[two handed backhand]How to make a strong spin [tennis answers]

[two handed backhand]How to make a strong spin [tennis answers]

I would like to explain how to make a top spin with a two-handed backhand This is targeting the players
who are struggling to improve a backhand It’s not stable Trying to make a spin but unable to do it Using a spin but it’s not strong enough The goal of this lesson is To swing without any tension
It’s a beautiful form to enable to hit a strong spin That is the goal Regarding the basic movement of
the two-handed backhand please take a look this related video clip fist First of all, the movement of the stroke is generating the force
by the movement of turning the body central axis From the stance, turn the body
and then how to transfer this force generated by the body turning to the ball.
This is a key point. Especially most key part is
how to transfer the force generated by the body turning and it’s not interrupted by the arm, the wrist and the racket. It is another point.
When the body is turning but the wrist and the elbow has a tension at here the large force generated from the body turning
would stop Therefore you hit a ball using a small power. Relax the elbow and the wrist as much as possible The power generated by the body turning is
transferred smoothly It is the one point. Another point is The force generated from the body turning and
stop at the hitting point It will make the racket to accelerate more. I will demonstrate it with only the left hand. The force generated by the body turning is
transferring to the racket through the left arm. To stop this movement at the impact point you see the racket travels forward. By stopping the force from the body turning the racket accelerates the most. These are two of the major key points. As you can see, how to transfer the power generated by the body axis turning.
This is the key point. For a spin, the movement of the racket goes from the lower position to upwards against the ball in order to make a spin.
However the body is standing straight the two different movement are required
at the same time that to turn the body axis and to swing the racket
from the lower position to upwards. In this movement The key point is the degree of the body axis. If this body axis is straight while turning the arm moves horizontally. But to lean this body axis slightly and
the arm movement would be from the lower position to upwards. This is how to revolve the spin. Especially, when making a spin,
there is a player who swings from lower position to upwards using a strength of the hand, the wrist or the elbow. In this case, it is unable to make a strong spin, or hurting the wrist or elbow. Basically, using the power by the body turning,
control the direction of the power from the body turning
Is it to the forward? or is it to the upwards? Consider about the direction when you use a spin. The body axis stands straight From making the body turns
lean the body slightly while this movement. Your belly button is pointing the upwards. When you turn your body axis from this position
arm movement would be lower position to upwards naturally. Another key point.
At the impact point Stop this arm movement.
It makes the racket accelerate traveling through to the upper direction. Therefore it makes a strong spin. Practice to swing using this method. Especially, when you make a spin
there is a player who has a left hand grip and it becomes a western grip. Of course it is possible to use a western grip in order to make a spin
however in that case the player might be catching a ball
at the difficult point for the body to use the power or increasing the tension in the wrist
in order to make the form of the impact It means that using only the strength of
the hand and the wrist. Keep the form of the impact
which the body gaining the power naturally and efficiently as much as possible and from the position lean the body to control the body axis to make a spin. Slightly lean your body,
your belly button points upwards and the body turns Make the power generated by the body turning
to transfer it to the arm And at the impact point Stop the arm movement
to let the racket head travel forward.
As the result
00:05:52,229 –>00:05:53,210
you are able to make a strong spin.

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  1. I don't know why you give instructions in Japanese, while targeting English speakers. And there is no demonstration in the video nor any video which famous pros are doing in the same way. The theory is just a theory. Since neither you are a former great pro nor famous coach, nobody can be convinced that your way is practical through the video.

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