Umpan Alami & Teknik Sederhana Tapi Efektif

Umpan Alami & Teknik Sederhana Tapi Efektif

we are at gilimanuk bay we look for natural bait first sea ​​worm bait because I wanted to buy it, but couldn’t we look for these sea worms on the beach using bran spread like this and a worm will appear we see this wow we immediately dredge the sand this is the worm even though it’s not big We only got a few of these, but I think that’s enough come up today I’m fishing with nanta I will use the simplest technique the first time I used fishing simple fishing technique that is bottom fishing that we have gotten earlier be patient, slowly all tools must be installed and this is the simplest rig this the sinker . swivel and leader line simplerig like this then straight to the hook, using just one hook can install the bait yourself ?? yes i can okey put the tool in its place Throw what not ?? no need to throw, just here okay over there open the bail arm lower the bait to the bottom had reached arrived there wow already that strike the drag is good strike Okay, this is our first strike just arrived at the spot we already got this we looking for more just released ?? it’s still too small why not make it salted fish hahaha don’t let this be too small we just release oke ?? so that later this fish is big we can get it again okay ?? and how to install the bait must also be considered, don’t be too short, and try to look natural so leave the length of this worm more than the hook

87 thoughts on “Umpan Alami & Teknik Sederhana Tapi Efektif”

  1. Wahh!!…mancing hujung minggu dgn anak, pasti ini akan menjadi kenangan yg paling manis bagi anak itu hingga dewasa nnti…yuk anak! kita cari lagiπŸ‘

  2. Om pake umpan perut kelomang atau umang" yakin deh lebih killer lagi om. Ada juga yang sebut kepiting pertapa. Cobain deh pasti terbukti ampuh.

  3. Mancing Liar Balikpapan

    asik ya bli mancing bersama anak,saya jadi teringat waktu bapak saya juga ajak saya mancing pada saat saya kecil dahulu

  4. Mas bro mhn infonya tentang rell Penn warhorse 650 apakah 6500 dan bagus gak buat mancing di laut apakah qualitasnya juga bagus terimakasih salam satu hobi

  5. Balikpapan hadir ya bang,,
    Selalu support channel abang ..walaupun sempat dapat musibah masih konsisten dengan youtube nya… Semangat πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

  6. mas sy juga mancing gitu, tapi yg bikin kesal umpan sangat cepat terasa habis tapi nggak ada ikan yg nyangkut… ada tipsx untuk umpan agar tidak cepat habis.?

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