today Grumpus and I are going to try to
not be amazed I think I’m gonna win no you’re not no you’re not let’s roll the
footage you might be surprised alright take this ring Grumpus let me
just let me just it’s a friendship ring go ahead if you can fit it on I’ll be
your friend there you go you look great well okay I’m a man of my
word Oh friends Grumpus maybe later
what really you get it a DAB okay 20,000 likes on this video cause it’s
it’s a DAB well Preston since we’re officially friends sure wait that was
probably the best dab I’ve ever seen in my entire life
we got general grievous right now on duty hello them this is an amazing
costume though how is this person there behind the cloak that’s gonna say this
person is very thin 3D cape I’ve seen it before it’s not a 3d cape the
person is literally behind they’re like they’re like sewn into the Cape
no oh and they really spoke you know this I know a thing or two about
puppetry where did you go to school everywhere you so you just went
everywhere yeah everywhere yeah like everywhere yeah I didn’t see
you in my school I graduated like a year before you got there Oh like a year to
see well you are not 26 years old not impressed by that car oh my goodness you
know what what okay here we go impressed oh no he’s gonna stop it at
nine ninety one on the dot doubt it if he does it leave a like come on
nine maybe one no way okay all right yeah okay yes
if you just pressed it that would be one thing but all right yeah count it down
this person might be the next Bruce Lee lazy ball to be noticed I touched him
and he did it yeah no other word for it amazing amazing no I am no amazed a
based not amazing oh oh come on come on how amazing is this come on come on hold
on you’re supposed to do with a basketball oh my gosh gonna be like that
the entire episode really come on okay there dude this guy is literally 90
degrees you’re supposed to do with the snowboard so just restate everything so
you think that’s how I make my breakfast every day okay
literally I’m calling bull shrimp my breakfast you don’t eat wait you eat bull shrimp oh yeah I can’t eat it it’s not kosher them around really fast follow
the car brah if you make your breakfast like that every day you need to cook for
me all right hurry yeah come on over really huh okay we got a glass too
all right oh we got some zero sugar coca-cola zero okay it’s a great drink I
guess Mentos why is it like I feel like it’s like wine and cheese coke and
mentos peanut butter jelly Preston Grumpus I don’t think so dadgummit I
thought it was so smooth all right that’s not a Mento well you’re right
that is not a mentos did you go to Mento? yeah it’s singular it’s Mentos
they’re plural they never just come in one okay they’re the Mentos told you
okay so what’s gonna happen is it gonna like just like mmm oh wait a second I
did this on tick-tock you put baking soda soap coke and mentos bruh I’m
basically a scientist and you’re still amazed by it well you’ve done before and
you’re still amazed are you judging me a little why I’m kidding a lot you’re a
savage today you’re pecan Sandie too many people too many time let me be Grumpus
yeah let me do Preston hey guys is it going I could subscribe I’m Grumpus look at
that no they made pretty through that just comes with a job tiger ooh
I just got a haircut yeah well plastic bottle add plastic I can do that with my
eyes closed I don’t like being grumpy I don’t like being Preston fine I’m glad
that we were born the way that we were look at this coke bottle in a coke
bottle it’s coke bottle-ception it’s a giant red oh it’s little you’re not
kidding that’s an actual valve why would I be kidding well I mean ever joke about
valves you’re right I know how much you love valve sweet baking soda
coke is this the same as the previous one mento at a time that’s a lot of mentos
that’s a lot oh my gosh wait this is genius and they’re burying it is it like
going what okay so it’s like a cannon you know what hold on I’m into this oh
okay this is so dope all right are you amazed you know if it weren’t for the
valve I would have tuned out so what I love the valve I’m into it amazing like
the creative construction the Mentos the valve is what has you amazed
oh yeah it’s a quality valve Preston sometimes you make my face very sour
like I’ve eaten like way too many warheads I feel the same way about you
well how would I make you sour what do I do that makes you sour here say
something anything hello yeah like that okay chief Oh where’s bedframe pipes
there’s no way is he doing the same one without like any precision guidance or
is he just like the wheat obtaining the grain you know I don’t know he’s just
good at his job he’s just good at his job he’s just good at his job guys
meanwhile this woman literally just made a hat in the matter of like three
seconds yeah it’s a hat making machine dude come on
no you gotta appreciate is that a cow Mays probably okay now you’re just being
sarcastic yeah yeah okay and I figured I think
how do you like those apples those are others actually apples I think you’re
right they are apples oh look at this guy
okay okay one hand catching melons I’ll admit it I like that yeah okay I
