Video game allowed player to shoot up a school

Video game allowed player to shoot up a school

100 thoughts on “Video game allowed player to shoot up a school”

  1. How is this possible that the school shoting doesn't happen in the European countries like UK ,France ,Germany ,Poland , but it's always USA ?

  2. More than 125.000 students have experienced this since Columbine.

    And what is the most powerful government in the world doing about it?

  3. Sure, ban games, but keep the glocks up in the display cases for half price. At the end, who cares? It's not like anyone can get a gun with an adult

  4. The only thing these news assholes forgot to mention is it was created by the government to evaluate what the best tactics for staying alive would be.

  5. The game was made to teach students how to survive in a school shooting by testing out different ways to escape for example like how staying inside increases the chance of the shooter finding them or how running can get you shot in the back and things like that. The game was not made to my knowledge to "encourage shootings" or anything like that

  6. Belarus anarchy communist 1991 never forget

    i already hear the columbine school shooter bousting about how good erick and dylan was in a dollar store mic

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