Vat19’s New Guy is Forced to Twerk • Let’s Play: Game Night in a Can

Vat19’s New Guy is Forced to Twerk • Let’s Play: Game Night in a Can

– Three, two, one, go! – [Both] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight – Nine, 10, 11,
– Hey, he’s like pushing me. – [Both Players] 12, 13. – Welcome to Let’s Play IRL, where you join VAT19 as
we play a party game. In this episode we’re playing Game Night in a Can, a collection of 30 fun games that range from silly and skilled to silly and silly. The winner is crowned champion of the wild Game Night in a Can. While the loser has to enjoy
some wild game in a can. – [Announcer] Let’s play! – All right first up, Bank Face. (all woo) – All right, let’s do it. – You guy’s ready? Jon
and Tyler are up first. Ya’ll have to decide
who’s gonna be the catcher and who’s gonna be the thrower. – I played basketball in high school. – It’s done. – I’m going for the face.
– Yep. – Just so you know.
– Go for the face. – All right, you ready?
– Yep. – All right.
– Face is the back board. (buzzer sounds) – Ugh, here we go, one-
– Yep – Two. Three. – Ugh!
(buzzer sounds) – A little more arch. (buzzer sounds) (all yelling) It’s the nose, I’m banking off the nose – I know it’s tough, its really tough. – I gotta got for the forehead. – Okay, I’m gonna go right next to it. – All right, that feels
good, I can feel it. – I’m gonna try the not moving. – Don’t move.
– All right. – Can you feel it?
– Yep. – I can feel it.
– This is it. – This is it
– This is it right here. (buzzer sounds)
(groans) – I’m just going for the can. – Okay, just go for the can. Just get some points on the board. (buzzer sounds)
(groans loudly) – All right. – No points unfortunately. – It’s all good.
– John and Kyle. – I’m very confident that they are also not gonna get any points
’cause that’s real hard. (can clinks) (all yell)
– All ready done. (screams)
– Oh. – You can move it.
(laughs) You can move! – That one had some velocity! – (laughs) I’m trying
to get a little speed. – That was just– (buzzer sounds)
That was on purpose! – Okay, all right hold on, wait, wait, wait, here we go for height! – Okay,
(players clapping) each of you have one point on the board. Okay, next up, Spin Cycle. – Let’s get dizzy! – So everyone has two pieces of paper with their name on them, go
ahead and crumple them up. You’ll spin around 10 times real fast and then you’ll immediately
shoot your paper into the can at the end
we’ll see who’s made it. One, two, three, go! One. Two. Three. (laughing) Four.
– I’m all ready dizzy. [Kara] – Five. Six. Seven.
– Oh, dear! – Eight. Nine. Ten, go! – Come on. – All right, we got it, all done. – Yes!
– Go, go, go! (all exclaim) – We have one in the can,
I believe it was Carrie’s. Carrie gets the point. – Good job.
– Oh shoot. – All right guys next up, Fancy Dancers. (all exclaim) Ooh, I’m excited for this one. – Got my dancing shoes on. – So everyone’s gonna write
down the name of a dance move. You will draw a paper out of the can and then you do that dance
move, whatever you think it is and then at the end I
will pick my favorite. And the person who performs the dance I like the best will get one point and the person who named that
dance will get one point. I guess, Adam. – Yeah?
– You wanna go first. – Aww man, I’m so nervous
– Thumbs up! – Sure
– You got this. – All right, all right,
here we go, here we go. (sighs) – (laughing) Love it. – I’m a depressed marionette.
– I love it. – Jon, you wanna give me a beat? – I got you.
– All right. – I’m not gonna give you a beat I’ll give ya some
puppeteering if you want. – Okay. – Feel the music (classical piano music) – The saddest dance
I’ve ever seen. (laughs) – [Kara] The saddest
nightclub of your life. (classical piano music) (clapping)
(laughing) Okay, great job Adam. – Okay, all right, all
right, that was something. Something happened there. All right, (clears throat) – [Kara] The Lazy Lumberjack. – The Lazy Lumberjack. (reggae music) (exhales loudly) Okay, I’m at work. (laughing) Aren’t we? – He’s one handing it,
he’s one handing it. – [Host] He’s on his cell phone. – Chopping wood without even caring. – [Kara] He’s on his cell phone. – Ooh, the Berzerk Twerk. (laughing) You guys better get ready for this. – Can’t wait to see it.
– I’m ready, I’m ready. – Oh no. – You guys might wanna stand back. – Okay.
– Okay. (funk music) (all cheering) – Okay!
– Twerk! – Yes!
– Okay! Getting it! All right! Oh he’s going backwards. – Carrie’s trying to look away. – Carrie! – [Kara] Okay, all right we all got some. – Yep, we got it! – That way, that way! – That was–
– Just give him the points. – Very nice! All right, we’re gonna Scroop,
Shroop and Droop everybody! – [All] Scroop, Shroop and Droop. – Don’t know what that is! – [Adam] I don’t know what that means. – You scroop, you scroop
and then you droop. – Uh huh. – [Kara] Yeah do it all together. – Okay, can I do this?
– Uh huh. – Just a lot of swimming underwater and shooting a basketball. – And, shroop! (laughs) I don’t know. – There we go – You’re making Jon dance too. (laughing) Couldn’t help the electricity,
that was the Shroop Scoop. – I’m replaying all
these dances in my head, I gotta give it to Kyle. – Yes!
(all cheering) – He went all out for that.
– That he did! The name wasn’t bad either I liked that. – Thank you that was mine. – The Berzerk Twerk! Was it? – Yes it was! Well done to your dancing. – Okay, Kyle gets a
point, Jon gets a point. – Carrie, Good job
