Upcoming Games 2018 – Bigger Titles for PC – Top 5

Upcoming Games 2018 – Bigger Titles for PC – Top 5

[Most likely a lot of mistakes in it]
2017 was a great year for gaming, even though
it could have been a greater year, considering the whole “exploitative microtransactions
in full price games” debacle, that annoyed a lot of gamers and made some games not better,
but worse. Now at the beginning of 2018 it’s a good time
to look at what’s coming this year. Since I’m a PC gamer, that means only games
available on PC, but ofc some of those will also release on console too. For now I will only cover the big titles. There will be another video for smaller games
and indie titles. Also shout-outs and thank you to Kal from
KalsChannel, who helped me out with the voice work. He is very talented and if you like Dragon
Ball, maybe visit his channel. Before we start with the actual list, I have
one Honourable Mention: Red Dead Redemption 2 I love western movies, esp. those directed
by Sergio Leone. Once Upon a Time in the West is one of my
favourite films of all time, but also “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. With this said Red Dead Redemption was an
amazing game for me. Not only does the setting fit my taste, also
the gameplay was capturing the feeling of being a western hero or anti-hero very well. The developers implemented a lot of little
side stories, that could appear randomly at the wayside, while riding through the desert-like
landscapes. With his they managed to make the open world
feel alive. This was also 8 years ago. Time for a new Red Dead game. I have to say I would have preferred a complete
new independent game, instead of a Red Dead Redemption 2, which seems to be tied to the
last game, but I’m still very interested. The reason why it’s just an honourable mention:
no PC version announced yet. And knowing Rockstar Games, a PC version will
be released like a year later, so it’s a game for an upcoming games of 2019 toplist. However if you play on console: it will be
released this year. Sea of Thieves This is a difficult one. It’s a multiplayer coop Pirate game by Rare. I personally like the art style a lot and
the romantic setting of pirate adventures – it reminds me of Monkey Island. Sailing a big ship with some friends and finding
treasure or fighting other players sounds very fun. And what I’ve seen so far of it, sailing is
really well implemented – also the water looks gorgeous. The only concern I have is, that the beta
does not show what you can do beyond of that. What do you do after let’s say 15-20h of gameplay? What else can you do with gold? Can you upgrade and personalize your ship
more? Are there more npc factions and enemies types? Are there more interesting PvE encounters? How many people play together on a server? Can you coop with more than 4 players in the
final version? Will there be some animals on the islands
in the final version? I don’t get this information by looking at
the beta and the game is coming in like 2 month. Knowing this Sea of Thieves’s core development
must be done by now, because it also ships physically and shipping, PR and the physical
distribution needs about 2 to 3 month of time, everything they are making now is for patches
and future content. But we still don’t know a lot of details. If I want to find out a bit more I have to
search for interviews, forum posts and alike, that’s quite a bit of unnecessary work and
only very invested players will do this. So Sea of Thieves seems to have some communication
problems. The official site often not loading on my
computer also does not help and if it does the information is very vague. Quite essential information like this should
be more promoted and easier to find. Some people also said, that the alpha had
more content in it, which is sad, because I want to know, what you actually do in this
game and if there is any longevity to it. It’s not like, that it does not look like
fun, but the question is: how long is it fun. I’m not the person who gets much joy out of
“spent your gold for funny hats” and right now that seems to be one of the few gold investments
possible in the beta. You can also buy new instruments, which is
cool, at least if they have new music. Beyond that there seems to be not enough long
time motivation from what we know right now – at least when it comes to getting more
gold. The foundation has a lot of potential, but
a few small elements seem to miss, just a simple example: pirate crews. Make it possible to be recognized easier as
a crew or part of a crew, so you can maybe build up a reputation as a pirate crew among
other players. Just show a clan tag at the name. That’s a motivation. Also a possibility to see a ship’s name from
afar, would be cool too. At least I assume that naming your ship will
be a thing in the final version. It also does not help, that the game is 70€
in Europe for PC, which is like $87. In the US it’s $60 as far as I know. That all sounds very negative and I could
do a whole video about Sea of Thieves, but I’m very interested how the game turns out. Else it would not be in this list. The beta was also not a real beta, people
know from software development, it was a demo. So I hope there will be far more content and
features in the final version. Should it turn out not that great on release,
we still have Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones, which I personally also find interesting, but I
prefer the more comic style of Sea of Thieves, as mentioned it has a bit of Monkey Island
in it. Metro Exodus Not sure why, but I never played the other
Metro games, even though I always found them interesting. The E3 announcement trailer last year definitely
rekindled my interest and I’m actually looking forward to it. The release will be in Fall 2018, so enough
time to play at least Metro Last Light before. What I like or imagine what I could like about
it is the dense atmosphere and how action and this threatening silence change quite
suddenly creating tense moments in the game, probably by design or even through game mechanics. This is also reflected by the setting with
