Tumble Town game – Preview

Tumble Town game – Preview

4 thoughts on “Tumble Town game – Preview”

  1. Nice preview! Having just backed a couple of things on Kickstarter think I will wait for this retail. Love games with dice and this looks fun 🙂

  2. This was great. I am not particularly fond of roll and … I guess build games (I suppose this is a subgenre of the roll-and-write one), but you made this one stand out. To be honest, I will probably wait for retail before buying it, though. Thank you for the clear and informative way you present the games you play, you are really leaving a mark among people doing playthroughs.

    In fact, you and the GameNight gang are currently my favourite playthrough series. Yours is particularly valuable, as it shows how a game designed for more players turns out with only two. For instance, your playthrough of It's A Wonderful World, followed soon by the one of GameNight, made me join their Kickstarter, so you must be doing something right 🙂 I'm looking forward to your next video, and thanks again for the brilliant reviews and playthroughs!

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