shrooping and scrooping. – Thank you. – All right, next up Creepy Peepers. – Okay
– Let’s get creepy. – Okay, so you guys get four minutes to draw your creepiest peeper. – You got it! – And I will decide who’s is
the creepiest and weirdest. I all ready know this is
probably right up Adam’s alley. (all laughing) – [Adam] Why would you say that? – What are you doing?
– I’m gonna make a circle. – You have to kinda like do the face, anybody else doing
their face a little bit? – Yeah
– I just made a circle. – Okay, so when we’re done with the face we punch the eyes out?
(chuckles menacingly) (laughing) I don’t know about you guys
but this is my masterpiece. Here ya go. (tuba music) (speaking gibberish) – Okay, okay. Hello Kara. – I can only see one of your eyes so that’s adding to the creep factor. – (in distorted voice)
Uh, that was intentional, yeah, yeah, definitely not an accident. (all laughing) – It’s kinda like a less friendly Shrek. – Or a ninja turtle. – Can you do a dance? Like
a bob? Make it happier? Oh I like it now. – All right. – [Kara] Good job.
– Thanks guys. – Kyle, lets see what you got. – All right, you ready?
– Yeah. – You ready for this?
– Yeah. (suspenseful music) Oh man! (all laughing) – Horrifying. – That’s actually pretty creepy. – I mean if I woke up to that- – The less detail the creepier. – The minimalism forces the
viewer to study the piece. – Yeah
– Versus just look at it. – It’s genius. – Guys I went for classic
monster, you guys are– Sorry for my eye holes. (all exclaim) – Okay, the eye holes
actually really add to it they make it creepier. – I think I like a little
sound effect for you. – Yeah, what does that say, “Rawr” – Is he “rawring”? – The thing is, your eyes look too nice
through those eye holes, it’s bringing down the creepy factor. – Maybe some vomit, some I
don’t know what’s going on there I don’t know. Flames? – It’s the shape of his head,
he was already tracing it. – He’s having a problem. – Turning into the creature. (laughing manically) – Stop! It’s Creepy Peepers
not weird tongue hole! (laughing manically) – That wins! I’m sorry but that wins. (grunting) – Ewww (laughs) it’s all
wet. The marker is running. Adam! I think it goes without
saying, you get the point. (all laughing) Next up, Frumpy Bumpers. (all groan) – All right, touching butts.
– That’s my jam. – So I’m going to split
you all into teams of two. We will see which team bumps butts the most within 30 seconds. – That makes sense.
– Yep. – Yep
– Okay. – Don’t forget, the
ultimate loser has to take a bite of rattlesnake when we’re done. – Are we gonna go sideways? Or we gonna go straight up moon landing? – [Kara] Three. Two, one, go! – [Both] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight – Nine, 10, 11,
– Hey, he’s like pushing me. – [Both Players] 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, (laughs) – 45, 46, 47, 48, 49
(screams) 50, 51, 52,
– What the heck! – [Both] three, four, five, six, – 57, 58, 59, 60 – Five!
– One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
– Four! – I don’t feel like
you’re counting ’cause I– – Three! – Nine, seventy, one, two. – Two, one, done! – 73!
(screaming) – Wow, that looked like a workout! Was it? Was it getting
harder there at the end? (gasping for breath) We’ll see if Kyle and Adam can beat that. – [Jon] Good luck!
(Adam groans) – You wanna go cheek to
cheek, or do you just– – Uhhh. – Just, one cheek it? Two cheek it? – The cheek would have
to completely come off before the other cheek went on. – So you can’t just rub cheeks? – Three, two, one, go! – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12
– Oh my goodness. – [Jon] Why do we have to watch this? – 13, 14, 15, 16,
– I know! – So aggressive!
– (laughing) 17, 18, 19, 20. – And he’s the twerk guy, I mean. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, – Eight, nine, 10, 11, 12,
– You recounted! – Yeah we counted–
– You started over! – 31, 32, 33 (stammers) – 50!
– Nine, 10– – 60!
– 13, 14, 15 – I think we won. – 70!
– 19, 20, one, two – Five! – Three, four, six, seven.
– Four! Three!
– Eight, nine, 10, – Two, one, done!
– 11, 12, 13 – I don’t know how to count guys. – What was happening? – [Jon] Your mind is– – Adam at one point you started over! We went to the tape, it was close. But the final count, so Jon and Carrie you all had 73. – 73 bumps. – Kyle and Adam, 74! (boxing bell ringing)
(all cheering) – They beat us by one.
– By one! That means Adam, you are the ultimate
winner with four points. Kyle, you have three points ’cause that last game was worth two. Carrie, two points. John, sadly one point making
you the ultimate loser (groans) and meaning you get to enjoy, wild game in a can. – Oh, I don’t know ’bout this. – Smoked rattlesnake.
– Smoked rattlesnake! The ingredients: rattlesnake, water. – Mmmm! – Mm hmm
– That’s it! Okay, it’s about to drip.
(water drips) – Ugh!
– [Carrie] Eww! (gags) (laughing)
– Some snake water! (sniffs deeply) (loud crunch)
Ahh! – It’s crunchy.
– It’s so crunchy, why!? – But how’s the flavor? Is it smoked?
– It’s smoked. I can’t get past the
image of eating a snake. (retching) Well done everybody. I’m gonna go barf. (record scratching) – [Host] Okay.
– Ooooooh. Remember to pick up Game Night in a Can and 100’s of other gifts at (blooper beep) – Uno mas? As they would say in the biz. – Or live mas as they say in the Bel. (all chuckling) (blooper beep) (funk music) – [Kara] Huh? – Anybody wanna touch butts again? (all laughing) [Announcer]-!

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