Video Production Gear Setup Tour: Sony A6400 Camera, RØDECaster Pro, and BOSE S1 Pro Kit for Events

Video Production Gear Setup Tour: Sony A6400 Camera, RØDECaster Pro, and BOSE S1 Pro Kit for Events

78 thoughts on “Video Production Gear Setup Tour: Sony A6400 Camera, RØDECaster Pro, and BOSE S1 Pro Kit for Events”

  1. Hi your video helps me a lot to grow my channel #immensemedia
    Thanks a lot for your guidance as people like us who are pretty new look up to you 👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥thank you

  2. Another fantastic video. Actually I'm trying to grow my YT channel without any special gadgets. It's my thing… But I recognize the quality of your work. Thanks cheers from 🇵🇹! 😁👍👊

  3. Man none of your videos pass me guys😁😁😁Keep up the good work guys and have implemented some of them and its been nice its helped me big

  4. Kyalden Dorjee Kazi






  5. Thank you for the tips as always Sean ❤️. To all small YouTube channel owners hope your YouTube channel and mine become successful. Good luck and to everyone have a great year ahead

  6. This is really great information. I’m having to update and replace some of my equipment for events. I started with one Portable PA system and Shure mic, but unfortunately they were both stolen along with half of my filming equipment. Guess that just means it was time for something new! 😊 I’m always thankful for your videos, perfect 👌 timing!

  7. Love this, i think you nailed it. I'm the tech director for a touring dance competition our needs are a little different, but we have a very similar setup, that's prob a little LESS user friendly. But if you're not a serious gear head than this is great.

    The only thing I might change is I would have a Mackie mixer.

  8. Great Video! We started using the Rodecaster Pro about 2 months ago and we love it! Great Recommendation. We started using for podcasts but now as we are venturing into YouTube Videos we have found that it works great for that as well.

    Would not have bought the Rodecaster Pro if it wasn't for Sean!

  9. Video Time Codes (Click them to skip to that part of the video)
    1:15 AUDIO – S1 Pro System – Portable PA Speaker Review
    3:15 AUDIO – Shure Microphone Handheld Wireless System
    4:53 AUDIO – Rode RodeCaster Pro Podcast Production Studio
    6:36 VIDEO – Sony Cameras, Lenses, Monitor, Tripods
    10:18 LIGHTING – LED Lights and RGB Light Kit
    12:18 PRESENTATION – TV, Laptop, Accessories
    15:25 Tips and Ideas for Running a Great Event

    Question of the Day ⚡ What audio or video gear are you planning on upgrading next? Let us know! 👇 👇 👇 👇 *** 🎯 Looking for the best budget camera and audio gear for YouTube? WATCH THIS VIDEO NEXT for our tops picks ➡️

  10. Tee And Sharinda TV

    Do any of the camera you have like sony ,canon run long time like record longtime looking to see do the M50 record maybe like 20-30 mins please comment back i need to know this @ThinkMedia Sean

  11. Do you adjust the TV brightness and color when you are filming so that the way is not overexposed with filming? It seems I always fight with the exposure whenever there are PowerPoint presentations especially when the PowerPoint has a white background. It’s either I expose to see the screen and lose the person in low light, or I expose for the presenter and blow out the TV screen or projector screen.

  12. I m planning to buy a new sony a6400…should I choose the a6400M or should I buy only body nd a 18-105 lense . Only focusing vloging for my YouTube chnl I m very much CONFUSED

  13. on the rocks entertainment

    As a small you tuber i find think media is such a good resource this channel has help me on the tech side and the process of video making start to finish

  14. DO you recommend the Go-Pro Max? I can either get 2 cameras, or 1 360. And it has a shotgun mic on it, so cheaper there to. Thanks1

  15. Hello Sean … is it me or the audio was a little off I’d notice that when you talked looking to your right the audio sounded dimmed down what could have cause that ?

  16. You made me buy the Neewer lights and the Sony a6400. I love them but I hate you Sean, lol. Thank you for the great videos.

  17. The Foreigner & The Filipina

    Great tips! I've worked in the AV industry starting at 14 Djing parties etc, toured with Canadian acts, worked as a production manager and now manage in house AV for a few venues. I've probably done 3-4 conferences a week, every week for about 10 years now….

    My advice would be to
    1 get a proper live sound mixer with at least 3 band eq (to help with feedback issues)
    2 If you use a Macbook or Surface device or anything that requires a dongle to output to HDMI – Buy the adapters, I can't tell you how many "Pro" Speakers show up with out a dongle or adapter for their own device.
    3 if you are going to have multiple speakers presenting get a video switcher that allows to store a logo, this allows you to change over laptops without unplugging and getting no signal warnings or the blue screen from projectors.
    4 If you are presenting at an event that has a technician sitting in the back of the room operating the event, treat him nicely- I can't even count how many people come in with diva attitude,and these guys are in charge of making sure the event runs smoothly, often times for little more than minimum wage.

  18. I work as an A/V Tech in Las Vegas, a great advice I can give is to invest in Gaffer's tape. For safety and cleaning cables. This is a great set up, slide advancers are really useful and lavalier mic's if you want to keep your hands free for presentation !!

  19. Hey Think Media! First off, I love your work here on YT. I'm looking for a new camera to replace my Panasonic HC-v180k camcorder for livestreaming and let's plays on my YouTube channel. I am stuck between 3 camera options to record in 1080p 60fps as my new face cam. My choices are:-
    – The Sony a5100
    – The Panasonic Lumix G7
    – The Canon M50
    All three cameras record in a nice 1080p 60fps and have a flip screen. I am looking into bundles on these cameras but I was wondering on what camer do you recommend for my use of them?

  20. ‪@seancannell Hi sean you never announced a WINNER in #WINTHISTECH giveaway? ‬is this just a trick to gain new followers? I thought your better than this. 😕

  21. Since following your page I’ve been more aware of sound and lighting components. I’ve gotten a ton of info for my channel and it’s made a world of difference. Much appreciated… I’m looking forward to hosting events and implementing this info! Oh and grow my following

  22. I'm going to order the canon m6 mark ii. However, I want the cool background blur while I'm walking down the street pointing at my face. I'd like it to automatically track my face and keep the blurry background. What lens would I require?

  23. Question, I'm thinking about getting a new camera for my videos. I was wondering if a bridge camera such as Lumix FZ2500 or Sony RX10 IV provides just as good depth of field as a Sony a6600! Thanks so much!

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