….ARE….NOT….FOLLOWER..MODS!!!! Follower mods are mods that allow you to tweak or change thing about the follower system. NOT additional followers. FUCKING CHRIST, everybody is fucking calling additional followers "follower mods" making it fucking IMPOSSIBLE for me to find a mod taht will actually address the frustrating I'm having with my fucking followers taking long routes and not actually fucking following me fucking shit ufkcing fuck shit fuck fuck.

  19. 27:52 When a woman says not to peek, that's exactly what you must NOT do!
    PS: Ambriel Mod is the worst Star Wars ripoff i've ever played, It's so cringe worthy you'll never want to see the original trilogy again.

  20. My favourite mod companion?

    My man Lucien Flavius.
    He’s great because he can do anything. And he’s a good mirror to my Knight in shining armour character.

  21. In my opinion, everyone except Inigo are very unimmersive, they look kind of unfitting in the Skyrim settings, they fit more in japanese-like rpg and stand out from the typical vanilla character design. There is also too much on their own lore, which is mostly interesting to those, who completed every other single vanilla and dlc storyline – which takes hundreds of hours of much more immersive and interesting gameplay. I'm not including Vilja because of poor quality audio, ruining great actor performance. Though, Recorder is ok, because she constantly brakes 4th wall to compensate her unimmersiveness. Inigo, on the other hand, sounds, like he was voiced by an actual living Khajit, is very reactive on everything you do and have, while not being annoying and adding more immersion to the original storylines.

  22. Love the Video but can you speak more slowly please as i was having great difficulty understanding you..
    Liked nevertheless 🙂

  23. Research and Build

    Recorder is too buggy. If i fast travel she tends to disappear and i have to meet her for the first time again, and also she broke sophia makimg her non essential even though sophia was set to essential

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