Top Stories: Sunrise 3-8-20

Top Stories: Sunrise 3-8-20

8 thoughts on “Top Stories: Sunrise 3-8-20”


    4 new cases in Oregon. WHERE??? is it Community Transmission????
    no coverage out of Oregon "media" for days now

  2. Democratic Socialist

    Duck and cover is how you survive a nuclear blast, it's just science. Washing your hands is how you survive airborne diseases, it's just science.
    Not being able to do basic math/percentages, to sell duck and cover, causes more alarm because then we know your lying. If you get a airborne disease from a travel box that uses uncleaned recycled air it's your own fault because you didn't wash your hands. Telling health care workers that it's their own fault because they must have not washed their hands is reckless and dangerous.
    What happens to those dirty hands people who stay home because they got sick? People shouldn't only have a choice between going homeless or killing someone else's family member.
    We need Medicare for All today!
    Medicare for All keeps you out of a nursing home.
    End Free (to die) Trade Agreements today!
    We need a jobs program to make life-saving masks, medicine and scientific equipment today!
    Free education for all, including doctors and nurses today!

  3. What if a guy gets it and he works at a gas station then gives it to everyone he helps during the day…. Are they going to track everyone down then … Not our government they just play it off like the flu

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