the dark Metro tunnels and the cold and snowy city ruins outside. The visuals are also stunning and the combat
looks solid. Together with good level design this could
be quite a good game and Last Light received a lot of praise. Sadly we don’t know too much about the game
right now. So I don’t have much to say here. Just look at it: Anno 1800 I remember how I saved my pocket money in
1998 after visiting a friend and seeing Anno 1602 there. Beautiful game and tycoon, strategy and city
building games were always very popular here in Germany. I’m no exception. I always liked the romantic explorer feeling
of past times, that the games transported so well. It’s also very relaxing hearing the ships
sail through the ocean or the sounds of the city you just built. In addition the Anno games always looked very
beautiful. In my opinion the romantic part was not that
strong in the more futuristic iterations. But ofc I liked at least 2070 too, even though
I still prefer Anno 1404. With this said I’m happy, that they will return
to a setting set in the past with Anno 1800 again, which is also a very interesting time. Knowing the past Anno games, I have no doubt,
that they will be able to capture the spirit of this time again – that was never a problem
of the series. They also decided to support Multiplayer from
the start, which was a huge argument against Anno 2205, which is the last game. Anno 1800 will release winter 2018. Monster Hunter: World As a huge Dark Souls fan, I was always interested
in the Monster hunter series. The game and combat system is quite complex
and you can play together with friends. The reason why I never played it, is that
it was never released on PC and the PS3 version was only released in Japan. Ofc it was possible to import it, but I never
did. Now after a long time we not only get a world
wide release, but also a PC port. The only downside: the PC version will be
released about 10 month after the console release. Still a title I’m looking forward too. The complex combat system and different weapons,
hunting huge dinosaur like creatures and alike look very challenging and like tons of replay
value. It sounds simple but it isn’t and that’s what
I like a lot. Visually it also looks gorgeous and it seems
they have kept the famous humor of the series. The Console version reviews are looking very
promising and some of you are probably already playing it. Me and many PC players have to wait till autumn. Hopefully the port will be good. Soulcalibur 6 1997 I played a game called Soul Blade at
a friend’s house on the first Playstation – it was amazing and I was a fan of the series
ever since. In Japan it was called Soul Edge, but for
the Playstation 1 release outside of Japan renamed in Soul Blade. I was never really good at fighting games,
but still like them and esp. this game. It had a great campaign and arcade mode, many
cool and secret things and characters to unlock and the combat with weapons and a lot of moves
looked really cool. So 20 years later, we get Soulcalibur 6 and
the best thing: it’s also announced for PC. I think this should be the first time it will
be released for PC, like Tekken 7. Bandai Namco seems to understand that somewhat
niche games can sell on PC quite well – I know niche is probably not the right term,
but fighting games sell worse then e.g. openworld sandbox games. They also return to the classic characters,
which I’m happy about and they will also add new characters. One is already announced, named Groh. If they now manage to establish a good character
balance, clean up some movelists, adding some tools and good single player content, using
something like the GGPO for their netcode and don’t have too much input delay, this
game could be really good. I will mainly play with and against some friends
locally and over the internet, so I hope they will have cool characters, interesting stages
and some cool modes to play. A 2 player tag team mode would be interesting. I remember how my friends and I messed around
with those abilities you got through the character customization and played our builds against
each other in Soulcalibur IV. I assume not the most famous mode, but for
local casual play with friends, it was quite fun. I think of all games, this is the one I’m
looking most forward too. And that’s it. That’s my strange top list of games coming
2018. If you are missing the smaller titles like
indie games, check my channel I will upload another video after this one, that only covers
those. In my opinion there are a lot of very good
indie games coming or hopefully coming this year, so definitely check it out. It will also include a few hidden gems, that
are not so well known. Thank you for watching

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  1. ThePhilosophersGames

    What games (esp. the big titles) are you looking forward to in 2018? I also can't get that Soul Blade/Soul Edge song out of my head. It's amazing 😀 You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtF80UCgarY

    PS: Keep in mind, that there will be another video for indie games. Also I know that one title is not AAA (more A or AA), but hard to find a category name.

    Again shout-outs to Kal: https://www.youtube.com/user/SSJKid97 who did the voice work for Sindarin Numbers!

  2. Great Top 5. I don't even wanna see what EA is brewing with the new progression system. Do you think the delay on Anthem's release date had anything to do with microtransactions being tied together with progression itself? Ik they said it wasn't a delay but was just giving a few months to Battlefield 2018, i just don't buy it even though they learnt that lesson with Tittanfall 2. Btw what do you think Battlefield 2018 is gonna be? Vietnam, Korea?

    Keep up the awesome videos.

  3. Great video! I'm not really looking forward to any games in particular, just going to keep my ears open for any that are given a developer's love and dignity and passion to it.

  4. Perhaps you can do a video where you compare the different people of middle earth to mythological and historical cultures, would really love to see this!
    Amazing video btw!

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