like that he’s not amazed but he likes it yeah maybe go ahead count it on the
counter yeah oh my gosh make it a good rhythm that would be very hard to keep
that cadence you know like yeah you kind of proved your point
that person could be like a DJ did you just you weren’t not keeping your cadence you
made fun of my cadence it yeah well like you got a warm-up like I haven’t done a
lot of physical warm-up I don’t want to warm I well I’m embarrassed no warmup
you’re embarrassing me go ahead if you are embarrassed leave a like down below
and if you’re amazed if you want to make us feel amazed hit that subscribe button
I’d if you make that red subscribe button go gray I will be personally
amazed it would amazed me do it I will be amazed can you fit your hand in your
mouth amazed like a dude perfect dude perfect moment oh oh come on wait
landing in the water is it too hard it’s a big target yep a rock and hit the
bottle oh my gosh no way this is skeet shooting with golf balls
on the beach homey uh props to you I do per I knew dude perfect was gonna be on
this I knew it Cowboys Stadium reps in the Dallas let’s go boy you are easily
amazed well because I’m full of joy Grumpus I
was actually pretty amazing though cuz like can you do that again the fist I
can’t do it yeah what’s the pressure on that John did you expect I don’t know
but your jaw pressure amazed yeah I can crack a coconut okay
hmm okay that’s impressive that’s impressive eh me too you know
we’re gonna get him to crack ladies and gentlemen come on don’t you feel this is
your interest this is action this is I’m not amazed this is just dangerous this
might be a try not to be satisfied clip in the video at the same time oh look at
this rowing team look at the perfect synchronization do you think we can row
our boats gently down the stream but look it wouldn’t be gentle if I was
rowing well it could be it could be you’re gonna the gentle guy I almost
touched you I didn’t okay I granted for your astray I was trying you’re just hey
let’s see you’re going to be amazed come on there’s a child involved all the
child’s amazed the child is very amazed and we don’t know what at yet you’re
amazed by that yeah because drums exist it’s a sweet
heartfelt moment with the child and the drum sets now if he hopped on there and
started like busting out a solo we’ll watch it watch it you might be amazed
are we have no idea this person could be a professional drumset player look he
looks like he knows how to get into position okay all right
okay better than I expected you know I really just say wow yeah you did you got
amazed you know what he got amazed I’m a little amazed ladies and gentlemen it’s
only like seven to one at this rate or something ridiculous like danke look at
gratci it’s like gummi bears they’re on magnets turnin in it they’re floating on
magnets do you see that space in between yeah dude this is how magnets work but
what if we end up doing this in the future as humans this we made a lot of
metal what we would wait to if you get on this as a human and you’re like
magnetic interference is hurt your brain I don’t think it’s that strong you don’t
think so no my brain is definitely that strong am i yours I’m amazed I’m amazed
that they actually spent the time to figure this did you think I wouldn’t
catch that what do you think I wouldn’t catch that insult didn’t think my brain
strong just go away I was hoping you would just
go well I didn’t dadgum it okay well you know you’re starting it you know for a
Boomer you’re doing decent right now and you got you gotta admit like if you’re
such a cute nose I wouldn’t want to touch it all the time they don’t pay me
enough colourful life oh my gosh I thought for a second she was pumping
espresso out of an espresso machine I wouldn’t drink that now she’s just
drilling look at her got a baby girl drill oh she got the skills to pay them
bills I bet you say the drills you’re catching on I’m infectious aren’t I bump
me don’t I kid but you said don’t touch you ever said I can’t bump you bumping
is touching it’s really bumping touching yes we’ll have to decide if bumping
touching you know it is can we be amazed by this I will sell this as a child for
a second this guy looks great for his age do the barrel just like okay drifted
okay is that what the kids are calling it drifted that is wildin you know what I’m
down wonderful cinemates I love a good barrel video and you know what if you love barrels you should comment because if you come in the first 60 minutes of a
brand new video grumblers and I we read your comments and we feature them right
here that’s right yeah everything we love them make sure and tell me what
your favorite kind of barrel is

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  1. Where is the rat dude? Is he coming back? Is there more pup….people coming around? I like the vid! Cya people reading this cause this is the end of my comment.

  2. Grumpus and shivers should be on your vlog channel Preston and on the reactors channel at the same time next video.

  3. My favorite kind of barrel is the kind that is in the song, I love you a barrel & a heap & I'm talking in my sleep about you…

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